Total Drama Yu-Gi-Oh!: Virtual Reality

Takes Place: During the events of Total Drama Yu-Gi-Oh!: Battle City Tournament

Summary: Takes place during the intermission scene in Battle City Tournament, where everyone's been captured by Noah into the virtual world, and must do what it takes to get back to the real world!

Pairings: Hints of Seto/Gwen (obviously), more hints of Duncan/LeShawna and Yugi/Téa/Yami, and Duke/Serenity. Those are the only couples in mind, as of now.

Disclaimer: I do not own the following two shows. Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour/Revenge of the Island are all owned by Fresh TV., Cake Entertainment, Teletoon, Cartoon Network, and the Australian Broadcast Company while YuGiOh!/GX/5Ds/ZeXal are all owned by Nihon Ad Systems, Studio Gallop, and 4Kids (crud...). Please support the official releases.

Warnings: Crossover pairings either happening or coming soon. Also a couple of character bashings. If you don't like it, don't even flame about it! Keep the comments to yourselves!

A/N: Alright guys, as promised, the long-waited midquel finally arrived. I just want to thank everyone for reading and reviewing some positive feedback. I never imagine that the series could possibly be one of the infamous Total Drama crossover stories in this website. Again, thank you everyone!

You guys want to know what happened while the cameras were off, right? Well here it is. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the second story of the series...

Total Drama Yu-Gi-Oh!: Virtual Reality

Previously on Total Drama Yu-Gi-Oh!

Both Kaiba brothers walked over to the deck of the ship, looking forward towards the endless night sky and ocean, setting course straight towards their destination.

"Don't you get it, Mokuba?" Kaiba asked. "We're setting course to Alcatraz Island, that was built by our stepfather, Gozaburo Kaiba."

Mokuba flinched at the mention of that name.

"From there, the champion will be crowned from where our step father has last been to before I took control of KaibaCorp.," the CEO continued. "The tower I built symbolizes a new era of the company, and stands as a reminder of my power. I'm ready to return to the island where our step father made his billions. Now I have built a new empire on my terms! Once I take the championship crown from Yugi, I'll dismiss every single hatred I have of him."

He then smiled, and said, "And without anyone's help, except for myself, I'll prove that there's no one on Earth who can stop me!"

"The time has come, Seto. I'll reclaim everything you stole from me, and I will get my revenge."

Chapter One:
Battle City On Hold

Yugi was over in Gwen's bedroom, explaining about everything that had just happened from the night before. Bakura disappeared after the duel with Marik, and the number of other victims that fall. Heather was the first to be sent to the Shadow Realm, and then Odion got knocked out during his duel with Trent, and finally, there was Courtney. She, too, was sent to the Shadow Realm, but only for a limited amount of time, before her scheduled timely death by tonight. It was unknown where Bakura ran off to, either to the Shadow Realm...or worse.

All of a sudden, the whole airship was starting to shake. Both Yugi and Gwen suddenly notices this, and the Young Boy suddenly fell to the bed.

"What's going on?"

The shaking then stopped, Yugi getting up the bed, saying, "Only one way to find out! Come on, let's go find Kaiba!"

With that, he ran over towards the door and left the room. Gwen then got changed into her vest, sleeves, stockings, and boots. However, before she puts her boots on, she opened up small compartments on them and took out some makeup equipment from in there. She then applied her face with the makeup that was given to her the night before, and places the equipment back into her boots before putting them on. The Goth girl then stood up and ran to the door, but before she could, there was another shake as she fell to the floor.


Duncan instantly woke up, and suddenly got off from the bed.

"What the heck's going on around here?" he asked.


Joey instantly fell down to the floor, sitting back up, his eyes widen in shock.

"Crud! It's the end of the world!" he yelled, quickly standing up to his feet. "Quick! We got to find some way to get Duncan out of here before whoever-controls-the-universe comes!"

