A/N: This takes place two years after The Avengers movie. Italics are thoughts.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Avengers, but I do own whoever you do not recognize and the plot.

Chapter One

*1 Day Ago*

"And then you want to know what happened to Snow White and Prince Charming? I ask looking at the kids.

They all eagerly shake their heads yes.

"They lived happily ever after, the end," I say and close the storybook.

"Yay!" They all cheer.

I smile at them.

"Another!" One of them shouts.

I shake my head no.

"Aw, please?" They all beg.

I sigh and then let out a little laugh.

"Ok," I say and they all cheer.

I open the storybook and flip through the pages.

"How about Cinderella?" I ask and they all nod.

"Once upon a time," I begin starting to read the story.

They all lean in excited.

"Prince Charming tried the slipper on Cinderella and it fit!" I exclaim

"Yay!" They all exclaim.

"I am glad. I do not like those evil step sisters!" One of the little girls exclaim.

"This is my favorite story!" Another girl shouts.

They all begin to whisper among themselves.

"Quiet down," I say with a smile. "I have not finished yet."

They all become silent.

"Prince Charming then took Cinderella to his castle, and then can you guess what happened?" I ask.

"They all lived happily ever after!" They all shout excitedly.

"The end," I say and then close the storybook.

I stand up and put the storybook back where it belongs.

"Aw, are you leaving?" One of the little boys asks.

I nod my head yes.

"One more story?" Another asks eagerly.

"No, no," I say shaking my head.

"Aw," They say and frown.

I laugh.

"I will be back tomorrow, and then I will read you the story of Beauty and the Beast," I say and watch as they all become excited again.

"Now what do we say to Miss Smith?"

"Thank you Miss Smith!" They all say in unison.

"You are all very welcome," I say happily. "You were all excellent listeners."

"Go back to your rooms children and get cleaned up. Dinner will be read soon."

They all stand up and exit the room.

"Thank you again, Candance,"

"It is no problem, Abby," I say with a smile. "I love volunteering here." I say honestly.

"I know you do." She says with a smile. "And the kids enjoy listening to you."

I just smile.

"Well I let you get going," She says as we walk over to the door.

"Ok, Abby. I will see you tomorrow," I say with a smile as I open the door.

"See you, Candance," She says as I step out of the door. "Oh, and don't forget that we are having a benefit for the children on Saturday."

"I won't," I say and then she closes the door.

That was fun. I think as I walk out of the building.

As soon as I round the corner of the street I take to get to my apartment, I stop dead in my tracks.

There is a large group of people standing on the street with police holding them back.

There are fire trucks and ambulances parked along the street as well. There is even a news van.

I look around and see the source of the commotion.

There is a building beginning to slowly collapse.

I run and push my way to the front of the crowd.

There are firefighters evacuating people, but not fast enough.

I hear someone scream and look up to see that the building is beginning to lean forward. I also now notice the fire damage as well.

They are not going to get everyone out in time. I think as more firefighters go into the building.

"It's going to collapse!" Someone shouts frantically.

"My dog is still in there!" A little boy that they had rescued shouts.

I look and see that the building is right on the verge of collapsing, bricks are falling everywhere.

I have to help! I think and push the barrier.

"Miss, get back!" One of the officers shouts.

I ignore him and run directly in front of the building.

"Miss!" They shout again.

The building is now coming toward me.

I hold out my hands in front of me and it stops falling.

The crowd goes silent.

I turn and see everyone's shocked expressions.

"Don't just stand there!" I say and through my teeth.

I wasn't going to be able to hold the building in front of me for much longer.

I mean I am not physically holding it with my hands, but rather my telekinesis.

"Get them out of there!" I shout.

It takes them a minute to come out of their daze and then more firefighters run in as more come out.

The ones coming out look at me in amazement.

They better hurry. I think, closing my eyes due to the pain of the weight.

I have never used my powers on something this big. I am actually amazed that I am doing it.

I feel myself starting to be pushed down due to the weight of the building.

Please hurry! I think desperately.

"That's everyone!" A fireman shouts, exiting the building.

I hear the bark of a dog.

"Boxer!" Someone shouts. I recognize it as the little boy.

I smile, but then it quickly turns into a look of pain.

"I can't hold it much longer!" I say with pain lacing my voice. "Get everyone away!"

"Move people!" An officer orders.

I feel my powers give out and I fall to the ground.

The building begins to collapse and I hear people scream.

I put my hands out in front of me as I see the building coming toward me.

I close my eyes, and soon everything is silent.

Either I am dead, or that worked. I think and peek an eye open.

I smile as I see my force field surrounding the people and vehicles.

They are all looking around in amazement.

I stand back up and look at them.

"Come on we have to move!" I say.

They don't do anything at first.

"Now!" I yell and they all start to run.

Once they are all to safety, I run as well.

I make sure I am out of the buildings range and then drop my force field.

As soon as I do the building collapses.

I look to see everyone staring at me.

"Get a close up of her!" I hear the news reporter order her camera man.

I don't want that. I think and push my way through the crowd.

"Stop!" I hear the reporter call.

Once I am safely to my apartment building, I stop running and catch my breath.

I hurry inside and run up to my apartment.

Looks like I'll have to move now. I think sadly. I am going to be all over the news.


I had just got done calling the Home for Underprivileged Children, to tell Abby that I could no longer come in.

Soon after there is a knock at the door.

I cautiously walk over to the door.

"Who is it?" I ask.

"Maria Hill. I am here with S.H.I.E.L.D.," They answer.

"What is that?" I ask curiously.

"I will explain everything if you let me inside," She replies.

Should I let her in? I wonder.

"Miss Smith, please," She says after I don't answer.

How does she know my name? I wonder, becoming a little uncomfortable.

"I would rather you do this willingly, so please let me in," She says in slight annoyance.

"I would rather not," I say.

"Last chance, Miss Smith," She says with warning.

"Please just leave me alone," I say.

"I am sorry, but I cannot do that," She says and then kicks the door open.

I am too shocked to do anything, so I just stand there.

The next thing I know she is walking toward me, and then I feel a slight pinch in my arm.

"What did you…" I start but then top.

The room is spinning and then everything goes black.