Chap 32 Poetry

After dinner Carey walked with Jojo back to his house. It was dark and for the most part quiet. Neither said anything. They stopped in front of Jojo's house and faced each other they made eye contact and Carey could feel the heat rise in her cheeks.

"Did you have fun today?" she asked

"Yes," he said smiling.

"Sorry my family was so annoying and my sister kept hugging you." Carey said embarrassed at her family's behavior. Jojo shrugged.

"It's okay."

"Oh here I know I promised to show you some of my poetry but I forgot to while we were at my house." She reached into her pocket and pulled out several sheets of folded paper. Jojo took them holding them as if they were made of glass.

These are pieces of her sole I have to be careful with them. He thought.

"Um once you read them can you tell me what you think?" Carey asked shyly sliding her foot on the ground.

"Sure," Jojo said putting them into his pocket. She hugged him.

"Hey Jojo thanks for being my friend, your my first one here."

"Thank you for being my first friend in years." He said hugging her back, neither pulled away for a few moments.

"Good night Jojo." Carey said smiling.

"Night." He said softly returning the smile.

"See you tomorrow all decked out in our super hero get up." She called as she walked back down the street. He waved nodding watching her till she disappeared around the corner.

He sighed and turned to walk into his house.

"Wow that was adorable!" he turned to see James walking over to him.

"You saw that?" Jojo said blushing slightly.

"Yeah," he laughed "and I can tell you dude that you're not gunna have much trouble." He slapped his cousin on the back and went inside.

"AHHHHHHH Jojo's back from his date!" there was a scream and all off Jojo's sisters ran into the hall way. Both the boys ran as fast as they could to Jojo's room and slammed the door.

"Dude your sisters can be really scary sometimes." James said. Jojo nodded walking over to sit on his bed.

"Okay so how did everything go today?"

"Good we just hung out and did homework. