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A/N: So, just some drabble for Blue & Black's Earth's Customs Challenge. I'm not actually submitting, it's more of just a personal challenge. Vegeta is my favorite character, and I really wanted to do something with my favorite couple, especially one taking all these cute ideas and making them dark. Please review, I'll really appreciate it. I'll update every few days, because this isn't my main story, this is just something to keep me occupied between updates. It won't be long. Enjoy.


He would never openly admit it, as it would be a serious blow to his pride, but Vegeta was a jealous man on the best of days. He convinced his wife that he didn't give a damn what she did with her time, so long as she left him out of it. But that was a bold faced lie, and he was pretty sure Bulma new that. No matter how guarded he kept himself, she could read him like a fucking book, and it infuriated him. Yet, at the same time, it was a comfort; he could communicate things to this woman he would never be able or be willing to say aloud, and still she knew, understood perfectly. It was like she was the decoder to his mannerisms, designed specifically to calm him, understand him, rein in his murderous tendencies and turn him into a decent man.

But more than that, she was his. She knew that, he knew that, had in fact told her on several occasions. At first she misunderstood his words as his usual Royal conceit, but time taught her otherwise. Facts were, he cared about her more than he would ever admit, and his possession and protection was just his method of conveying that. Vegeta didn't like to share her, but his jealous and violent rampages were down to a manageable level, so all was well.

Until now.

Vegeta didn't like to share, and he had no intention to. Especially not Bulma.