Bruce turned his head away from the TV and adjusted slightly so he was facing the doorway. In it stood Loki dressed in civilian clothes. He wore a long sleeved, tight, striped yellow and green t-shirt that fit him rather well. It had actually been Tony's but he had never worn it and had given it to Loki. He also wore low riding, too big jeans that Bruce had let him borrow.

"I still don't understand why I have to wear this," Loki said as he sat down and pulled at the shirt.

"Because you've been in those Asgardian clothes for over a week."

"I don't sweat."

Bruce shook his head with a small chuckle. "They still need to be cleaned. Besides, I like this look on you." Normally, he would have followed up that statement with a kiss but they were interrupted by shouts coming from the kitchen.

Bruce sighed as he got up to see what had happened this time, Loki following right behind. They walked into the kitchen just in time to see Tony shaking his red hand in pain as Steve shook his head sorrowfully.

"I told you, there is a reason why you don't pick up the pan with your bare hand," Steve said as he got some ice in a napkin.

"And I told you that I don't need to know how to cook. Moreover, cooking is for girls, like you," muttered Tony.

"Girl? I'm not the one who puts product in my hair," Steve countered back.

"I know how to cook to, are you calling me a girl?" asked Bruce with a raised eyebrow as he smiled at them.

"Why not?" said Tony. "Personally, I'm surprised you don't sew."

"And I'm surprised you haven't died by know. Though I have never even touched an oven I'm at least smart enough to know not to pick it up with my bare hands," said Loki with a smirk.

"You challenging me?"

"First neither of you know how to cook so even if you tried you both would probably fail miserably," said Steve as he crossed his arms.

"How about a double team then?" asked Loki. "I bet we could beat you guys anytime, any day," Loki replied as he put his arm around Bruce.

Before Steve could say anything Tony had already said, "You're on!"

They began at once and Bruce found out that Loki was a surprisingly quick learner. Tony on the other hand, from what he could see and hear, not so much. As he watched Steve try to teach him he chuckled as a thought came to mind.

"Did I do something wrong?" asked Loki with a confused look.

"No, not at all," replied Bruce. "I was just thinking about how much they look like a couple right now."

Loki cocked his head to the side as he thought of that. "Hmm, that would certainly be interesting."

AN: I'm so sorry that I'm finally ending it but I thought that this sounded like a good ending point and if the last line doesn't give it away, I am going to make a sequel, though about Steve and Tony's relationship instead. I might start posting that story either tomorrow or the day afterwards. I just need to figure out a good plot line. I hope you all enjoyed this story and thanks for staying with it. Once I get the next story posted I hope if you read it, you enjoy that one too! Until next time. ^^