A/N - Just would like to mention how this fic starts out with Klaine, but will be very much Kurtbastian. I hope you enjoy! :)

Sometimes, stories are written about lucky people: they meet the right person; they like them; they love them, and they live out the rest of their lives together. But in real life, sometimes people are not so lucky: they meet someone; they like them; they love them so much they can't imagine loving anyone else, and then they lose them. Or they leave them. Either way, it doesn't work out. But it usually makes for a much more compelling story. There are stories where great loves stem from friendship. They even tell tails where love stems from aversion. Then there are the tragic stories where some people never find love at all.

Sometimes, if you're Kurt Hummel, you meet someone; you hate them; you leave them; you find them; you tolerate them; you like them; you lose them; you hate them; you hate them again for good measure and then you fall madly, hopelessly and irrevocably in love with them.

This is that story.

NYADA. It was the last great hurdle. Once he made it there, Kurt could make it anywhere. Or so he thought.

His summer before college was spent in a blur of lazy Saturdays, more often and not, with Blaine by his side. They could be sipping a coffee in the Lima Bean, reading a book in the backyard, eating, sleeping, shopping, just being. Moments were peppered with soft kisses and innocent little words of nothings and everythings. Bliss. Kurt was content. Kurt was happy.

All the while, fall hung over them like a broken promise, cutting their time together too short. Every time they thought about it, they realised the time they actually had together was getting less and less and less. And less. Until one day, the day arrived, and they finally had to say goodbye.

"I love you."

"I love you. So much." Breathed Kurt. And it was more than just a declaration; it was a promise. A promise that Kurt was leaving high school, leaving Lima, but he wasn't leaving Blaine.

Foreheads pressed together, they shared hugs, caresses, long lingering gazes, taking in everything they could of each other one last time before the seemly endless months apart they had in front of them. Neither one said 'I'll miss you;' they already missed each other with every fibre of their beings. So instead of uttering another word, they poured everything into a kiss. Lips met lips and Kurt and Blaine were whole. Kurt didn't cry. He wanted to look his best the last time Blaine saw him for months. So before he broke down, he pulled Blaine into a fierce embrace, inhaled him, picked up his bag and walked through the airport to the terminal he had to board his plane from.

He walked away from high school, he walked away from Lima, and although he didn't know it at the time, he walked away from his and Blaine's last kiss.