The German felt like he had just taken some sort of long test. Sadly, a long test would appear like an ant compared to the real reason behind his terrible headache. His brain was mentally exhausted with the type of headache one gets when they can't concentrate.

Where was he? Did anybody else survive the plane crash? Does anybody know that the plane crashed? How long are they going to be here? How long was he going to be here? Where exactly was here?

"Too many questions," he mumbled to himself as he walked along the beach. "Too many questions give me horrible headaches."

"Germany?" a voice with an Italian accent asked. "Is that you?"

The German turned his head around slightly alarmed by the familiarity of the voice, but continued his walk down the beach. He's been walking down this beach for some time, and had nearly given up hope to finding anybody. He didn't need to start imagining things such as familiar voices.

"Germany?" the familiar voice repeated. "Is that you? Did you survive the plane crash too?"

He stopped moving forward, gave in to his temptation, and turned around. There standing in the opening of the jungle was the holder of the voice, a familiar face to him, and another survivor of the plane crash. He felt very thankful that he didn't just imagine the voice.

"Germany!" the survivor squealed running towards him. "It is you! You survived the crash too! I thought I was the only one!"

"Please don't-"

The survivor cut Germany off with a big hug. He sighed and returned the hug to the survivor. It felt somewhat go to hug another like him after wandering alone for some time.

"Goodness," the survivor said releasing the hug, "I thought I was the only survivor. I'm so happy to find you! Do you think-"

The German cut him off. "Of course we might not be the only survivors. If you survived the crash, Italy, then most likely the others did."

Italy smiled, not realizing that there was an insult in that sentence. "Fabulous! Do you think it's an island?"

"There's a reef out at sea," Germany answered. "Do you remember who was on the plane?"

The Italian thought for a second. "Well, there was me, you... uh... Romano never boarded the plane. So he wouldn't be here. I think it was my responsibility to make sure he got on the plane." He put placed his hand to his chest startled. "Oh goodness! Poor Romano! He's probably still asleep in that hotel bed! Why does he have to look so cute in his sleep? If he wasn't sleeping then-"

The German cut rambling Italian off. "Romano is probably better off then the rest of us. He didn't have to endure the crash we went though."

"Thank goodness." Italy sighed hugging himself. His mind was picturing his brother safe and sound inside a hotel room.

"Was your boss on the plane?"

"No," the Italian answered. "Was yours?"

"My boss decided to just send me-"

Italy cut him off. "My boss did the exact same thing! No bosses!"

"Pardon?" Germany asked raising an eyebrow.

"We don't have our bosses here to tell us what to do!" the Italian squealed waving his arms in joy. "No bosses!"

The German thought about this dilemma for a second. "Did anybody else have their boss on the plane?"

"I don't think so," Italy said. "I think everyone's boss was thinking like our bosses. Oh, isn't it great?"

"I guess it's a little nice... for now," Germany answered truthfully. "We'll probably be reunited with them later. After we find everybody else that got scattered around the island, a plane is sure to come recuse us. We should go find the others."

After saying this, the German began walking forward, forcing Italy to follow or be left behind.

"You know I really miss Romano," the Italian said after a few steps of silence. "He's probably all alone-"

"You saw him this morning."

"Yes, but he was sleeping. We didn't have any conversation or even make eye contact, because I didn't want to wake him up." Italy sighed. "Besides we're brothers, and when we are away I miss him." He paused. "Do you miss Prussia?"

"Prussia? No, he's probably still back home sitting on the couch, drinking all my beer, and making purchases through the TV. I'll see him as soon as we get recused."

"Oh, how long do you think that will be?"

Germany shrugged. "Who knows? I'm hoping tonight or sooner."

"Me too."

They walked in silence down the beach again for a few more moments, until they came across something larger than the other seashells sitting in the sand.

"That's interesting," the German mumbled to himself picking the object up from the ground.

"It's a conch!" Italy cried recognizing the large spiral shell in his hand.

Germany turned the conch around in his hands examining it. "Oh?"

"Grandpa Rome once showed me and Romano one. He said that they were ever so expensive. He said that people would buy them at stores rather than finding them on the beach themselves-"

The German zoned out the Italian's pointless rambling as he examined the large spiral seashell. It was beautiful in its own weird way. It had a lovely color of deep cream, with a few spots of this fading pink color. Germany turned the couch over and shook the sand out of it.

"-it was a quite interesting lesson on seashells. I still remember every word Grandpa said. I don't think Romano really does. He didn't get the reference to that joke I told him last Easter-"

The German had finished shaking out all the sand from the conch. He stood still for just a second, and let the Italian stroke the seashell in his hands.

"Germany!" Italy cried moving his hand away from the conch.

Germany looked up from the spiral seashell. "Yes?"

"We can use this to call the others. Bring them all here, and find out who survived the crash!" Italy smiled pleased with himself for coming up with this idea.

"How exactly do you use this?" the German asked twirling the conch in his hands.

"Grandpa Rome sort of spat," the Italian answered. "I never tried blowing it, because Romano took my turn. Grandpa said that you blew from down here." He placed his hand on top of his stomach. "You try Germany! Call the others so we can be recused!"

