AN: This is my first time writing for the Avengers so if the characters are a little OoC sorry! Also this is in the movie!verse just for the people that were wondering. There is a slight spoiler for the first chapter but nothing major. This is rated M at the beginning for violence and rape so don't read if that stuff offends you. Also if you don't like boy/boy pairings don't read it either since the story is about Bruce/Loki. Hope you enjoy!

After that first mission, the Avengers had disbanded and gone their separate ways, well almost all of them. Bruce Banner wasn't quite sure where he was going to go but luckily he didn't have to. Tony insisted, meaning he hadn't really given him a choice, that he come live and work with him. Bruce was skeptical at first but he had come to actually enjoy himself while working next to Tony. Granted he was still not used to the first rate lab, nor the living conditions. Give him a bed made of straw in some third world country any day.

However, he did not hate it there. For one thing, he actually got to go outside and even slightly mingle with others. Really, if he had had a say in the matter he would have stayed inside the entire time but Stark had actually been the person to push him forward. Even though he was socially awkward, and being the Hulk didn't really help that, he hadn't realized how much he had missed seeing people interact.

Bruce also hadn't turned into the Hulk for several months now which made him much happier compared to his normally quit, emo, as Tony put it, self.

He still did little thinks to make himself either stay calm or calm down though, like meditating or cooking. Bruce actually loved to cook and Tony gave him a great excuse to. For one thing Tony usually ate pizza at home and when he went out it was always to the fanciest of places. Bruce, on the other hand, preferred things that were quick, practical, and easy but also healthy for you which was the exact opposite of the billionaires' diet.

Cooking for himself also meant he had to get the groceries himself too. Tony had offered to have someone else do it but Bruce had always denied it. The frequent trips to the grocery store gave him a good reason to get out as well.

In fact, it was actually one of these trips that he was currently on. He was at the moment walking down one of the many crowed streets when he saw something. Something that made him stop.

It was a girl sitting beside the far end of a dumpster in an alley way, probably no more than eighteen. She was crying and her clothes were torn as well. It looked like someone had beaten her too. Bruce's doctorly instincts kicked in and he automatically walked down the alley to her. He bent down so as to ask, "What's wrong? Do you need any help?" She continued to cry so he put his hand on her shoulder, meaning to try to seem comforting.

Immediately, the crying stopped and the girl grabbed his hand at the same time yelling, "NOW!" Bruce panicked and if he had been allowed a second longer he would have hulked out. However, before he could, someone hit him upside the head hard enough to dent a pot.

Right away, his world went black.