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"Dawn, are you sure this is right?", Ash nervously asked the blue headed girl.

"Relax, it's fine! Brock's out shopping for supplies which gives us the whole afternoon to ourselves," Dawn said with a perverted smirk across her lips.

She went close to Ash, to the point where they were almost kissing. Dawn rubbed against Ash's crotch area and pecked kisses on his cheek.

"D-Dawn! No! D-don't do that," Ash stammered as the blue-head increased the foreplay. She unzipped his pants and released his solid erection from his boxers.

"S-stop Dawn, this is wrong!", Ash choked out. Dawn's instinct took over as she stroked his cock. She occassionally gave small licks to its head, giving Ash waves of pleasure. He groaned loudly, encouraging Dawn to suck him off.

"Oh f-fuck, Dawn!", Ash groaned, forcing Dawn to deepthroat him. He heard Dawn moan, only to see a puddle of cum beneath her. She was masturbating furiously, and damn was it hot.

"I'm c-cumming Dawn!", Ash yelled, giving Dawn a surprised expression.

"No! Not yet you're not!", Dawn exclaimed, pulling Ash into a passionate kiss. Their tongues danced wildly as they grinded even closer towards each other. Dawn finally forced Ash to the floor, ready for actual sex.

"But Dawn, we're still virgins," Ash stammered.

"I wanted my first time to be special," she responded, giving him a seductive wink.

Ash slowly nodded, gripping Dawn's waist firmly. He hesitated, then forcefully shoved his penis into Dawn's soaked cunt. Instantly, there was blood splattered on the ground.

"Ow! It h-hurts Ash!", Dawn screamed. Ash never felt so aroused in his life. He was slamming full force into her cunt, earning him screams from the girl.

"OH YES ASH! HARDER! HARDER!", Dawn screamed.

"Ugh Dawn, I'm cumming", Ash said blowing a load into her wet hole. He pulled out and blasted even more onto her breasts and face.

Ash was about done, but Dawn was nowhere near done.

"Hey Ash, are you interested in anal?", Dawn asked cluelessly.

"Um yeah it sounds kinda interesting", Ash replied.

"Why don't we try it out, for the fun of it, huh?", Dawn said, winking. Ash had no time to answer, Dawn forced him to the ground, jerking him off for a bit.

"Dawn, aren't y-you done yet?", Ash asked. Dawn just simply shook her head. She laid down on the floor, her legs spread open and her ass ready to be pounded. Ash sighed and prodded her asshole with his cock.

"Come on, Ash! Fuck me already!", Dawn said impatiently. Ash didn't reply, instead piercing her asshole with his cock and thrusting with speed.

"Mmph, Ash! You could do so much better than that!", Dawn screamed.

"Okay, you asked for it!", Ash said, ramming in with full power.


"I-I'm cumming Dawn! Take all of my cum!", Ash said. Dawn was screaming and moaning as Ash filled her ass up with cum. He again sprayed the rest at her body.

After cleaning up, Dawn noticed a ruffle in the bushes. She looked through to see Brock jerking off with his giant cock. Looking around, she saw Ash ran off with Pikachu. Should she?

Screw it.

"Hey Brock, wanna have some fun with me?", she asked Brock seductively. Brock just vigorously nodded while blowing a load on her face. Dawn pumped his dick some more, earning her some more cum.

"Wow Brock! You taste so good!", Dawn said cheerily. Brock just simply groaned in response. Dawn then wasted no time, pinning him to the floor and tightening her pussy around him.

"Oh yeah, Brock! Fuck me!", Dawn screamed like the slut she was. After a while of fucking, she couldn't help but watch Piplup in the corner with... an erect dick?

This could be really fun, she thought.