The Brooklyn-Accent Teen looked over to the bed, and saw Tristan, who was still asleep. He then looked over towards the pull-out bed on the couch, with Duke still sounds a sleep. Another shook erupts and Joey fell on the floor once more. Only this time, both Tristan and Duke suddenly woke up and sat up.

"Dude, what's going on?" Duke asked.

"That would I want to know," said Tristan.


During the shook, Serenity suddenly woke up, and sat up. She looked around and saw Téa, sleeping on the pull-out bed on the couch. After what happened with Bakura, or so the Sweet Girl was told, Téa went in, in the middle of the night and asked Serenity if she sleeps in LeShawna's room as well, to which Serenity agrees.

"Téa!" she yelled.

The Friendly Girl instantly woke up, and quickly sits up.

"W-what's happening?" she asked.

Meanwhile, right at the control center, also named the docks, the two suites were trying to figure out what is wrong with the Blimp. It turns out that it was trying to change course...on it's own!

"Something appears to be wrong!" Roland yelled.

"Then fix it before my brother find out!" Mokuba, the comissioner for the tournament, yelled.

"We're trying the best we can, we-"

"What's going on, here?"

The host of the Battle City Tournament, as well CEO of his own multi-billion dollar company, Seto Kaiba, runs into the docks, looking angry as heck. He stopped right next to his younger brother, who was sitting on the commander's seat.

"It appears the Blimp lost control," Mokuba pointed out. "It's changing course all on it's own."

"And the auto pilot isn't responding."

"Then shut it down!" the CEO angerly instructed.

"Hey, what's with the turbulence?"

Kaiba looked over and saw the door sliding open, with Yugi, Téa, Joey, Tristan, Duke, Mai, Serenity, Gwen, Duncan, Trent, Justin, Geoff, and LeShawna running into the room.

"Yo, it's seven in the morning!" the Ghetto Girl exclaimed. "Do we look like we're back on the island or somethin'?"

"Yeah, most of us sleeps past that time," Mai pointed out.

The Blimp was starting to shake up once more, as if an earthquake suddenly hits the place. The Blimp was moving sideways on it's own, flying away from what appears to be a small island that got destroyed. But something was up.

"The auto pilot isn't responding to any of my commands!" one of the suites yelled.

"Then fix it!" Kaiba yelled angerly once more. "I pay you good money, so do whatever it takes and make it set course back to Alcatraz right now!"

The overhead screen shows the same island, and on the small island, there stood a very large tower in the middle. Everyone was looking amazed at it.

"What? That pile of junk?" Duncan asked.

"Hey, what are you calling junk?" Mokuba asked, glaring over at the Delinquent. "That was the building that we built when Seto first took over KaibaCorp."

Gwen walked up next to Yugi and asked, "So is this the final destination of the tournament?"

"It is," Kaiba spoke up. "It was the sorrowful wreck symbol of my step father, Gozaburo Kaiba. I built it out of his empire, to symbolize the triumph of new over old."

The Goth girl looked over to Kaiba, as Yugi asked, "So KaibaCorp. isn't always like it is, now?"

"Exactly," Mokuba said, nodding his head. "KaibaCorp. was once a military base with high tec weaponry and missiles. Our adopted father wanted to rule the world, and when he died after Seto took over, he tore down everything, and built the tower to represent the new KaibaCorp."

"Enough, Mokuba!" Kaiba snapped angryly, before glaring off on the ocean before them. Whatever happened between me and my step father is nothing but family business. I commanded an empire that overtook him. And once I win Battle City, I will forever be free from his shadow forever!

Both Gwen and Yugi looked at each other, before looking over to Kaiba. The Goth girl somewhat has a concerned look on her face.

So Kaiba hates his step dad? she thought. Maybe he and I aren't different after all.

"I just figured out something!" one of the suites said, snapping Gwen out of her thoughts. "Our navigation system has been hacked. It's coming from outside of the ship!"

Almost everyone let out a gasp one-by-one.

