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"You aren't gunna tell a soul, right?" Minako asked Yaten.

"But...it's hard to think that little girl is Usagi's and Seiya's kid," Yaten said still amazed.

The little girl, who was possibly the cutest child in the world...belonged to Seiya partially? Yaten shivered at the thought and laughed.

"I really wasn't supposed to tell anyone," Minako said. "I wonder how old Hako-chan is."

"She hasn't told us," Yaten said. "I truly didn't think of that."

Minako and Yaten sat there then in silence, staring up at the sky together.

Ami and Taiki were cleaning dishes since Usagi was off with Seiya taking care of Hako, the blue haired girl stopped holding a towel in her hand.

"What's wrong?" Taiki asked moving close making Ami blush crazily. Taiki turned Ami to face her. "Ami-chan?"

"I was just thinking...why has Hako been so comfortable around Seiya and Usagi?" Ami asked Taiki. "They seem like a family or something."

"Maybe since Seiya looks like Hako or the other way around," Taiki said sighing. "We were supposed to come here on vacation, I don't know Kakyuu's going to tell us to return."

Ami's mouth twithced and she looked at Taiki who was staring out the window as if she was looking at Kinmoku.

"Don't be sad, Taiki-san," Ami said as Taiki looked at her curiously. "We're all together...we haven't been this way in years."

Taiki smiled and looked at her reflection in the window then back at Ami.

"I guess," Taiki said as she continued to stack the dishes in their proper place.

Dia walked down the street. "These people are disgusting," she said. "Those...soldiers could've hurt me back there. I was so close to having that little girl within my grasp." She got close to the shrine, Mamoru sat at the top of the stairs.

"Where did you go, Dia-san?" Mamoru asked curiously as Dia stopped and looked at him.

"Shopping," she said. "Why does that matter to you? Shouldn't you be selling charms?"

Mamoru watched Dia walk away before he could answer her.

"Gotta watch over her," he told himself looking at the girl walking away.

The Future

"Mamoko-san, I see you're back. Where is Kita-san?" Koto asked looking looking for the other girl that had gone with her. The girl smiled at Koto.

"Mars killed her," Mamoko said smiling. "But I killed Sailor Mars and Jupiter two of the soldiers are gone."

"Perfect. I've sent Dia-san into the past and once we know more information she can do her job and get the brat," Koto said with a smile on his face as he turned a dial on a huge T.V. Screen playing footage to see the two senshi die.

The screen revealed Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Healer, Maker, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and Saturn. The sky was pitch black mixed with a dark purple and black clouds a bit light from the sky, lighting came down slightly destroying the palace. All the senshi stood in front of the doors where the two queens rested.

"Silent wall!" Eternal Sailor Saturn yelled blocking a wall blocking the door.

"Death tornado," Pluto said as a purple planet came out mixed with a small tornado from her rod and aimed directly Kita.

"Dark rolling swirls!" Kita yelled as pure black swirls came from her hands aimed at Pluto.

"Lighting bolt strike!" Jupiter yelled as lighting came from the rod on her tiara mixing with a small ball and released lighting.

Kita mixed the attack with hers and shot it back at Jupiter.

"Don't you dare!" Mars yelled as Mercury and Venus ran to Jupiter's side.

"Mars flame creation!" Mars said as flames were created around Kita. "Got you!"

"Idoit!" Kita said as Kita floated up in the air. "My god, death, lend me a sword!" The sky created a pitch black sword and Kita went right towards Mars.

"Mars Flame Sniper!" Mars yelled trying to shoot Kita.

"Thunder crash!" Mamoko yelled as dark thunder came down and struck a sword similar to Kita's with a symbol that was a full moon on it and pure silver.

The two went for Mars, Kita hit Mars but slid the sword into herself. While Mamoko leaped forward closer to the weak Jupiter.

"This battle isn't done yet!" Venus yelled. "VENUS LOVE AND BEAUTY SURROUND!"

A heart came from Venus' hand and twirled around Mamoko scratching her face. Mamoko jumped from broken palace pieces to another and landed on the dead grass.

"Oh, great sky of darkness; please grant me dark thunder mixed with the blood of a dead senshi!" Mamoko yelled as blood suddenly dropped on the sword glowing pure red.

Mercury stood in front of Jupiter.

"Mercury Aqua Mist And Bubbles Form!" Mercury shouted as mist around bubbles formed and slowly created mist around Mamoko as she slowly passed through the somewhat thick fog and Jupiter jumped in front of her.

"WORLD SHAKING!" shouted Uranus as a ball came towards Mamoko and hit her, making the girl hit her head against the palace.

"WATER CREATION ORBITER!" Neptune yelled as water raised from the sea mixing a small part that looked like the solar system. "AIM!"

