This is the prequel to my other story – Love can break a thousand hearts. It's very experimental writing and hopefully it doesn't sound too off track.

The day was beautiful. I can still remember every detail as if it happened hours ago. It was only the second day of summer but this year I was alone, leading the sheep further up the mountain to grass. My father had gotten sick in the winter month's. Thank the goddess he took the turn for the better.

He had been watching me for hours, he told me that, as I ran among the sheep and the little lambs. He was captivated by my beauty and the free spirit I gave out. All these things he said to me, after he kissed me. He asked for permission. He was incredibly sweet.

He laid me out on his cape, under the shade of an apple tree. He told me his shirt had been ripped and he needed something to warm himself. I don't think he was embarresed when I laughed.

This is a dark spot. I don't remember much from here. This is where he took me to the Erysian Fields and back. This is the most loved I have ever felt.

He was incredibly sweet.

I fashioned a bracelet from the torn garments of his shirt as he slept. I wanted him to remember. I looked for the sheep, running naked through the green hills as he watched. I said goodbye that night and never saw him again.

He is still so incredibly sweet.