Unsure, Germany laid the small end of the conch against and blew. A pitiful sound can out of the larger end of the conch. He wiped the salt water off his mouth and tried again.

"Grandpa sort of spat," Italy repeated.

The German pursed his lips, and tried again. The shell emitted a low noise that sounded like passing gas. This made the Italian giggle, and him smile in amusement from the Italian's laughter.

"He blew from his stomach," Italy said once he stopped laughing.

"Maybe it would be heard better if I blew from up there," Germany suggested pointing to the large rock.

"I guess."

The German helped the Italian climb up the large rock platform.

Once on top of the platform, Germany blew the shell again, this time with air from his diaphragm, like Italy had suggested. Instantly the conch made a loud, deep, harsh, note. The note spread throughout the forest, and echoed back once it hit the mountain. Several birds rose from the treetops, and some strange thing squealed and ran in the undergrowth.

Germany moved the shell away from his mouth. "It actually worked," he mumbled.

The Italian smiled. "Do it again!"

As commanded, the German placed the conch against his mouth, took a deep breath, and blew again. The sound echoed across the island, but louder than the first time he blew the shell.

"Somebody had to have heard that!" Italy said pleased. "That sound probably echoed for miles across this whole island!"

Germany coughed feeling breathless from extremeness of the blow.

"It was so loud!"

The German found his breathe and blew into the conch again. The note he created didn't last as long as the first note.

"Look! There's another survivor!" the Italian exclaimed pointing to nation appearing in the opening of the jungle. "Hi!"

The nation was Spain. His clothes were torn, probably from wandering around the jungle, and his hair was a horrible mess. The moment the Spaniard noticed the German and Italian, he began sprinting towards them.

"Spain!" Italy said helping him on top of the platform. They were both so happy to be reunited with each other.

Spain pulled Italy and Germany into a group hug. "I'm so happy to have found you guys. I thought I was by myself. I was wandering around-"

The German pulled himself out of the hug cutting the Spaniard off in the process. "If you don't mind, I'll like to continue calling the others here."

"Oh, yes, of course. Sorry," Spain apologized as Germany placed the conch to his mouth to blow again.

"How did you guys find each other so fast?" the Spaniard asked the Italian as the German continued to blow the conch.

Italy smiled. "Luck, I guess. I was fortunate to notice Germany walked down the beach."

"That's great. I wish I didn't have to wander around that jungle alone for that long."

As the Italian and Spaniard had this conversation, more nations had emerged from the trees. Switzerland and Austria had showed up together. According to the Swiss, the Austrian had landed on top of him when the plane crash, and they had agreed to stay together until the found the others. They were helped on top of the rock platform as well, and for some reason Switzerland sounded very alarmed when Italy asked him how long he was with Austria.

Their arrival to the beach was soon followed by, Netherlands, who was traveling by himself. The Dutchman said that he thought he was the only one to survivor the plane crash, and had wandered around the island's mountains. He also didn't look too happy to see that Spain had survived the crash, and he was able to climb the rock platform without assistance.

France, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and England soon followed Netherlands's arrival. The Englishman had somehow found all of them, and self-appointed himself leader of their little group. All but England needed help climbing the rock platform.

"Did you blow that blasted thing?" England asked pointing to the conch in Germany's hands.

The German nodded. "Yes. It got all you guys to come to the beach."

"Well, now that we're all reunited," the Englishman stated, "you should through that horrible thing into the ocean. That sounded so disgusting. I suggest that we throw it away, so we don't have to hear it ever again."

"Oh, it didn't sound that bad," the Frenchman joked. "You just want it tossed away, because I said that sound reminds me of you when your legs are-"

Germany cut France off. "We're all stuck on this island. Until the other nations, that weren't on the plane, realize that we're missing. I'm not sure on how long that will be, but for the time that we're left on this island we're going to remain civilized. We're have a leader-"

England cut him off. "If we're going to be recused really soon, then why do we need a leader?"

"Yeah, it doesn't really seem all that necessary," agreed Netherlands.

Spain sighed. "I think its necessary. We don't know how long we'll be-"

The Dutchman cut him off. "Of course you would find that necessary."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Shut up!" the German said absently. "Spain is right, we don't know how long it will take the others to realize that we're gone." He paused for a moment and mentally counted the heads of everybody on the beach. "Is this everybody? Wasn't somebody else on the plane?"

"The pilot," suggested Estonia. "He probably died on impact. He isn't like us."

Germany shook his head. "No, I meant another nation. Wasn't there than twelve of us on that plane?"

"Japan!" Italy cried. "He was the only one on the plane that wasn't European! Oh, Germany, you need to blow the conch to bring him here!"

The Englishman frowned. "If he didn't come earlier to that disgusting sound, then why would he bother coming now?"

"You just don't want to hear that sound you make again," the Frenchman said chucking.

England glared at France. "No, I just find that noise grossly repulsing."

"That's the sound you make darling, when I have you-"

The German cut the Frenchman off with the loud noise of the conch. The noise echoed throughout the island.

"What a surprise?" the Englishman said sarcastically once the noise was done. "It didn't work."