It hit Mamoko but she blocked it with her sword and ran towards Jupiter.

"DIE!" Healer yelled.


Stars of small blue light shot out and hit Mamoko as Maker was about to attack, Jupiter saw it.

"My last move!" Jupiter yelled to everyone. "JUPITER OAK EVOLUTION!"

At that moment, Jupiter's last attack hit Mamoko's sword the blood of the lightning senshi came out touching the palace.

"NO!" the girls yelled watching Jupiter's body fall besides Mars.

"Oh, Aus-san," Koto said as a girl with blue hair that was wavy, blue eyes and a blue thick leather suit and blue shoes came from the darkness. "Oura-san, Yura-san, Lua-san and Ria-san."

The second girl had brown hair, a brother leather suit, brown hair and brown high heeled shoes.

The third girl pink hair, pink eyes, a pink outfit with pink high heels.

The last girl black hair, a black suit, black eyes and black high heels.

"Hello, Koto-sama," they all said at once.

"Oh, so the Four Sniper girls finally awoke at my wish," Koto said. "Mamoko-san, Aus-san, Oura-san, Yura-san, Lua-san and Ria-san; go kill the remaining senshi and kill the queens. That way, they'll bring the child to us!"

"Got it!" the girls said as they disappeared in blue light as Koto watched them vanish.

"Idiots," he said once they were gone.

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The Gates Of Time

Setsuna, or Pluto, stood at the Gates Of Time. She felt a rumble under her feet and more people vanishing from the future time line.

"My worst thought might just come true," Pluto said as the floor shook once more. "I must prepare for the worst."

Hikawa Shrine

Rei sat in the shrine and looked at Dia who was sitting on the stairs. The miko said a little chant under her breath and threw in black ashes.

"Great fire, who is Dia?" she asked.

The fire flamed and nothing. Rei looked out at her as she was sweeping the path way to the shrine.

"Maybe she is just a normal girl," Rei told herself as she opened the door and went to take a nap in her room.

Dia felt a beeper go off, she reached into a secret miko pocket. She revealed a yellow type lock.

"Dia here," Dia said with a smile. The locket showed a fimilar face, it was Koto. "Koto-sama, how are the plans coming along?"

"Perfect, you are the only person I can count on Dia," Koto said as Dia nodded. "Kill Mars and Jupiter and bring them to me. I want you to kill all the senshi of their home planets, bring them to me and in case them. Then let Sailor Moon and Sailor Star Fighter come with the child.

"Sir, why do you want their bodies?" Dia asked.

"Are you disobeying my orders?" Koto asked as Dia felt threatened.

"More of a question, Koto-sama," Dia said.

Koto sighed. "Good, just follow my orders."

Dia just nodded.

"Keep your job of, Dia," Koto said.

Dia then went back to her task, however, she didn't notice a pair of blue eyes watching her.

Usagi's Home

Seiya, Usagi and Hako were in the kitchen eating. Taiki, Ami, Yaten and Minako stuck around to look after the young child.

"So, we have a meeting soon," Minako said eating the rice placed in front of her that Ami and Taiki had attempted to prepared.

"Hey, Hako-chan," Ami said to the little girl. "I have a question for you."

Hako looked up from her rice. "Yes?"

"How old are you?"

Hako smiled. "Only eight."

"You're very smart for a eight year old, such as myself at that age," Ami told her.

"Thank you," she said as she continued to eat and smile.

"Hako-chan, later you should take a bath," Yaten said sounding like a mom.

"Whatever," the little girl said waving Yaten off.

Just like Seiya...

The thought crossed Yaten's head and she giggled a little as Seiya looked at Yaten curiously.

"What's so funny?" the black haired female asked.

"Nothing, nothing," Yaten lied. "Just a joke which passed my mind." Yaten played with her rice in front of her with her chop sticks.

"Tell us then," Seiya then challenged Yaten as the silver haired girl narrowed her eyes.

"Fine, how do you keep a blonde busy for hours?" Yaten asked, before anyone could answer the girl said. "Make her flip a piece of paper over and over."

"Not that funny," Minako said slapping Yaten's arm slightly.

"Boo hoo hoo," Yaten said rolling her eyes. "Tomorrow I'm going shopping a Juuban Mall. I was wondering if Hako-chan you'd be interested in coming with me."

"Why?" Hako asked curiously.

"I want you to help me pick out make-up colours," she said.

"I do, at home I would play with my mom's make up," Hako said. "I use to put it on my dolls when I had tea parties in my bedroom, sometimes mom would play with me. That doesn't happen anymore."

"How many dolls do you have?" Yaten asked. "I use to like them as a child."

"Six," she said smiling. "I also use to take my bunnies out and play with them after playing tea party."