"That's crazy!" Mokuba snapped. "The security system is up-to-date!"

Geoff suddenly looked afraid, and asked, "Uh...d-dudes?"

"What is it, Geoff?" Tristan asked.


Everyone looked over and saw that what they heard from the Party Dude was true. The blimp was tilting over to the side, and was suddenly flying straight towards the ocean!

"Our navigation system is out of control!" the Suite yelled. "EVERYBODY DODGE!"

It was too late, as the blimp suddenly made contact through the ocean. Everyone screamed and all fell down. Duncan fell on his back with LeShawna on top of him, Joey landed on his stomach with Mai on top of his back, followed by Justin, Tristan, Duke, and Serenity all fell on top of each other, Yugi fell to the ground on his stomach, Gwen fell to the ground on her back with someone landing on top of her on her collarbone, Kaiba couldn't hold on and accidentally fell on top of someone, Téa falling right onto Yugi and followed by Trent and then Geoff.

The Blimp was starting to fly up, away from the ocean, the shaking suddenly stopped and everything was calm. The door slides open as Chris ran in.

"Is everybody okay?" he asked. "I checked and saw that our cameras are off the air, and that the Blimp is being taken over!"

One-by-one, everyone was slowly starting to sit up.

"Other than a whiplash and a sprained ankle, I guess so," Tristan jokingly said.

"Can someone say 'lawsuit?'" Joey asked, Mai and Justin getting off of him.

LeShawna got herself off of Duncan, as the Delinquent glared at the Brooklyn-Accent Teen and yelled, "Hey! Only my almost-dead girlfriend can do the lawsuits around here!"

Gwen tried to get up, but felt some heavy weight on top of her. She opened her eyes out of pain to look, and then her eyes widened to the point where the pupils in her eyes actually shrunk.

Kaiba shook his head and places a hand through his hair hoping to soothe the pain when he felt something stir beneath him. He opened one of his eyes and his eyes had widened, as well.

Both Kaiba and Gwen stared right at each other at the realization that the CEO had fallen right on top of the Goth girl...and in a rather embarrassing position. They both received a feint blush on both their faces as they lean their heads back.



They both shrieked as Kaiba immediately literally jumped right off of Gwen and back on his feet and Gwen crawled away, only to end up bumping into a pile consisting of the fallen Yugi, Téa, Trent, and Geoff. However, Gwen's back had accidentally hit Téa in the face as The Friendly Girl let out a muffle scream. Gwen turned around and realized what had happened and said, "Sorry about that, Téa."

She stood up, as the Friendly Girl said, "Oh, it's alright I guess."

No way! Kaiba thought, glaring straight at the screen. I won't let my triumphant return from Alcatraz be ruined by some computer geek!

The viewscreen slowly turned into static, like if someone was trying to change the channel. Everyone quickly stood up to see what's happening.

"Greetings, duelists," a voice calls out from the speakers. "There is nothing to worry."

The static suddenly died down, as someone appears right in it. It turns out what seemed to be a ten-year-old boy with green-ish blue hair with blue eyes, appearing to wear what seemed to be a white uniform.

"I am in control, now."

"Identify yourself," Kaiba demands.

The boy grinned before saying, "My name is Noah. Be sure to remember that."

Duncan's head poked up, grinned, and asked, "Noah? What do you think you're doing? It's not Halloween. Quit joking and take off the costume."

The boy, Noah, glared at him and said, "I'm not who you think your familiar with. Back onto topic, I'm calling the shots around here, and it's time to put an end to your card game." He eyes over Kaiba before continuing. "And both you and I go a long way, Seto..."

Kaiba squints his eyes, as Yugi looked over to him and asked, "Kaiba, do you know him?"

"Personally, no," the CEO said, before responding to Noah. "Enough with these games!"

"Oh, but my games have only just begun..."

With that, the viewscreen instantly turned off. Everyone then saw from across, and on the screen, of something huge coming from the ocean. It rises up from the waters, looking like some kind of fortress. A large hold on it slowly opens up, the Duel Blimp heading straight towards it.

