The moment Germany, and the other nations that had traveled up the mountain with him, made it to the beach he went straight to the platform and picked up the conch. He blew it, in the way Italy had instructed him earlier, and when he was done the platform was surrounded with the others.

"Well then," he said after clearing his throat, "we're on a island-"

Somebody in the crowd groaned at the mention of the obvious.

"We've hiked up the top of the mountain, and saw nothing that could connect us to civilization. No sight of boats, no sign of people already living here-"

England cut him off. "But there are pigs here. We'll need parties to go after them for hunting. Hunting pigs-"

The German cut him off. "You don't have the conch." He sighed. "Yes, we do have some meat on this island. Hopefully, we won't be looking after ourselves for that long-"

"I certainty hope so. You put England in charge of food-"

"Yeah, if we don't get off before dinner we're all going to die-"

"Hey! I'm just in charge of collecting-"

"I don't care. I don't want you touching anything-"

"I want to go home! Romano is probably missing-"

"Stop whinnying! It's giving me a headache!"

"I curse airport security for taking away-"

Germany held the conch above his head. "Everybody shut up! This is exactly why we have the conch rule. We can't have everybody talking at once in these meetings. If you want to talk you should raise your hand, and I'll give you the conch-"

Estonia raised his hand.

"Would you like to say something?"

The Estonian nodded unsure if saying "yes" would get him yelled at for talking.

The German handed him the conch.

"Latvia has a concern he would like to mention."

Estonia handed the nation standing next to him the conch.

"I... uh... don't exactly..." the Latvian said stuttering. "... It's really not... a big deal... or anything..."

Germany frowned. "Speak up!"

Latvia looked at the nations around him, and then panicky handed the conch back to Estonia. The Estonian groaned and accepted the conch.

"He wants to know about what you guys plan to do about the demon," Estonia stated speaking for Latvia.


"That's silly."

"Extremely silly."

The German crossed his arms. "Everybody shut up! At the moment only Estonia has the right to talk. Estonia, please continue with this concern."

The Estonian smiled happy to have everybody's attention. "Greece has gone missing, and Latvia believes that a-"

"Greece is missing!"

"All you sure that he isn't just sleeping somewhere?"

"Oh dear goodness it's happening!"

"Everybody shut up!" Germany yelled again. "If you have any concerns please wait till you have the conch. Estonia, please continue."

"Greece has gone missing," Estonia said starting again, "and Latvia believes that some sort of demon has consumed him."

After saying this he handed the conch back to the German. Germany took it and frowned.

"Latvia did you see this demon?"

The Latvian shook his head.

The German smiled. "Then we don't have anything to worry about here. If you didn't actually see it, then it doesn't exist. There is nothing to worry about here."

England raised his hand for the conch. Germany handed it to him.

"How the bloody hell is there nothing to worry about here? Greece has gone missing, and Latvia is freaking out about some sort of beastie-"

"He actually used the word demon."

"I have the conch, France." The Englishman waved the conch for the Frenchman to see. "Anyway, how can we just say that there is nothing to worry about? There obviously is something here to worry about."

The German raised his hand for the conch, but the Englishman ignored it.

"I say we hunt this beastie! It's already got Greece. Who knows what it will want next. We need to go after this-"

Germany cut England off by grabbing the conch.

"That's enough. We're not going to have some big hunting exhibition for this demon or beastie or whatever. Sure, Greece missing is a problem. But most likely that guy is just sleeping somewhere. He'll show up sooner or later. I'm sure of it."

Lithuanian raised his hand for the conch.

"If this about the demon-beastie-thing then put your arm down. I don't want to hear anything else about this nonexistent monster," the German stated making the Lithuanian lower his arm back down.

The assembly remained silent for a few moments. Germany looked around at the faces of his fellow nations. They didn't seem to be buying his claim that there was nothing to worry about on this island.

The German sighed, cleared his throat, and began speaking again. "For this night, and this night only we wouldn't be having signal fire-"

Netherlands groaned and glared at Spain. The Spaniard had nothing to do with the darkness ruining the plan for a signal fire tonight, but the Dutchman liked having something human to blame.

"Tomorrow we will all hike up the mountain together, carrying logs, and make ourselves a signal fire," Germany continued pretending not notice Netherlands glare at Spain. "Do we have shelters built for tonight?"

"Do you see any shelters on this beach?" France spat bitterly.