Yaten only nodded, the rest of the dinner was quiet and Hako ran off not wanting to take her bath as Seiya chased after her.

"Missy, you will take a bath," Seiya told her as the black haired child stuck her tongue out as Seiya who took her to the bathroom and Usagi got her a big t-shirt for the child that was pink with bunnies on it and some underwear with pink slippers.

Usagi and Seiya watched the small child play in the tub, Usagi had filled it up with Kodomotachi No Pawaa Bubble Bath. (TRANS: Childrens Power Bubble Bath).

The little girl had the soap in her hair and played with a small rubber duck. "Your name is Mr. Squeaky," she told the duck.

Seiya sat beside Usagi in the bathroom on the floor.

"Where did the duck come from?" Seiya questioned Usagi.

"I had it as a child," Usagi said smiling. "My mom got it for my fifth birthday and I kept it to remember my childhood."

"Odango, you're so cute," Seiya said holding Usagi's hand while sitting on the floor. "Honestly."

Seiya kissed Usagi on the lips as Usagi accepted the kiss, ready for Seiya to be there...knowing that girl would be there forever.

Seiya released the kiss, needing some air and finally looked at Hako.

"What do you say, kiddo?" Seiya asked Hako. "Time for bed?" Hako yawned, rubbed her eyes and took out Mr. Squeaky with her.

"Do you think you can sleep by yourself tonight?" Usagi said the small child as she looked at Usagi as Seiya wrapped a towel around the young girl.

"Can I take Mr. Squeaky with me?" she asked curiously. "He's a nice ducky."

Seiya smiled. "Of course."

"Yay, Mr. Squeaky; you're sleeping with me tonight!" Hako exclaimed all excited. "No ifs, ands or buts." The duck said nothing and she hugged it.

"Too cute," Seiya whispered to Usagi as the blonde dried the black haired girls hair and Seiya soon finished drying her and placed her pajamas on. The three exited the bathroom.

"Oi, Yaten!" Seiya called to the silver haired girl who was watching some show on fashion. "You want to braid Hako's hair?"

"Sure," Yaten said as she brought some bows from her pocket. "What call of bows you want Hako?"

"Pink," she said to Yaten. Yaten nodded and Hako sat on the floor and put in hair in about five braids in an hour as Seiya and Usagi just watched. Ami and Taiki sat on the porch talking and drinking tea.

The Porch

Taiki finished her cup of tea and put it on a white, plastic and very old table. "We still don't know much about Hako-chan," Taiki said looking at the sun that was slowly going down.

"We have no idea where the girls even from," Ami said. "I have a feeling however, she's not from this century."

"She'll tell us when she's ready, I guess," the brown haired girl said. "I hope we're all together to protect her, you mostly."

Ami blushed and became nervous. "I...I will be."

"Good," Taiki said with a smile as the two seemed to have the same thought and laced their fingers together while watching ths sunset.

Minako peered out the window and giggled. "CUTE! Ami-chan and Taiki-san sitting in a tree!"

"Mi-Minako-chan," Ami said blushing as Taiki did the same and they didn't do anything. "W-what are you looking out the window for?"

"To see the sunset," the blonde said smirking. "However, I found something more interesting. I'll leave you two lovebirds alone."

"Min-Minako-chan," the blue haired female said as Minako closed the curtain giggling.

The two girls on the porch blushed.

"W-we better get inside," Ami said still blushing. "C-come on."

"Y-yeah," Taiki said following her.

Rei's Shrine

Mamoru was closing the shrine for the day, he saw Dia walk near Rei's room. "Oh shit."

Rei was still asleep on her bed, her miko uniform was off and she wore red pajamas now with her black hair loose. Her door opened slowly as Dia watched her, her miko form faded leaving her in a new suit that had a black like witch dress but short and she had black tights on with shoes that were black but not as black and a black choker.

Dia took off her bracelet and scanned the girl. "She's Sailor Mars alright."

Mamoru walked up quietly to the door and saw Dia in a uniform that wasn't normal, he only watched for the time being.

"You must die, Hino Rei, no Sailor Mars," Dia said as a small black sword appeared in her hand. "The Sword Of Death, a lovely thing granted by dark thunder."

Rei's eyes suddenly opened as she saw a girl almost about to kill her. "Did you say, Sailor Mars?" Rei asked.

"Yes, Hino-san," she said smirking. "You're Sailor Mars, I know that!"

"Who are you?"

"Dia, your lovely miko buddy," the girl said a smile forming. "Now, die!" The sword came close to Rei as she got out of her bed which Dia broke; Rei jumped off her table and grabbed the light as Dia broke the table and Rei rocked back and forth kicking Dia in the face.

"You little bitch," she said. Rei ran out of the room and out into the sun setting scene.

Mars Crystal Power, Make UP!

