Hilary gingerly took a seat on the couch. It had been five days since the attack and she was still incredibly sore. It had been a tough week. It was the longest she had ever gone without talking to the team since she joined them. She missed all of them terribly, but was pushing through the pain. She sighed deeply before flipping on the tv.

"With Rei's win against Ming Ming and Brooklyn's victory over Tyson, the Bladebreakers and Justice 5 are tied! Now it's time to see what team will be the champions of the 14th annual BBA tournament! At the dish are Captain Kai Hiwatari representing the Bladebreakers and Garland Siebald representing Justice Five."

Hilary couldn't bring herself to change the channel. She had completely forgotten today was the day of the boys' championship match. And as painful as it was to see them, she couldn't bring herself not to watch Kai's match.

"Any last words before the battle, boys?" DJ Jazzman held the microphone up to Kai who merely stood glaring at Garland. Most people would brush it off as Kai being Kai, but Hilary knew better. Before matches Kai usually was stoic, not an emotion marring his face, but from the way he was scowling at Garland, Hilary knew something was wrong.

"Uh…okay. Garland?" DJ Jazzman turned to the silver-haired blader, who to Hilary's surprise was sporting a black eye.

"May the best man win." Hilary felt a cold chill run down her spine. She knew that voice…She gasped suddenly.

Garland was the one who had attacked her in the closet at the BBA. But...then who was he working with? Who did Garland know that had a motive for wanting her miserable?

Ming Ming. Hilary knew the blue-haired girl had always hated her but this much? Hilary suddenly felt exhausted. She fell back against the couch and then immediately regretted it as pain rippled through her.

She watched as the boys released their blades into the dish and began circling the center.

"Apollon! Radiant thunder!" Garland yelled suddenly. Garland's blade dove towards Kai's. Kai appeared unfazed, Dranzer remained still. Suddenly at the last second, Dranzer dodged Apollon. Apollon recovered quickly and again sped toward Kai's blade. Again at the last second, Dranzer moved out of the way. Over and over this continued.

Is Kai…screwing with Garland? He hasn't even called out Dranzer yet…

Hilary watched the display continue for several minutes. Garland was clearly furious judging by his red face and livid expression.

Hilary had the sudden desire to laugh, but she resisted.

"Apollon!" He yelled again. The massive winged beast rose from his blade and filled the stadium. He let out a roaring screech.

"Dranzer!" Kai yelled. "Finish him!" The firebird emerged from the blue blade, matching Apollon in size. The blades sped towards each other as a blinding light filled the arena.

Once the light faded, there was only one blade left spinning. A roar of applause rang throughout the stadium.

"And the battle goes to Kai! You know what that means, folks! The Bladebreakers are the champions of this year's BBA tournament!"

Hilary felt tears in her eyes and a huge grin come to her face as she watched the boys cheer. They had done it. She was so proud. They walked up to the dish where DJ Jazzman was holding a huge trophy. He handed it to Tyson.

"Do you have anything you want to say, boys?" Rei took the microphone.

"Actually, we do have something we want to say. We couldn't have gotten here without our family and friends…and our manager Hilary. Unfortunately, she couldn't be here today, but we wanted the world to know that the accusations that have been going around about her are completely untrue and were fabricated by a desperate, pathetic group of people. She's our friend and coach and teammate and people have been treating her poorly because of our association with her. So we wanted to apologize to her and also let the world know that these attacks, be them physical or emotional are an attack against our team and we won't stand for them anymore." He looked at the boys, who nodded at him. "And if they continue, we'll have no choice but to disband the Bladebreakers." Rei suddenly turned to stare straight at the camera. "We're sorry Hil. We hope you can forgive us and we want you to come home."

Hilary gaped at the television.

"Uhh…Thank you Rei." DJ Jazzman took back the microphone.

More tears brimmed in Hilary's eyes. These boys would never stop ceasing to amaze her. She stood and made her way towards the door. She knew what needed to be done.


The boys strolled into the dojo, still in a high after their win. "Kai, that was incredible," Kenny remarked.

"Hell yeah. Garland was furious," Tyson cheered. "I knew you were twisted dude, but that was just cruel."

"Did you see Ming Ming's face?"

"She was pretty pissed." The boys looked up at the sound of their manager's voice.

"Hil!" The boys, with the exception of Kai, charged the girl and engulfed her in a back breaking hug. She gasped in pain.

"Oh damn. Sorry, Hil," Tyson apologized. He dropped her.

"Jeez Tyson. You have to be more careful." The sound of Hiro's voice from the doorway made the boys look up.

"Hiro and I ran into each other outside my place," Hilary explained.

"I went there to apologize after your guys' match," He reiterated. He glanced nervously at Tyson, who was watching him impassively.

"So you saw our speech?" Max questioned, breaking the silence. She nodded.

"You guys were incredible. That was some match."

"You saw Kai's right? Garland looked like he wanted to cry." She giggled and looked at the slate-haired blader. He was watching her warily.

"We found out who was screwing with you," Tyson added, on a more serious note.

"Ming Ming and Garland, I know. I figured it out during your match." Hilary sighed.

"Well guess what you don't know?"

"What?" She asked quizzically.

"We got them kicked off the league." Hilary's jaw dropped.


"It's kind of a long story, but Mariah told us she suspected Ming Ming so we hid a recording device from a spy shop in her bag. It recorded a conversation she had with Garland where they talked about it and Kenny had the idea to turn it in to Mr. Dickinson. After the match ended, he confronted them and said the league doesn't condone violence so…yeah. He also called the police who picked up Garland on his way out of the stadium. He's facing charges for sexual assault." Hilary felt herself welling up for what felt like the umpteenth time that week.

"You guys are so incredible. I don't know what I'd do without you." They smiled at her.

"We got a taste of what it was like to be without you, Hil. Trust me, we're the ones who need you." Hilary grinned and the boys hugged her one by one.

"Do you guys mind if Kai and I have a minute to talk?"

"Not at all. Glad to have you back, Hils." She beamed at them. They began to file inside. She stopped Tyson as he passed her.

"Don't be too hard on him." She nodded towards Hiro.

"Not making any promises." He followed the rest of the boys into the dojo. Rei stopped beside her.

"Are we okay?" Hs asked tentatively. She smiled.

"Of course." He grinned. "Did Mariah talk to you yet?"

"I haven't gotten the chance to speak to her face to face yet but she called my house and left a super long apology on my answering machine. I'm going to call her after this. I heard you guys got back together." He nodded.

"After our match, she was the first one I wanted to see." Hilary smiled.

"I'm happy for you." He hugged her briefly before following the boys into the dojo. Her and Kai were left alone. Hilary took a seat on the porch. He followed.

"…Congratulations," She said lamely after a moment. He smirked at her. "You were incredible."

"The proper motivation will get you far," He responded.

"So…where do we go from here?" He turned to look at her.

"What do you want?"

"…To be with you."

"You aren't afraid anymore?" Hilary considered his question.

"As long as I have you guys, I don't think I have a reason to be afraid." He smiled softly at her and took his face in his palm before brushing their lips together.

"Good. Because you're never leaving us again."

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