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Blue Eyes (I Hold You Near)

By ktfranceebee


When Dave woke up the next morning, he was blissfully aware of the arms wrapped loosely around his torso from behind. This, and the fact that Kurt made Dave his little spoon, compensated for the rude awakening he received as he opened his eyes and was greeted by the harsh morning sun as it streamed through the vertical breaks in the blinds. But then, Dave smiled to himself in the silent dawn that seemed to exist only within the four walls of his bedroom. Everything of importance could be found within the four corners of his bed.

Dave inhaled as he closed his eyes once more, the smile lingering on his lips. As he traced little unseen routes on Kurt's forearm, through the fine hairs that were dusted there, he could feel the way that the pointed tip of Kurt's nose was touching the back of his neck, as well as the little puffs of air that Kurt exhaled, which tickled his spine.

Everything in that very moment was real, as much as he was tempted to convince himself otherwise; that this was just a dream and, soon enough, his alarm clock would sound and jerk him awake.

Dave let his hand trail up the arm until Kurt's fingers slid alongside his, grazing the remarkably soft skin concealed there. With their fingers intertwined, Dave gently tugged Kurt's arm up his chest—as not to wake him—until their knuckles, alternating side by side with one another, were level with his face.

With his eyes still closed, he kissed their knuckles. He marveled at the way he could tell where his ended and where Kurt's began, and only with the skin of his lips. The spaces between his fingers, where he couldn't feel his own warm breath, were occupied by Kurt's. If it wasn't for the dramatic difference in the texture of their skin—Dave's being rough and careworn from another semester of football and Kurt's silky smooth from his incessant need to moisturize—he would have no way of knowing what it was stopping them from being one single entity, complete with two heartbeats that thrummed, oddly enough, in unison.

As Dave held Kurt's hand, trapped in between his own hand and his chest, he could hear Kurt emit a soft moan before pulling his hand away, much to Dave's chagrin. Instead of moving it away entirely, however, Kurt slid it back to his hip and Dave could feel Kurt's stare burning into the back of his head.

"I know you're awake," Kurt said blearily, and Dave could feel him snuggle closer.

Dave made a noncommittal grunt of denial, which only made Kurt chuckle. He felt the mattress dip slightly as Kurt pulled away, and he tugged lightly on Dave's hip as he did so. Dave turned over in bed obediently. Once he was facing Kurt, their bodies mirroring each others under the covers, it was to find the other man looking at him shyly with the covers pulled up to his chin.

"Hi," Kurt said a little breathlessly.

"Hey, you." Kurt seemed to visibly relax at Dave's warm greeting. It was as if he was expecting Dave to throw him out as soon as he was conscious.

He would do no such thing.

Dave narrowed his eyes playfully and cocked his head slightly, so it nestled itself further in the pillow, as he studied Kurt.

"You're thinking too much," Dave pointed out. Though he seemed to have relaxed to some extent, there was still a hint of worry in Kurt's eyes, which were darting back and forth as they searched Dave's face. Dave's hand slipped out from where it was concealed between them and he laid it upon Kurt's cheek. With a lazy smirk, he craned his neck and leaned in closer. He was certain that he heard Kurt let out a little sigh as his hand slid through the stands of his tousled, sleep-mussed hair. Kurt's eyelids drooped lazily at the touch, and when Dave saw those blue eyes disappear, he shut his own. When he leaned in and his lips met with Kurt's, they were as soft and as warm as he remembered from the night before; only this time, there was no rush. Every ounce of adoration that was saved for Kurt was poured into the kiss that would have embittered the likes of Clark Gable, himself. There was no room for Kurt to start having any misgivings in regards to the night before, and now was a better time than any for Dave to eliminate them.

"Don't?" Though the one word he added, when he pulled away from Kurt, was calm and resolute, it was still posed in the form of a question; as though he was asking Kurt to trust the feelings that they surrendered to.

Kurt stared at Dave with a myriad of emotions crossing his features, obviously paying no mind to Dave's request. He flattened his palms out over Dave's chest far too resolutely.

"About last night..." Kurt started softly, his eyes downcast. Dave was pretty sure he could feel his heart drop into his stomach. This was it. This was going to be the end of this little thing between him and Kurt.

Dave looked up to see Kurt staring at him sympathetically. Though he was far too gone from getting his hopes up, it was fun while it lasted. It was better that Kurt ended it now as opposed to their relationship being damaged beyond repair.

