Please Help D'Artagnan Behave

Between the Lines, Episode 2: Rub-a-dub Sub

By JeanTre16

Night had finally come after a long day of detective work … and fending off a certain brother-in-arms. Jacqueline, alias Jacques Leponte, had never felt more ready for bed. But there was one duty left to do before sleep.

Crouching on her knees beside her cot, she pressed her hands together and closed her eyes. "Our Father, who art in heaven," she said. Her prayer paused as she fidgeted on her knees. Tonight, she'd skip the formality and get right to the heart of her prayer. "Please help d'Artagnan behave!"

Her eyelids scrunched. "It's not that I'm complaining. I'm happy to be here in the garrison, but it would be a lot easier if d'Artagnan didn't pester me so much." A singular brow rose, forewarning of an explanation. "I'm sure he's an asset to Captain Duval and to the King's Musketeers, but if You would, please keep him far enough away from me so I don't have to feel him breathing down my neck every time I turn around. To tell you the truth, today was really difficult."

Her business-like demeanor relaxed and her prayer took on the air of talking with a friend. "I know you know everything about me, even everything I think. So it won't be a surprise for me to confess being tied together for an hour got really uncomfortable."

She grabbed at her collar, feeling a bit warm and felt the need to explain. "Not that I feel anything for him, like a woman feels for a man she cares about. Ha!" She laughed, then remembered whose presence she was in and checked herself. "Ahem."

Shifting on her knees again, Jacqueline continued. "If he only weren't so arrogant. I'm sure you saw him in the dressmaker's shop today? How unashamedly he flirted with that woman." She felt even warmer than before and shook her head. "Please don't think I'm jealous, just because I notice things like that."

Her hands squeezed tighter as she got to the core of her request. "Just between You and me, I'm a little concerned how he's growing on me. I never expected to meet anyone like him. How can a man challenge me and drive me crazy at the same time? He's noble one minute and a complete cad the next." Jacqueline sighed. "I guess that's why I'm praying. Could you help me, please? Make d'Artagnan behave. Amen."