The Purple Shield of Discontinuity

Disclaimer: The Purple Shield of Discontinuity (the story) is mine. However, The Purple Shield of Discontinuity (the idea) is Property of Garth Nix, and all Dark World themes are, respectfully, his.

England, London, 13th of June, 2010
It was Monday when it happened, and the day was going something like this. Alex Freeman, aged 14 strolled slowly down the empty, filth-ridden street. He just needed to grab his skateboard then head down the park to see his mates. His block of flats was on the left corner at the bottom of this street, and although he could have caught a taxi, he had been hoping to bump into John, a friend of his. Possibly one of the greatest friends he had ever had, despite the fact he was-


Alex backed away. What the hell was happening! A purple portal had opened in the middle of the road. A red beam of light had flown out of it and practically demolished the flat he lived in! What next? Blue Elephants wearing knickers wandering down the street? Ah, dammit he thought Couldn't this have happened some other day? But then his thoughts were halted as a powerful force started sucking him towards the portal, even as it was closing. Alex couldn't move a single muscle as the sucking grew stronger, and louder. Finally, he couldn't take any more. He flew into the portal which closed with a single, whispering, pop.

Aenir (unknown date)
Alex was deposited seemingly in the middle of a sand-filled room, although it seemed to be falling apart. Alex was thrown into a man, or was it a boy? Hard to tell in this light. The boy-man was thrown now into the ground with Alex in a tangle of limbs and confusion. Unfortunately, The other boy chose that moment to launch himself forward, into them.

Alex hadn't noticed him at first, and hadn't really been able to give him much thought. Eventually, Alex and the boy in orange disentangled themselves from the man-boy.

"Quick, grab those sunstones from round Hazror's neck. Then follow me! Hurry!"

The boy in orange commanded. Alex decided not to argue, and grabbed three bright, glowing stones on a chain from 'Hazror's' neck. Suddenly, the orange boy shoved Hazror down a set of stairs that hadn't been there a second ago, into the path of three horrible creatures. Alex stared in astonishment until suddenly a large, orange mitten, about as tall as he was and four times as wide grabbed them and soared upward out of that strange, terrifying place.

It didn't stop there though. A large cloud in a slightly humanlike shape, soared up to them, and grabbed them by the arms, two in each hand, and flew. Eventually they were going so fast that Alex's eyes were watering, and his shoulders were hurting like hell. Unlike the boy next to him, who was screaming like the devil himself was after him, Alex was just managing to stay quiet. In one hand he was clutching the three 'sunstones' that had been around Hazror's neck. Soon, the giant cloud that was holding them grunted and began to fall out of the air. Pretty soon Alex's feet brushed the top of the trees.

Eventually, they had to touch down. As they landed in the clearing, Alex started rotating his arms to try and get some feeling back into them.

"Right," Alex started angrily. "Where are we and what are we doing here?"

The boy seemed surprised at the disgruntled look Alex was wearing.

"Aenir," The boy murmured. "And I'm here to get a Spiritshadow. I don't know what you're doing here."

Alex nodded to himself. He always seemed to become calmer whenever he was in a dire situation. Like now, for instance. Alex thought for a moment and then asked one of his most pressing questions.

"What is a Spiritshadow?