At least Kurt would be letting him off easily.

Dave opened his mouth to say something, anything that could get Kurt to change his mind, but he came up empty. He only licked his lips as he waited for Kurt to deliver his final verdict.

"Now who's thinking too much?" Kurt asked, his voice invading Dave's thoughts. Kurt's eyes were sad, despite the smile gracing his lips. Kurt took a breath and Dave hated himself for still liking Kurt's flair for the dramatic in spite of the fact that he was already preparing himself for a world of heartbreak. He wished Kurt would just hurry up and put him out of his misery.

"Last night was perfect, David," Kurt said, convincingly, his voice soft and clear, like a breath of fresh air when taking the first steps outside each morning, and Dave was sure he never heard any words as beautiful as those. With Kurt's calming stare, Dave could feel his pulse return to somewhat normal, though he couldn't say he was any less confused. Of course it was perfect to him, as well. It was Kurt. The reality of being so close to Kurt—feeling the hot press of skin against skin, the sounds of Kurt's gasps relaying in his mind like a track from a CD set on infinite repeat, the high as he came down from his orgasm and realizing that he was the sole reason for Kurt's own sweet release—was better than anything beyond the scope of Dave's imagination.

"I meant what I said last night. It wasn't just the post-orgasmic haze talking," Kurt blushed lightly. "Being close to you like that, after being away for so long... There are no words to describe it…" He looked up at Dave, eyes innocent. "I never felt more at home." He paused for a beat, studying Dave curiously (more than likely due to Dave's dumbfounded expression), before laughing worriedly, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I just can't believe it." Dave shook his head slowly.

"Well... You better get used to it," Kurt said, looking up through his eyelashes at Dave, and then in a serious tone added, "We're going to have to discuss our living arrangements. Your bed is awfully comfy."

"Leave your en suite bathroom?" Dave faked a gasp. "How will you ever cope?"

"Hey." Kurt poked at his chest. "I didn't say anything about me leaving my room. What do you say to redecorating?" Dave smiled fondly at Kurt's enthusiasm. He was certain the bright grin on Kurt's face was enough to rival the sun. "We can turn one of the rooms into a guest bedroom. That way if any of our family members decide they want to come to New York, they will have a place to stay. Oh! I can finally have my own bed and breakfast." Kurt clapped his hands together.

Dave could only shake his head and laugh as Kurt hugged him around the middle and catching Dave by surprise by kissing him deeply (he wasn't sure if he would ever get used to that; in a good way, of course) before sliding out of bed. He took the comforter with him.

"Hey!" Dave cried when Kurt stood. Kurt turned around, and Dave didn't miss the way he eyed his nearly-naked body strewn out on the bed. It was much brighter in the room now than it was the night before and he couldn't help feeling self-conscious. "What are you doing?"

"I took off my boxers after you fell asleep," Kurt said as he adjusted the fluffy sheet around his shoulders nonchalantly. It was long enough that it fell around Kurt's feet. Dave looked down, wishing that he had done the same. There wasn't much use in worrying about getting a hard-on at the thought of Kurt's perfectly pale, naked body lying next to him as they slept as morning wood was already a factor. He could feel himself grow hot, and couldn't distinguish whether it was from embarrassment or arousal. "I'd feel awkward walking around the apartment completely naked."

"You know... You could if you wanted to." Dave hinted slyly. Kurt made a harrumphing sound as he turned around.

"I'm going to get a shower. If you feel like taking me on that date you mentioned, breakfast at that café down the street would be lovely." With a small smile, Kurt traipsed out of the room. Dave was still sitting up on the bed from watching Kurt walk out when Kurt came back through the threshold.

"By the way. Me bringing up taking a shower? That was an invitation." Dave's eyebrows practically flew into his hair as Kurt let the sheet slide down slowly, inch by painful inch, until it fell just slightly past the small of Kurt's back, revealing all the gorgeous lines of his body. Kurt gave Dave a seductive smirk before walking out of his (their?) room, hips swaying side to side, practically taunting him.

Dave was up out of the bed in an instant, following Kurt to the bathroom, practically tripping in his haste.

Kurt was right. With relationships, compromise had to be made, and if that meant having to redecorate their apartment so soon after moving in, or else having to shower with Kurt instead of taking a quick shower on his own to save some of the hot water for Kurt... Well…

He could live with that.

I come bearing happy endings! Hope I didn't give you all too much of a toothache from the amount of saccharine sweetness from the epilogue.

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