Okay, this is my first EVER fanfiction so please bare with me. I intend on writing at least 25 chapters, maybe more – I haven't decided yet. So, here goes. Please let me know what you think :') also send me suggestions on my twitter SmileKid_

This is when Charlie and Brax are teenagers and Charlie has just moved to Summer Bay (following her attack off Grant), but she didn't fall pregnant and her mother died in a car accident a year ago also her father is the local Sargent.


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Chapter 1 – Time to move on.

Charlie's POV:

Well today was the day; the day Dad and I were moving to a new town. A town that did not know of the pain we had been through in the last year. I stood staring out the winder at the garden that carried a life time of memories, I felt a tear run down my cheek as I recalled the memories of Mum and I running around or lying in the summer sun having a girly chat but I was snapped out of my day dream when I felt my father's hands on my shoulders.

"Come on baby, don't cry. This is a fresh start for us. Your mum wouldn't want to see you like this" he said as I let my head fall upon his chest

"I miss her daddy, I miss her so much" I cried

"I know, I miss her too," he whimpered as I felt a tear fall upon my hair. We sat crying; recalling all the wonderful memories on mum before I fell asleep in comfort of my father.

Ross's POV:

As I looked down at my beautiful, strong, brave daughter I couldn't believe how much she looked like her mother – her beautiful long, brown curls, that glowing tan and most of all that show stopping smile, but those eyes – they were defiantly my eyes. I gently stroked her hair as I wondered if I was making the right decision. Should I take her away from the memories?. As that question ran around in my head, I finally drifted off to sleep, lying on the floor with my daughter in my arms; knowing she was safe.


Brax's POV:

I woke up to the sound of Casey's cry's becoming more and more demanding, I stumbled out of bed know that Mum would still be in bed with some tragic person she has picked up last night, that is if she even came home. As I peered into Casey's room, he was standing with his arms stretched out when he saw me, I automatically took him in my arms to sooth him.

"Hey buddy" I said as he rested his head on my chest

"me hungwy" he replied instantly. As I carried him down stair to get him some food I was met by Heath who was sat at the kitchen table trying to figure out how to put on his tie (today was his first day of high school). I began to laugh as I saw him getting frustrated

"Give it here" I said as I put Case in his high chair

I took it off him and put it around his neck and began to tie it, "Oi, you looking" I said as I slapped him across the head

"was there any need for that?" he asked sarcastically

"there was every need mate" I replied

Right at the moment case slammed his hand on the table "FOOD FOOD" he repeated, I smiled lightly as I began to get my brothers their breakfast as we prepared for our first day back at school.

Charlie's POV:

As we drove out of our small country town I felt relieved to be away from all the sadness but upset at the same time, that was the last time I'd ever be in the house I was born and raised. As he hours past, the silence become more and more unbearable, finally Dad broke the silence

"so are you excited for school tomorrow bud?"

"I guess so, but I'm starting a day later than everyone else"

"I know I'm sorry but If anyone gives you any trouble just inform them that your lovley father is the new cop in town" he said with a slight laugh

"aye, becase that'll go down well" as I smiled at him.

A few minutes later we passed the sign that would lead us to the rest of our life…

'Welcome to Summer Bay'

I sighed lightly before smiling to myself; this was my chance to give life another go.