"It's too late now, guys," said Joey. "That kid got us right where he wants us...and I don't know what where is."

"Well thank you for stating the obvious, Einstein," Duncan said in a sarcastic manner.

The sounds were made like the landing gear, as one of the suites yelled, "He just activated our landing system! There's nothing I could do!"

"As soon as we land, I'll make sure that brat pays," Kaiba said, with an angry tone in his voice.

"I call second dibs," Duncan said, cracking his knuckles.

"I call thirds on that piece of-!"

"Tristan!" Mai yelled. "Language!"

"Yeah, and besides, he's just a kid," Duke pointed out.

The Blimp flew down past the hold, while it closes above them, everyone either looking freaked or confused about what the heck is going on. The Blimp finally reaches down and landed on the ground, the engine power turning off while doing so. Two huge machines came out from out of nowhere and traps the Blimp right at it's place.

On the viewscreen, an image of Noah came on once again, and he said, "Thanks for dropping in, Seto. It seems it's time for you and some of your friends to leave the ship."

"If so, what if we don't?" Kaiba asked.

Noah chuckled before continuing, "I'm afraid after this point, refusal is not an option."

Everyone looked around and suddenly found what appears to be guns coming from the walls of the fortress.

"This kid's nuts if he wants to kill us like this," said Justin.

Kaiba shrugged, as he walked over, around the gang, and right behind them while heading over to the doors.

"You all stay here, I'll take care of it," he instructed.

"Kaiba," Yugi said.

He quickly ran over towards the CEO from behind, but stopped as Kaiba lifted his arm up.

"Look, this is my battle Yugi, so I'll handle this on my own," he said, before looking over at the screen. "Noah, I'm coming out to you alone! Any problems?"

All of a sudden, the guns were starting to fire off what seemed to be phasers. Everyone quickly lifts their arms up to cover, Joey having his arms around Serenity while Kaiba's doing the same to Mokuba while this was happening. The guns then quickly stopped.

"Let's try this again, shall we?" Noah asked. "Please exit the ship with some of your friends."

"You mean some of us has to go?" Téa asked.

"Looks like it," said Tristan, looking at the gang. "Tell you guys what. I'll go ahead and stay behind."

"So do I," Mai quickly said. "Taking care of Marik is one thing, but there's no way I'm going to deal with that spoiled brat."

"Yeah, I'm going to stay behind also," said Justin. "Whatever he's planning, I don't want to be killed."

"Yeah, I'm staying too," Trent said out of fear. "I'm the understudy. And if any of you guys kill the other one, me and the others have to go on."

Joey places his hands on Serenity's shoulders and leaned his face toward her, saying, "Serenity, I think it's best that you stay behind with the others. You'll be safe."

"No Joey, I want to go with you," the Sweet Girl said. "We're a team, and there's no way your going out there without me."

"Yeah, and besides, Marik's on board as well," said Tristan. "We'll be crashing in either Courtney or Heather's room incase he does anything."

Yugi nodded and said, "Alright. So Kaiba, Mokuba, Joey, Gwen, Geoff, Duke, Serenity, Téa, LeShawna, Duncan, and I will check out on what Noah wants with us."

Gwen groaned, knowing that there might be a chance where she might deal with Kaiba and his attitude again...and the fact that she's been dragged into this mess. Not only does she felt that way, but everybody else too. Everyone else were starting to head their way out of the Blimp, and went out.

Geoff places his hands on his hips and said, "Well dudes, looks like we're being dragged into trying to stop an evil doer once again."

"No, really?" Joey asked, crossing his arms.

They saw a huge door right before them, as it slides open.

"Now if you proceed through this door, we can continue this confrontation," Noah's voice rang out from the intercoms.

Everyone had no choice but to do as Noah instructed, and they all walked over towards the door. However, unbeknowis to them, Marik has been watching the scenerio the whole time...