What would happen if Simon lived but lost all his memory. Set after Demon Trapper's daughter. DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING

A/N: This is my first time ever trying to write a fanfic so r&r but be nice. XD

Riley Pov:

Note to self when making deals with heavenly messengers be more specific. He will have his end of the bargain but all I asked for was Simon to live, I couldn't bear to lose another person I love. Well I got what I bargained for but Simon doesn't remember me at all. So in a sense I still lost him. I'm alone again..

I close my eyes and let the tears slip down my cheeks. The salty liquid stings on my raw skin. If Simon remembered and was here, he would ease my burden and gently wipe the tears away with his cool fingers. He would make this achy loneliness fade away just for a little while. Everyone has been leaving me. Why can't I just move on to the next world as well? I am alone; Funny how scraping grade one Hellspawn crap up seems to reinforce that fact. Simon would always make the most difficult chores a little easier. With Dad gone and Simon out of her life, chores have began to drag along. Turd pile, after turd pile.

The strong smell of brimstone and whatever the demons have recently digested stung my nose.. I use a hammer to chip and scrap away at the hardened mass of stink. Since I don't have a shovel I have to scoop the poop out from under the cages with my hands. Their crap stained the decomposing cement and stung my hands like I was sticking them in boiling water. I quickly scoop the rest of the cages and toss my collection of scat into the compost outback. Looking at my roughened and blistered hands I make my way to the mini fridge where I hid a carton of milk among Master Harper's seemingly endless supply of beer. Pulling the carton out I take a swig and pour the rest of the contents on my burning skin, as I spout out demonic sentences that would impress any grade of hellspawn. This was something Simon taught me, not the demon speech of course, Simon was a saint in all intents and purposes. Demon language is something you just pick up on in my line of work, he taught me how milk helps relieve the acidic burning, and he explained that since milk is a base it soothes the acidic feel.

Sighing I wash my hands and make my way to my car. Master Harper was out trapping so he wouldn't know I took off a little earlier than I was suppose to. Beck promised me to take me out hunting today. Beck may be a selfish jerk but he's all I have now. He was my dad's trapping partner. My dad trained him. He won't let me hunt aloneā€¦ which is the wise decision compared to my past choices, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, nor does the passing of my father imply he's needs to fill in the father figure role. I'd managed to catch a grade three demon once by myself but I was mugged by some greedy gangsters and they released the demon accidentally out of fright. They were idiots, and it almost led to my death but Beck saved me. Sometimes I wish he hadn't.