And oddly enough, after England said this, Japan emerged from the jungle boarding the beach.

"I'm not the only survivor," the Japanese man mumbled to himself as he walked onto the beach.

"Japan! Japan! Japan!" Italy cried helping his friend onto the rock platform. "I thought you didn't survive the crash! England said that you didn't!"

"I didn't say that!" the Englishman stated as the Italian gave the Japanese man a hug.

Japan pushed Italy off of him. "Is this everybody?"

"I believe so," Germany said sighing. "Can anybody else think of any other nation that was on the plane?"

"Russia didn't fly out today, because he spent today with his sisters, and choose to fly out tomorrow to the meeting tomorrow," Lithuania said. "So Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine won't be here. Also Poland didn't board the plane because he had some sort of shoe crisis." He sighed. "I think he still has my credit card."

"Romano overslept and missed his flight," the Italian said, leaving out the part that is was sort of his fault that his brother had overslept.

"Belgium had a later flight," Netherlands added. "So she won't be here either."

"Well, unless her plane crashes. But what are the changes of two planes crashing, and landing on the exact same island?" Spain asked jokingly making Netherlands glare at him.

"Hungary decided to just not go to the meeting," Austria mentioned. "She said that she didn't feel like flying all the way to North America for a meeting hosted by... uh, who is hosting the meeting?"

"America?" France suggested.

"No, he hosted the last one, so it can't be him," Estonia said. "It's the other guy... I just can't remember his name..."

The German sighed. "Never mind who's hosting the meeting. We're probably going to be late, or not make it at all, anyway. Right now we need to figure out if we have everybody here."

"Well, I told Liechtenstein to stay home," Switzerland mentioned.

The Austrian smirked. "You just didn't want to pay for her plane ticket."

"Hey, for your information-"

Germany cut him off, and held up the conch. "We have too many people talking at once. For now on, you can only talk if you're holding the conch."

The other nations didn't like the suggestion.

"That's stupid!"

"Its childish!"

"I'm surprised that Germany is the one to suggest this."

"Yeah, it would have made more sense if you were the one to come up with this stupid idea."

"What's that supposed to mean?"


"Hey, why are you laughing at me?"

"You know very well-"

"You two shut up!"

"Don't tell me what to do!"

"How are you able to sleep in all this noise?"

"I want to go home!"

"Oh, you're such a whiner!"

"I am not!"

The German blew the conch shutting everybody up. "The conch is just to let a speaker talk without interruption. Now for the time being we ought to have a leader, or ruler, to keep charge until we are recused."

The Englishman held out his hand for the shell, and the German handed it to him. "I vote myself as leader, because I'm-"

The Frenchman cut him off. "Nobody wants you as leader."

"You need the conch to speak, France," England said grinning. "Anyway, I believe that I would make a good chief, because-"

Netherlands cut him off by taking the conch from his hands. "I suggest that we have a vote. If we're going to be civilized, then we might as well all be in agreement."

After saying this he passed the conch to Japan. "I believe this is a good idea. By a show of hands, who wants Germany as the ruler?"

Germany looked surprised that he was offered the role as ruler, and then he looked even more surprised when everybody but England and France raised their hands.

"All right, and who wants England as ruler?" the Japanese man then asked.

Only England raised his hand.

Japan frowned. "France you didn't vote."

France took the conch from Japan. "I wanted to give England some false hope. I'm all for Germany being ruler." He chucked then handed the shell to Germany.

"All right now that I'm in charge." The German paused unsure of what to say. "Uh... I appoint England as second in command. He can be in charge of food."

This interrupting into a line of protests.

"Bad idea!"

"My stomach will self-destruct!"

"I rather swallow glass!"

"He doesn't know how to make pasta!"

"I don't want to die from food poisoning!"

"Hey, my cooking isn't-"

"Yes, it is! You have no sense of taste!"

"Even though your crap is cheaper, I don't buy it, because its crap!"

"Hey, it's not like-"

"I hope we get recused before we have to suffer the torture of dinner!"

"I want to go home!"

Germany blew the conch again to shut them all up. "Hey, no talking without the conch! And I meant getting meat, and collecting fruit. He'll be in charge of leading hunting parties, and gathering parties." He paused for the others nations could let this sink in. "Now, I think we should start making properties. Any suggestions?" He held out shell for somebody to take.

Japan took it. "I think we should have shelters. If we have to spend the night on this island, then I would like to do it with a roof over my head."

A few of the nations nodded in agreement, and the German took the conch back.

"Good, but before we build some sort shelter we'll need a signal fire. Something that can be seen by passing boats, and possibly planes that are flying low. Smoke will help us get recused faster."

Netherlands took the conch. "We can put it on top of the mountain. It's the highest point on the island. I've been up there."

Germany smiled and took the conch back. "Great, then you lead the way."

All of them, some with help, jumped off the rock platform to venture out to the mountain.


Well, if you didn't figure it out, this is a "Lord of the Flies" parody. Hopefully, the conch gave it away.

Writing this is my way of studying for my "Lord of the Flies" exam. Please point out any grammar mistakes .