Chapter six

"Hello, Jasper Hale speaking,"

Bella gritted her teeth and glanced to where Raiden had fallen to sleep on her bed sadly – the phone was portable luckily and she knew that if he woke he would probably just leave without telling her,

"Jasper, its Bella…"

"Edward told you Bella, he's busy." Jasper snarled through the phone, Bella took that as a clear sign that they had noticed their younger brother missing and probably ordered Jasper to stay behind to wait incase Raiden returned. "Raiden…"

"Is here you idiot." Bella shot back, rolling her eyes silently then continued when there was no sound from the other end of the line, "Look, he fell to sleep here – cried himself to sleep actually, He heard what you said the other day."

"Keep him there, I'm coming to get him." Jasper said finally, his tone clearly strained and he was probably beating himself up. The phone line clicked off leaving Bella glaring at a wall – how could a mind reader, a empath and a seer not realize when someone living with them was upset?...never mind the fact that it was a human and they were all vampires!

Walking back downstairs she started on the dishes left over from dinner waiting until one of the Cullen's showed up for Raiden, honestly she didn't know what to do about it all because it wasn't her secret to tell and Raiden had confidence issues that he was working through – she knew just from what Edward had told her before she had met the kid, it was all Edward would really speak about and had she not known that Raiden was already a Cullen and a brother then she would possibly be jealous,

Why did everything have to be so complicated?

Raiden woke with a jolt and frowned up at the familiar ceiling of Jasper's room, he knew from the light in the window that it was morning and the teddy in his arms informed him that speaking to Bella hadn't been a dream,

Briefly he recalled being alerted by the wards he had set but been too tired and depressed to do anything about them.

Meaning that someone had checked at Bella's house for him or she had called them to come and pick him up – most likely the second since he had been upset and Bella had looked quite worried.


the young wizard winced at his mothers tone, oh he had known when he had left the house in the first place that he would be in trouble and that was before he had stayed out hours longer than he had planned – it had been around 8pm that he had fallen to sleep at the Swan house and he didn't have a clue about what time he had been picked up.

Sighing softly Raiden slipped out of the bed – which was too familiar since he often stayed there, well had before he had worked out they were vampires – while Jasper and Alice did share a room, Jasper had his own room too since the two of them weren't really mates.

Just friends with benefits – what ever that meant.

Noticing that he had also been changed into some PJs – black silk, long sleeved/legged – and that he was barefoot Raiden tried to put off going down stairs by heading in the direction of his own room to change,

Which failed when a set of marble arms latched around his tiny waist and hauled him up, Raiden turned to scowl at whoever it was only to frown at the glare that Jasper was currently giving him,

Stern, upset, disappointed but also worried.

"Jasper – let me go and get changed." Raiden whined struggling fruitlessly against the vampire, instead Jasper shifted him so that the small teen was forced to wrap his legs around Jasper's waist,

"No," Jasper said shortly, Raiden winced at the tone and knew that facing Esme and Carlisle was going to be even worse than this. They could make him feel so guilty just by being worried for him. "Carlisle wants to see you in his office, before you face the rest of the family."


"Save it Rai."

Raiden was disposited outside of Carlisle's office and he didn't even bother to knock, instead just walked in – to be honest with how cold Jasper had just been with him he needed a hug, though his mind was screaming at him that none of them actually cared and were only using him to make life easier on themselves.

Carlisle was sat behind his desk apparently waiting for him – the office was like a deans office in college with all the books and the portraits that no one had ever bothered to explain to him.

He techniqually wasn't supposed to even know about them not being human though.

"Why?" Carlisle asked shortly, clearly not amused.

"I wanted some time alone – someone is always with me here." Raiden replied quietly, knowing full well that everyone in the house (the full family then) could hear what he was saying. it was infuriating really, or it had been when he had first figured it out. "Dad, i didn't mean to be gone so long - it just sorta happened. Bella saw me and we ended up talking..."
"I meant why were you upset?" Carlisle repeated his first question but with some more specifics, his face was still an unemotional mask but his eyes showed just how upset that he truly was with young Raiden. "Bella already told us that you wanted a bit of peace, i understand that...but why were you upset."
"It doesn't matter," Raiden said clenching his fists, Bella's words echoed in his ears making him feel guilty - they had done so much for him and it was true, they would be hypocrites if they didnt accept him. he also knew that Carlisle used to hunt witches and wizards though when he was human, "I - havent been entirely honest with you. or the rest of the family - you remember that school i was meant to attend when you s-saved me?"
"Yes, i remember." Carlisle said leaning forward, looking a little more curious now.
"Hogwarts, the full name is Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry." Raiden admitted finally allowing a tear to slip down his cheek as he jumped up out of the seat opposite his adoptive-father, who was even more blank than before. before he could reach the door once again cold arms wrapped around him,
"I'm a wizard - a freak." Raiden spat not bothering to struggle, he couldnt hear anger in Carlisle's tone just curiousity making him pause internally and wonder if he should have been honest from the start. Carlisle twisted him around so that he was face to face,
"NEVER CALL YOURSELF A FREAK." Carlisle hissed, emphasizing each word clearly - just as he had at the very start when he had been taken from the Dursley's. "Raiden...i'm not angry son, just curious - why would you keep this from us? do you practice, what is it? magic?"
"Professor McGonagall - the school deputy headmistress - sends me assigments, books and notes." he said through choked sobs, he just knew that at least Jasper was on the otherside of the door at the moment through his sixth-sense but they wouldnt come in because they would hit him with the door. "Advice and things like that - all the teachers pass things through her. beside the headmaster - he doesnt even know where i am."
"Why didnt you tell us?"
"My relatives thought i was a freak because of it," He continued his story, he shot a half-amused look at Carlisle when the vampire actually growled. Raiden did have to wonder just how they stopped themselves killing Vernon when they were so angry. "And i'm sorta famous in the wizarding world - in Britain at least - as Harry Potter. i didnt know how you would react...i thought you would reject me. Bella said you would be a hypocrite if you did though."
"We would!"
Raiden smiled slightly at Edward's outcall from outside of the door, Carlisle noticed this and pulled Raiden up into his arms - Raiden's legs wrapped around the vampires waist and arms around the neck, the young wizard leant his head on his dads shoulder almost shyly,
"It is rude to listen to others conversations." Carlisle chastised pulling the door open with his free hand, the ones out there were Edward, Jasper and Esme - none of whom moved towards the pair instead actually stepping back a little at the leaders glare. "Raiden, i am going to assume that you already know about us then - at least from when you changed last September."
"Sorry Dad."
"No need," Carlisle assured, growling at Jasper when the blond stepped forward - this was how they had been for years, all of them protective (too much most of the time) and possessive of who got to spend time with him, though at least before they had pretended to be human. "You can see him later. Raiden you need breakfast, you missed lunch yesterday and only ate a little with Bella for Dinner, and you haven't been eating the last few days."
"About that -" Jasper cut their dad off guitily, Edward looked just as guilty as well since he had been there at the inciedent and hadnt corrected the blond, "i didnt mean that we only used you to make things easier - you make life fun squirt, it is easier being around others with you but only because you make us want to abstain from human blood,"
"You're our little angel." Edward put in seeing how Jasper was finding it hard to explain, "Really, don't laugh! we try harder around you because we don't want to loose you - heck i would easily pick saving you over one of the others in this family,"
"WE all would." Carlisle agreed, by this time they were in the kitchen - having Raiden carried down while listening, Carlisle was sat on one of the breakfast bench stools with the youngest family member on his knee clearly not letting go any time soon, "Now eat...oh and Raiden? you are grounded for two weeks for going out yesterday without telling one of us. You will stay were one of us can actually see you at all times, well beside bathroom breaks."
"Even bed?"
Jasper, Emmett and Edward all laughed at the look on the youngest Cullen's face while Esme was smiling in amusement and Alice and Rosalie were gigging quietly.

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