"...is to court death."

I know his thoughts, my servant wonders why I smile.

I smile because "courting Death" has been my stated goal for most of my existence.

I am Thanos. I am Eternal.

I admit I was not always as I am now, in fact I was very much like Loki. I had a father who did not fully love me, a brother who loomed over me like a shadow. I was once a being who has had endless years to brood over my poor treatment and to seek petty motivations such as "revenge". That was the old Thanos, the younger me. The version that I shed like the serpent's sheds his skin. Perhaps that is why I favored this being Loki with my help. Why, when he came crawling to me like a worm, I deemed him worthy of service in my cause.

But he is a failure now and I doubt I will bother with his services again.

Instead I turn my eyes to that little world that gave him so much trouble. The one that "courts death".

You do not know how much those words mean to me, how much I long to see them come true.

Some mad fools love the idea or the causation of death, but I love her as a person. The embodiment of Death once came into my life and I fell in love with her. Fell in love with her pale white skin, her comforting silence. Fell in love with her face and the voice I hear when others think she says nothing. I do not love death the abstract but Death the literal and I would do anything for her, anything to please her.

She does not feel the same about me. She does not love me, does not care for me.

I gave up my petty revenge for My Silent Lady, ignored my whining brother and pitiful father. I gave up everything for her and now I rule an empire. The Chintauri serve me, the Skrulls fear me, the Kree shake in their boots, even the dreaded Phalanx and mighty Shi'ar tremble at mere rumors of the Mad Titan's presence.

And yet she still does not love me. Imagine that hell, that frustration. To love someone wholly and totally and completely for thousands of years and to never be loved in return. How many souls have I sent her? How many lives have met entropy at the hands of Death's most loyal lover?

And does she love me? NO! She doesn't even acknowledge me. Look at her there, standing in my palace like a statute...ignoring my love.

The Other believes that to attack Earth is to "court death"...

That is most desirable. Most desirable indeed. Perhaps by bringing death to these beings that call themselves "Avengers", I shall bring Death to me.

Such an distraction would at least be entertaining.