AN- I don't own any of the pre created characters like Jojo and his family if it's in the movie I don't own it. I am simply using the characters for my story. I do own the characters that weren't originally in Horton Hears a Who, like Carey and her family. I hope you enjoy this fan fic I put together and find it worth the time to read.

Chap 1 The Opposing Situation

When a new family moves in to Whoville there is always a lot of talk and goings on that happens and before long the whole town knows about it. Thus it was the topic of the McDodd family's Dinner table that Evening. Everyone seemed to be disusing what they had heard of or scene of the new comers. The mayor, Ned, was asking and taking note of everything each of his 97 children told him, trying to get a good idea of how he should welcome them to Whoville.

"I heard from Marry that they had only three children!"

"Sammy told me that they moved into that house that was empty for a long time."

"Jane heard from Chare who heard from Amanda that they have a son, and he's really cute."


"I saw a lot of pink stuff so they must have a little girl! I hope she'll be my friend!"

"They have a daughter and she is really short!"

At the word short Jojo sat up a little straighter. He was the only son out of his dad's 97 kids and happened to be the shortest who in Whoville. Could there be someone smaller than me? He thought as his turn came to speak. He sighed and sank back down, tying to prepare himself for it.

"So Jojo what have you heard about the new family?" Ned said cheerfully ruffling his sons black hair. Jojo said nothing blowing it back into in front of his face. "Come on you must have heard something!" he said trying to get him to talk.

I've heard a lot of things, but that doesn't mean they are true. Jojo thought.

"Have you seen them?" Ned persisted. Jojo shook his head. "Jojo I'm just trying to be a good mayor, these are the kind of things you will probably face when you take my place. Hey that rhymed!" Jojo sighed and looked away.

Yeah dad 'cause that's exactly what I want, Jojo thought sarcastically.

"Okay well if you have anything you want to tell me I'm open to hear it," Ned smiled.

Sure you are dad, but if I told you everything I want to tell you, you would hate me. He hopped down from his chair once his turn was over. He walked out of the kitchen, down the hall and into his room before anyone could ask him anything else. He let out another sigh flopping down onto his bed. School started tomorrow and it wasn't going to be fun. It's just going to be the same as last year. He said to himself. But he wouldn't know how wrong he was until much later. After tomorrow things would start to change!

Carey opened her eyes her alarm clock was going off. She moaned it was the first day of school. New town, new school, new life, no friends. She thought as she rolled out of bed. The room was dark and she fumbled for the light switch. Upon finding it she turned it on, wincing at the brightness. Once she was use to it she stumbled over to the mirror and sighed at the sight of her hair. It was sticking up in every direction!

Okay that's the last time I'm ever going to bed with wet hair! She said to herself and grabbed the brush, squirt bottle and hair straightener. About 10 minutes later her short, black hair was straight and back to normal, almost covering her left eye. She finished getting ready then grabbed her backpack and went out of her bedroom.

"Hey honey," her mom, Christa said turning to look at her eldest. Carey mumbled a hello and sat down at the table. Everything was quiet except for the sound of cabinets and drawers opening or closing. She sighed resting her head on the table as an uneasy feeling appeared in her stomach. I don't want to go to school I won't know anyone and I'll probably get lost. She groaned.

"What's wrong?" her mom said putting a sandwich in Carey's lunch box.

"Nothing." she said.