The Power of Love book 1

This is the first book that I plan to do with Alex and Helena

Disclaimer I do not own any of Techmo's characters but my oc's are my idea's

Takes place after All My Heart

The Power of Love

Helena and Alex were sleeping in Helena's room well Helena was asleep but Alex was wide awake thinking about his new girlfriend. It had only been ten hours since they had said their true feelings to each-other and Alex couldn't be happier because lying right next to him was his dream girl 'she looks so peaceful when she's sleeping. God how did I get so lucky ? ' he thought to himself meanwhile Helena was dreaming about her new boyfriend.

Helena's dream

Helena and Alex were sitting on a beach holding each-other and kissing lightly. Then they both stood up and went into the water Alex was wearing forest green swim trunks and nothing else Helena was looking him over. His broad shoulders well toned muscles and his handsome face with those brown eyes and his short brown hair. She was so happy because she now had someone she could love and loved her back. Helena looked down into the water and saw her reflection she was wearing the same swimsuit she wore after she escaped from Donovan. The waves made a calming sound as they hit the shore and the sky suddenly turned dark and a dark figure grabbed Alex and crushed him into nothing.

The real world

Back in bed Alex could feel Helena moving around and then. "Alex" Helena screamed hot tears rushing down her face. Alex immediately wrapped his arms around her and said " Helena calm down I'm right here." Helena returned the hug and held Alex tight not wanting to let go "Are you alright Helena ?" Alex asked in a worried tone. She looked at his face and said " I am now." "You sure?" "Yes just a bad dream nothing to worry about my love." Alex looked into her green eyes and knew she

wasn't ok "Helena I know that look so please tell me what got you so sad." Helena knew Alex loved her too much to let this go so " I was having a lovely dream you and I were at a beach having a great time and then you were taken from me and there was nothing I could do to save you!" She started crying again. Alex then put his right hand under her chin and made sure she was looking into his eyes. " Helena listen to me very carefully I am not going anywhere and nothing is going to keep me away from you. Helena I love you and I will never leave you this I swear this on my very soul." Helena knew Alex meant every word he just said and then pulled him into a long passionate kiss. It lasted for a minute and when they stopped Helena said " Alex when I lost my mom I never thought I'd feel joy ever again but then I met you and my heart began to heal you made me remember that there is more to life then revenge you are the man I love and I'm yours forever." Alex pecked Helena on the lips and then the pair got out of bed and headed down stairs to get breakfast.

6:00 am

Alex was in the kitchen making them breakfast while Helena went to check her messages. She was hoping her half sister Kokoro would try to contact her but it has been a year since she has seen her. "Still no word from your sister?" Alex asked knowing Helena was worried about her. He could relate before he lost his family he had a twin sister named Julie. He was always a little overprotective of her when they were playing outside. The memories left him as quickly as they came and then he had an idea. " Hey Helena why don't we go find her?" Helena was caught off guard by this and was about to respond when ' phone ringing' Helena picked up the phone " Hello" a very familiar voice answered "Helena I need your help." it was her sister. " Kokoro!?" " Yes Helena it's me I wanted to talk but I wasn't sure what to say. But right now I need your help my mother is missing and I don't know where she is!" Helena didn't know what to say but she knew she had to help. "Ok I'll help but where are you?" "I'm at the east end airport ." "Ok I'll be there in an hour ." "Thanks Helena this means a lot to me." "It's nothing my little sister see you in an hour." "Ok" Helena hung the phone up and turned to Alex but before she could say anything Alex spoke " When do we leave ?" Helena knew better then to try to tell Alex to stay put so she answered " Ten minutes." He nodded " Alright I guess breakfast can wait. Now let's get ready." The two then got their clothes together and headed to Helena's bathroom "It will take to long to take turns so we'll have to shower together." Helena said. Alex was a little nervous about this with Helena having a perfect body Alex was a little worried he might lose control of himself. Helena seemed to know what he was thinking and said " It's ok Alex I trust you." He nodded and they entered the bathroom got undressed and stepped into the shower. The two of them quickly cleaned up and then dried off and got dressed.

East end Airport 7:00 am

Note Alex is wearing a black leather jacket with a white long sleeve shirt, blue jeans , Shades with reflective green lenses with a gold frame and white and red running shoes. Helena is wearing her second costume in doa 4

Helena and Alex stepped out of the car and went inside the airport. Helena look around and then she saw her sister. "Kokoro" She said, Kokoro looked over and saw Helena and someone she didn't recognize. "Helena you came" Kokoro said happily and then ran and gave her sister a hug. Helena was surprised at this but quickly returned the hug. After they let go Helena was smiling and then looked to and then introduced Kokoro to Alex. "Kokoro this is Alex my..." Kokoro quickly guessed "Body guard ?" Helena shook her head and then Alex spoke up " No I'm her boyfriend." Kokoro was a little confused but quickly recovered and said " Oh you two look so cute together." both Helena and Alex blushed a little but then Helena said " come on let's get in the car." and the three of them headed to the car. But in the rafters a ghostly figure was watching them and spoke into his wrist " Sir I have them beginning the mission."