"You mean you didn't build anything?" Netherlands asked glaring at Spain. "Are you guys really that lazy?"

"Hey, we where looking for Greece! Don't look at me like I'm some sort of-"

"Spain! Netherlands! Both of you don't have conch!" the German yelled stopping a fight from happening. "We'll have to sleep on the beach tonight."

The Frenchman raised his hand for the conch. The German handed it to him.

"All we allowed to sleep in the woods? There would be more private," France asked. "Or are we not allowed, because of your silly rules?" He twirled the conch in his hands.

"We're not completely sure what's in the woods. It would probably be better if we all just stayed on the beach-"

"Yeah, and the beastie is probably-"

"You don't have the conch, England."

"Neither do you!"

Germany blushed embarrassed. "I'm chief I'm allowed to speak without the conch. "

The other nations looked at the German puzzled.

"France, will you please hand me back the conch?"

"Uh... sure," France said handing Germany back the conch.

The German gave a shy smile and accepted the conch. "First thing tomorrow morning we're traveling to the top of the mountain and lighting a fire. I'll be waking everybody up."

A loud groan of disappointment from several of the nations was heard. Having a German wake you meant waking up at an ungodly hour before the sun was up.

Estonia sat down next to Lithuania and Latvia. The Latvian was starring out at the sea with a look of worry on his face. And the Lithuanian was starring at nothing in particular in the sand.

"Is there something bothering you guys?" the Estonian asked.

Lithuania looked up from the sand. "No, but I'm a little alarmed about Greece still not showing up."

"I'm alarmed by that too," Estonia agreed.

Latvia sighed and turned away from the sea to the look at the two nations sitting with him to join their conversation. "Germany doesn't believe that there is a demon-"

"He has a logical reason for not believing this," Estonia stated cutting him off.

"That doesn't make it disappear."

"True, but if it was never really there in the first place-"

"You're the one that told me to tell Germany about it!"

"And you didn't tell Germany about it," the Lithuanian corrected. "Estonia did. You just stood there stuttering like an idiot."

"I'm not a idiot!"

"Of course you're not," an English accent said joining their conversation. "You exposed something Germany feels uncomfortable knowing."

Estonia and Lithuania glared at England displeased that he was eavesdropping on their conversation. The Englishman sat down next to the Latvian not caring that his presence wasn't wanted.

"If Germany is uncomfortable with the knowledge of this beastie, then he is unfit to be chief. I say tomorrow we have a new vote for chief. What do you guys think?"

"I don't care who's chief I just want the demon gone before-"

England cut Latvia off with a laugh. "That's exactly why Germany can't be chief. He doesn't believe in the beastie-"

"Why do you call it a beastie?"

The Englishman ignored the Lithuanian's question. "If he doesn't think that the beastie exists, then he's never going to offer protection from it. If I'm chief I'll offer protection from it-"

The Latvian frowned. "I don't want protection. I just want the demon gone."

England patted Latvia's head. "Boiled, gutted, buried, burned, or whatever you want. If I'm chief you'll get to decide what we do about that beastie. And if I'm chief we won't have that silly conch rule."

Estonia frowned in disprovable of England's actions. "But you're not chief."

"Not yet," the Englishman corrected. "If I demand a vote tomorrow will you guys vote for me as the new leader?"

"No," the Estonian asked speaking for both him and the other Baltics.

England blinked. This wasn't the answer he was expecting. "Why not?"

"We already have Germany as chief," Lithuania stated.

"But he isn't a good-"

Estonia cut him off. "I just don't want to be making sides when we haven't been on this island for even twenty-four hours yet. We could end up being recused tomorrow."

"Doubt it," the Latvian mumbled to quiet to call attention to himself.

"Or tonight even," the Lithuanian added.

"Doubt it," Latvia repeated quietly to himself.

"No, we wouldn't be able to be recused tonight. It's to dark for our island to even be noticed by a-"

"What if China has this island-"

The Estonian cut the Lithuanian off. "If China knew this island existed then he would have one of his vacation homes here-"

"What if America-"

The Englishman cut the Lithuanian off annoyed. "Nobody knows that we're here! Not America. Not China. Not Russia. Or anybody else. We're on a deserted island!"

"We were getting to that conclusion-"

"No you guys weren't," England spat bitterly. "You guys just like to think that there is some sort of possibly that America is going to sail here in some sort of heroic looking plane, or boat, or helicopter, or something, and save everybody-"


"Well America isn't. You want to know why? Well its because America, like everybody else who wasn't on the plane with us, doesn't know that we're stuck on this island!"

"I'm sure that they'll be alarmed when no of us show up at that meeting tomorrow."

"No they wouldn't, Estonia. The meeting is hosted by Canada. Does anybody remember any meetings hosted by Canada?" The Englishman didn't give them a chance to answer. "No of course they don't. Hell, none of us even remembered that Canada was hosting the meeting tomorrow. And nobody even shows up to the meetings Canada hosts anyway."

Lithuania sighed. "Its true. Last time Canada hosted a meeting; America and I played laser tag instead of going to it."

England smiled happy that his point was made. "We're going to be stuck here for awhile. And Latvia is correct. We aren't the only things on this island. I say you guys help me become chief before somebody else goes missing."

Estonia frowned. "The way you say that sounds like a threat."

"It isn't." The Englishman chuckled and stood up from his spot next to the Latvian. "But at least consider the idea of me being chief."

He walked away from the Baltics before they could say anything else.

"He's a real nutcase," the Estonian stated once the Englishman was to far away to hear.

"Agreed," the Lithuanian said.

"I really hope the demon doesn't get anybody else. England made it sound like the demon was hunting all of us down," the Latvian said.

"England's just a little angry that he wasn't elected chief," Estonia stated. "And don't worry, Latvia, Greece will show up sooner or later."

"I certainly hope so."

Lithuania sighed. "But if England is right, and somebody else goes missing, should we vote for him as chief?"

"No," the Estonian answered. "England might be right about the demon, but he isn't focused on getting off the island like Germany is-"

The Latvian cut him off. "I actually don't care who the chief is. Anybody on this island could rule us a million times better than Russia ever did."

The two other Baltics laughed at Latvia's statement. The Latvian frowned because he didn't mean for his statement to be humorous, but then joined the other Baltics in laughing.

"We should get some sleep," Lithuania said once their laughing had calmed down. "Germany is going to be waking everybody up in the morning."

Estonia nodded. "That gives us about two or three hours of sleep." He sighed. "I really wish I knew what time it was."

"Me too," Latvia agreed.

The Estonian lay down on his spot in the sand, and the two other Baltics followed.

"Goodnight, Latvia. Goodnight, Lithuania."

"Goodnight, Estonia. Goodnight, Latvia."

"Goodnight, Estonia. Goodnight, Lithuania."

After saying their goodnights they closed their eyes to enter the world of sleep.

Germany had his eyes closed trying to fall asleep. On his right was Japan, sleeping like an angel. And on his left was Italy, not sleeping like an angel.

"Hey, Germany, Germany, Germany?" Italy whispered nudging his arm.

The German sighed and opened his eyes. "What is it this time? Do you want me to escort you into the woods for you can use the bathroom again?"

"No, no, no," the Italian said. "I was just wondering if you're mad at me."

"Why would I be mad at you?"

"I didn't build any shelters-"

"Nobody built a shelter."

"Yes, but you asked me to build shelters and I didn't."

"Its okay, you were looking for Greece."

Italy sniffed. "But I didn't even find Greece. Nobody found Greece. He's still missing. He could have been eaten by that demon or beastie or-"

"It doesn't exist," Germany assured cutting Italy off.

"But, England said that there was. And Latvia-"

"England's just mad that he isn't in charge. And Latvia is still a kid, so he probably hasn't lost his imagination yet," the German stated. "You have nothing to worry about."

The Italian nodded understanding. "But what if Greece never shows up."

"He'll show up eventually. He's probably waiting for all the hard work to be done first." Germany smiled. "He is pretty lazy."

"Alright, for now on I wouldn't believe in the demon."

The German smiled. "Good for you. Now let me get some sleep." He closed his eyes again.

"Hey, Germany?" the Italian asked nudging him again.

Germany groaned opening his eyes. "What is it this time?"

"Oh... its... nothing." Italy blushed. "But I... uh... just wanted to tell you goodnight."

The German sighed. "Well, goodnight to you too, Italy."

The Italian smiled happy to hear those words. "And goodnight to you too, Germany. Oops, I already wished you goodnight." He laughed and closed his eyes for some sleep.


As you can tell this is very loosely based on Lord of the Flies. I'm changing a lot, but trying to keep the theme of the story.

Please point out any grammar mistakes.