First Story, it took me some time to upload. The reason is because you shouldn't type a story up, on a Kindle Fire.

I looked around, seeing so many people. The Colonel, Jake, Alaska's Dad, even the Eagle came to Alaska's memorial walk. The entire group was going to walk from the school to the memorial for Alaska. The idea was that we would honor her memory to remind others about the labyrinth of suffering. It was Dr. Hyde's idea and we just all went along with it.

At about 5:00 PM, on a Tuesday we started the walk to the memorial. Dr. Hyde talked about how amazing Alaska's essay was and how we can all be inspired by Alaska's essay. While Dr. Hyde was talking, Chip (The Colonel) came over to me. "There was something they never found in the wreckage of Alaska's car."

"What," I asked, highly confused.

"They never found Alaska's phone in the wreckage," Chip said.

Chip in me stopped talking until we reached the memorial. While we were there I looked around, I noticed a small glint near the cross honoring Alaska. I secretly walked over and grabbed it. Walking over to Chip, I opened my hand to show him Alaska's phone sitting in my hand. Chip tried to turn it on, but it didn't work. "Damn," I whispered.

When we finally got back to the school I ran to my dorm and grabbed my phone charger. Plugging in the phone I heard a door open behind me.

"Well, what does it say?" Chip said, highly impatient with the phone.

"I'm sorry these phones have to charge," I said in a highly annoyed voice.

"Make it charge faster!" Chip yelled back at me.

"I can't! I can't control this, why can't you sit back instead of being a pain in the ass!" I yelled, really pissed at him.

"Sorry," Chip mumbled. "I just want to have another piece of her."

I calmed down enough to realize that I was face-to-face with Chip. I didn't even remember getting up, but as I went to sit back down I noticed the phone was lit up. I quickly slid the arrows to unlock, only to find it was password locked. "Damn!" I yelled, "It's password locked," I said more calmly but still fed up as I turned to Chip.

"Try 5-2-5-3," Chip said to me.

I thought about it and realized the numbers on the screen could be changed to J-A-K-E, the name of Alaska's. Boyfriend. Typing in the password I was surprised that the password worked. "Come over here Chip," I said when a text appeared on the screen.

"What does it say?" Chip asked excitedly.

Looking at the text I read allowed:

im sorry pudge i cant take it anymore today is the anniversary of my moms death i want to see her don't follow me ill b back tomorrow

"I think some time passed between what she says next," I said.

i figured it out i know the way out straight + narrow is the way out ill see u on the other side my suffering is over i really do love u that kiss we shared it was all real i do love you and i will miss you good bye

"She really did commit suicide," Chip said.

"No, she was drunk, I can't except it. This is Alaska we're talking about," I said angrily.

"I don't think so," Chip said with a voice of sympathy.

"We're not any closer to finding out what really happened then we were so long ago." I said still not believing she committed suicide.

"Pudge, I need to talk to you... it's about Alaska." Lara said.

I felt like still leaving the story open-ended will still saying that I thought she killed herself. Please review, any criticism will help me write better, future, stories.