Chapter 5:Sara


The faint scent of blood lingered in the air. I felt chills run throw my body as I grabbed the cold door handle. I took a deep breath and opened it. "Sara." No answer. I took a step forward.

The room was cold. Everything was black and white. There was blood on the wall. "Edward," I heard her voice. "Sara," I yelled. No answer no one is in the room. I looked around again. No doors but the one I came in from. "Your fault," said a whisper next to me. I shivered. "Sara," I yelled "where are you?" No answer.

I jumped as I felt someone appear in front of me. I fell backwards. "Help me," her voice rang to me. I looked up. My heart dropped. "Sara," I said getting up. There she stood covered in blood. Her white dress tore. Her wrist cut. "Sara," I said moving to get her. "It's all you fault."

I looked at her. She fell to the floor. "All you fault Edward. You killed me," she said looking at me. I went to her side tears pour down my face. "Sara I'm..I'm sorry. Please don't blame me. I'm sorry please." "Your fault Edward. You killed me."


I jolted up from my sleep covered in cold sweat. My breathing was hard. I looked at the sleeping figure next to me. I sighed. The same dream. The same dream that haunted my every being for the past three years. I closed my eyes lying back down. "Sara," I whispered.

It had been three years since that night. That was the night my whole life had changed. Everything changed. I took at deep breath as tears larked around. If only I had been there. If only I could have saved her. If only. I clenched my fist feeling the tears come down.

"Daddy," I felt warm fingers on my cheek whipping my tears away. I moved to my side at the ones sleeping angle. I couldn't help but smile. "Daddy you're crying," she said kissing my cheek. "Sara don't like when daddy cry," she said hugging me. I smiled. "Sorry Sara." She smiled.

I closed my eyes hugging my angle closer.


I watched the little girl sleeping in the car sit. She had black hair with cross bangs and bright blue eyes just like her mother. I signed she looked so much like her mother. I felt my heart skip a beat. "Sara," I whispered again. I signed as I pulled in to my brothers house my brother waiting on us in the drive way.

Jasper was not my real brother. His father adopted me in to the family when I sixteen. He rather me stay with him then with foster parents. Carlisle was a good man. He had been like a father to me since I was younger. After my father died when I was five Carlisle took on the role of the father figure and Jasper the role of big brother. They were there for me through thick and thin. They stayed with me when my mother got sick with cancer and passed away Carlisle even paid all the bills.

I was pulled out of my thought when I heard Sara yell for her uncle Jazzy. I laughed at his nick name. I watched as Jasper opened the car door taking my little angle away. Jasper smiled as I rolled my window down. "No more than a glass of soda. She can't drink apple juice it makes her sick. No ice cream before dinner and that goes for the both of you," I said handing Jasper Sara's school bag. He laughed. "Yes mother," he said making Sara giggle. I smiled. "I love you Sara," I said kissing her forehead. She smiled. "Bye uncle Jazzy," I said smirking earning a glare from him.

I sighed as I pulled out of the drive away. It was going to be a long day.



In my life there were some things I regretted. Some things I wish I could change. One of those things was having Ms. Haven as my teacher. The woman was a trip. She was born to make my life a living hell. She tortured us with her boring lectures and class work as if that wasn't bad enough she would give us pages upon pages of home work. If I hadn't known better I would have swore the woman was the devil incarnated.

"Edward," I heard a voice from around me, "did you hear me?" I looked up from my book to see my friends sitting at the table with me. I sighed and shook my head no. I heard Tyler laugh at me. "Haven," he asked taking a bite out of his sandwich. I nodded. "A couple more weeks and I am done with her class," I said smiling. "No more of her annoying voice or of her boring lectures."

"I feel your pain brother," said Mike sitting down next to me. I smiled. "So what's up?" I said eating my lunch. "Well," started Riley "I heard Emmett's little sis is knocked up." I chocked.

My heat dropped. Pregnant. Bella Sawn was having a baby. Could it be mines? I shook my head no. I mean that was a long time ago. She could. Could she? I swallowed hard and looked around the table the guys were watching me. "What?" The guys shook their head.

"Who told you?" "Jessica," said Mike. "She texted everyone last night." I sighed. Jessica. Jessica was the girl with the hot body but she was a total bitch. She had the most annoying voice I had ever heard. She was one of my many regrets in life. Dating her freshmen year was like living through hell. I sighed.

Bella was having a baby. Bella and I weren't friends. We were just friends of friends. Hi, hello, nods, and stares that's all we shared. Well that's not all we shared. About a month or so ago Bella and I had a one night stand. It was one of the few college parties Bella had come to. It had also been one of the few parties I myself had gone to. She looked stunning that night. She wore a white dress that hugged her chest and flowed out. It had a red belt that set right underneath her breasts. I sighed she was a stunning woman indeed.

I saved her from Newton and we got drunk. When I woke up in the morning she was sitting on the edge of the bed crying her eyes out. Was I that bad? I felt guilt in the pit of my stomach. I had cheated. I had slept with Bella Sawn best friend to Emmett. I was officially dead. Tanya I thought. She was my at the time current girl friend.

I had a reputation of dating a lot of women and I will not deny it. I did date a lot and because of that everyone just presumed I was a jerk. I was emotionless and selfish. And to be honest I didn't mind. I learned a long time ago no to care what people thought and also with people thinking that I got a new sense of respect from people.

I turned my attention to Mike as I heard Bella's name come out of his mouth. "I can't believe she is knocked up. I mean wasn't she even dating anyone." "Yea a while back. She was engaged to some guy but I think they broke up about two months ago because I didn't see her wear the ring anymore," said Tyler taking a sip of his drink.

"She's probably a whore or maybe she got pregnant so her boyfriend wouldn't leave her," he said playing with his pencil. I looked at Newton. My hands clenched in to fists. He had no right to disrespect her like that. I don't even know why I hang around Newton. He was so immature and selfish.

"Mike stop," I said glaring at him making him instantly stop.

I sighed as I looked at my book again. Maybe I should talk to Bella. Maybe it's mine. I was right today was going to be a very long day.


I remember when my mother was pregnant with my half sister Mia she had gotten huge. I sighed. I was soon going to get huge. I looked at myself in the mirror. My belly was still flat. It didn't look like there was a little person inside of me. It to be honest I was kind of grossed me out. I mean in a really weird way. People say pregnancy is beautiful and I beg to differ.

The back pain, the cravings, feet looking like they belonged to big foot, the whole getting fat part, and oh the best part the pain. Yep the sounds amazingly beautiful to me. I laughed at myself. I looked at my chest. My eyes widened. "Emmett," I yelled. Within seconds the huge man came running in to my room. "Are you okay Bella? Is there something wrong? Do you want me to call the doctor," he asked looking me over. I nodded and pointed at my chest. He raised an eye brow. "Emmy did my boobs get bigger," I asked moving closer. I watched him back away. "I don't know," he said stuttering. I laughed never would I have seen Emmett stutter. "Look at them."

"No." "Please." "No," "Please Emmy boo I am asking you to stare at my chest. I mean you're a guy right." I asked poking him in the chest. "No and ya. Oh wait I hear Alice calling me. Bye," he said heading for the door.

I sighed "ass."

I looked at myself again. I was wearing what Alice picked out for me. A black dress. It was cute and simple. It stopped at my tight. I wore Uggs with them. I find them to be one of the greatest creations of all time.

I laughed as I grabbed my jacket and laptop before heading to school. This was going to be along day.