"Yeah, dude?"

I… I kind of missed you. Y'know… during our journey.

"Psh, I didn't miss you. Seriously, I missed you like a prostitute misses chlamydia."


"I'm kidding, Red. I missed you, too."

And when I was on Mount Silver…

"Don't even talk about that. Standing on the summit of a mountain in subzero temperatures—without a coat, I might add—for five months was the stupidest decision you've ever made, unanimously."

I've made more foolish ones.

"Like what? Never training a Dragonite because you were too impatient?"

No. And that sounds more like something you'd do, Green.

"Suck on it, Red. What about abandoning your mother and embarking on a long, dangerous trek with hazardous creatures that had the potential to kill you?"

Again, something else you've done.

"Then what was such a dumb decision that it tops Mount Silver?"

Abandoning you for those five months.

"… Sheesh, you mutes are romantics."

You're a cheeseball yourself.

"Yeah. I know. Don't tell anybody."

I'll think about it.


Heh heh.