In a swirl of many fire rings stood Sailor Mars as Dia stood outside now too.

"Mars, watch out," Mamoru said as Dia came fourth at Mars.


The circles hit Dia slightly burning her, but her skin healed.

"No way," Mars said as she took out a piece of paper.


She stuck the paper to Dia's forehead, but the girl ripped it off and put it on the ground and stabbed it with her sword; half the ground got destroyed as rocks flew in the air and scared Mars skin.

Mamoru ran into Rei's destroyed room and contacted everyone else.

"YOU WILL DIE!" Dia yelled as a sudden.

Jupiter Oak Evolution!

Jupiter spun around shooting Dia.

Mercury Aqua Rhapsody !

The two attacks came together and Dia jumped in the air.

"You're the girl from before!" Sailor Moon yelled as Venus, Healer and Fighter looked at her.

Sailor Moon held Hako tightly in her arms.

"Sailor Moon, you brought me exactly what I want," Dia said pointing to Hako.

"You will have to get this child over my dead body!" Sailor Moon shouted. "Hako will be protected forever!"

"You want to die? That can easily be arranged," Dia said taking the sword near Sailor Moon.

Venus jumped in front of her Princess.

Venus Love And Beauty Shock!

Dia dropped her sword went for it.

Mercury scanned it quickly before she almost got hit. "There needs to be a weakness. Everyone keep attacking!"

Star Gentle Uterus!

Star Sensitive Inferno!

Mars got up slowly and ignored her cuts, a new feeling built up in her like a flame.

"How dare you bring evil here," she said looking at Dia.


Fire surrounded Dia as Venus looked at Sailor Moon. "Sailor Moon, now's your chance!"

A scepter appeared from nowhere.


The feathers went through the fire.

"It didn't work!" Mars yelled. "Guys! Try something else!"

"I need more power," Sailor Moon said. "Guys lend me your power!"

The girls went around Sailor Moon, including the Starlights.

Mercury Crystal Power!

Mars Crystal Power!

Jupiter Crystal Power!

Venus Crystal Power!

Healer Star Power!

Fighter Star Power!

Maker Star Power!

A coloful arua appeared around everyone and Dia hit the barrier that had been created. A new scepte appeared similar to her other one, but longer and with a white handle and a moon mixed with every planet.

Moon Crystal Power Planet Kiss!

The girl yelled to the top of her lungs hitting Dia and killing her. Dia fell to the ground and her felt her breathing go away slowly.

"Koto-sama!" she yelled as her body faded away. All that was left was the sword and the communicator.

"She's gone, thank goodness," Venus said. Mars' transformation faded and the female fell to the ground. "Rei-chan, are you okay?"

Everyone else let their transformations go.

"Yeah," she said. "But the shrine isn't."

Everyone looked around seeing the ground was messed up, the path to the shrine was now just all destroyed.

"Rei-chan, you're going need to tell us everything that happened," Minako told her. "Mamoru-san, did you see what happened?"

"Yes, I had a feeling my flower wouldn't work," Mamoru told the girls.

"Thank goodness, Hako-chan is safe," Seiya said with a sigh. "We almost lost her again."

"We all need to be together," Makoto said.

"No exceptions, we must find out together who in the world is Koto," Ami told the group. "Scan this sword and communicator."

"Rei-chan, would you like us to stay here tonight?" Usagi asked curiously as Seiya handed Hako to Usagi.

"Sure, I have enough room for you guys," Rei said. "I may need help clean this place up tomorrow."

"We'll take care of that," Makoto told her. "You got hurt, Rei-chan." Makoto looked at the cuts, scraps and some bruises forming on Rei's body. "You're not cleaning this up, we will."

"We will?" Minako wined.

"Yes," Makoto told Minako.

"Come on, Rei," Mamoru said leading Rei to a new room.

"Those two seem to be getting awfully close, I'm tired all of a sudden," Yaten said feeling her head pounding. The others didn't think about it but they felt the same. They didn't realize it till their battle ended and Yaten mentioned it.

"Possibly because you guys leant me some power," Usagi said. "I'm SO sorry."

"Don't be, Odango," Seiya said clutching her head. "We were happy to give you power."

"You guys should rest," Mamoru told the group. "You'll sleep like babies."

The group nodded and headed for vacant rooms right near each other, they had no pajamas and slept in their clothing.

"One's gone," Seiya said before her eyes closed.

"How many more can there be?" the blonde asked her lover as she laced fingers with Seiya.

"I don't know," Seiya answered honestly looking at the moon and the stars then back at Usagi's black form, but she was able to make out her figure. "We will defeat this Koto guy."

"Of course," Usagi said. "And the world."

"Odango, I love you. I agree...and keep Hako safe."

The girl nodded and felt her eyes close as Seiya did too.

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