An: oh my god I am pissed! I go to get sailor moon book 5 today and it says none on the computer I get home and see 10 then my mom won't take me to not be bored I wrote this.

Wish Upon A Star

Usagi sat in a white chair on her deck in a blue dress...tonight was her and Mamoru's sixth wedding. Too bad the bunny wasn't happy with it. She sat there looking at the sky.

Someone interrupted Usagi's thoughts, it was Luna. "Usagi, what's wrong?" the kitty asked.

"Nothing Luna," Usagi lied. "I'm just a little tired...nothing more and nothing less." Luna said nothing and looked at her guardian.

"Well, everyone will be waiting for you downstairs," the cat said then walking away.

On another planet, a girl with a black ponytail looked up in the sky. "Odango...I want you to hear this. I know you're waiting."

You are my sweet heart

Deep down I still feel pain

But when I'm with you, all it as ease

I would let you do as you please

My other princess

Usagi got startled. "Seiya..was that you?" the bunny asked nobody.

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