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"So Ming-Ming was the one who told you the rumor about me and Hil?" Rei questioned. Mariah nodded sadly. Currently, the team plus the pink-haired girl were huddled around the table at the dojo.

"I'm the worst friend ever. I mean, how could I believe her of all people over Hilary?"

"It's not your fault this happened, Mariah. Ming-Ming has had it out for Hil for years."

"Let's not jump to conclusions, guys. Just because Ming-Ming was the one to tell Mariah the rumor, doesn't mean she's the one who started all of this."

"Well, we have to find out."

"Tonight," Kai said, speaking up for the first time. The team turned to look at him. "We'll head to the BBA for practice like we normally would and see if we can get an answer out of them."


"I seriously doubt she's working alone. With everything that has happened to Hil, she has to have a partner. Remember the guy who attacked Hil at the BBA?"

"Wait, what?" Tyson questioned. Rei quickly filled the group in. Naturally, they were enraged.

"Listen Kai, it's not like I'm not a fan of your plan or anything, but I seriously doubt that Ming Ming is just going to come out and tell us if she's the one doing this. Or sell out her partner if she has one." Kai mused over this statement.

"What if…" Kenny started. "We hid a small device inside her bag and used it for surveillance. Then, if she says anything about Hil, we'll have our culprit and have evidence to bring to the police."

"Where can we get something like that?" Rei questioned.

"There's a spy shop in the city. I can stop by early tomorrow."

"Great plan, chief." Tyson praised. "But how are we going to get something like that in her bag?"

"I'll do it," Mariah volunteered almost immediately.

"You will?" Rei questioned.

"Yeah. I owe it to Hil. Plus I'll be the least suspicious if anyone sees me outside the Justice 5 locker room. Since you're up against them for the championship, people will think you're trying to sabotage them if they see you anywhere around there."

"Mariah's right," Kenny said.

"So it's a plan, then," Max said.


The Next Day

"Did you do it?" Rei questioned Mariah when she entered the Bladebreaker's locker room. She nodded.

"I put it in Ming Ming's bag this morning."

"All we have to do now is wait," Dizzy said from Kenny's lap. "I'll let you guys know as soon as she says anything about Hilary."

"Are you guys nervous about your match?" Mariah questioned.

"A little," Max admitted.

"I'm sure you'll do great." She said with a smile. "I'll be rooting for you." She turned to leave.

"'Riah," Rei said as he stood. She turned to face her ex-boyfriend.


"…Thank you." She smiled softly at him before leaving.

"Hey, has anyone seen Kai?"

"Not since we got here…The match is starting soon. I wonder where he could be."


Kai watched Ming Ming round another corner and followed her stealthily. He wasn't content to sit and wait and hope Kenny's plan worked. Ming Ming had looked awfully smug this morning so he decided to follow her. Currently she was leading him to the lower levels of the BBA. He had never been this far down before. He watched her round a corner and then heard her footsteps stop. He waited, hidden in the shadows.

"She isn't here today," She suddenly said haughtily. Kai looked around the corner to see Ming Ming talking to a figure standing in the shadows.

"I'm not surprised after what happened the other day. I guess your plan worked."

"Worked? This is better than I could have imagined. They put her in a hospital bed, Garland." Kai watched as Garland stepped into the light, a smirk plastered on his face.

"I heard."

"I thought for sure this wasn't going to work after you failed." He frowned.

"Listen, I got pretty damn far with the bitch before Hiwatari and Kon interfered." Kai felt his fists tighten by his side, but held his position.

"Well it doesn't matter anyway. She's through with them." Kai felt an urge to slap Ming Ming after hearing the satisfaction in her voice.

"Why do you hate her so much anyway?" Garland questioned. "She's nothing special. Definitely no threat to you."

"She came in here all high and mighty and everyone just fell at her feet. She can't even blade. She's not as pretty as me…I don't get it. Anyway, I was bored so…"

"You did all this because you thought she was stealing your limelight? Remind me to never get on your bad side," Garland remarked. Ming Ming laughed. "Even if she is a skank, she's pretty hot. Maybe I'll pay her another visit tonight after we win…" Kai, with white hot fury pumping in his veins, chose this moment to emerge and before the other boy could react, had Garland pinned against the wall by his throat. Ming Ming shrieked in surprise. The silver-haired boy gagged as Kai's forearm pressed against his windpipe.

"You second rate piece of scum. You're going to pay for what you did to her." Garland merely continued choking in response. Ming Ming had run off after she had seen Kai, but he would deal with her later. He wanted nothing more than to kill Garland for what he had done to Hilary, but then she wouldn't have the satisfaction of watching him suffer.

"I'm going to destroy you in the arena, and humiliate you for what you did to her while the world watches," He said through gritted teeth. He lessened the pressure on Garland's windpipe before bringing up his right hook to clock him in the eye. He left the blader bleeding on the floor before walking away.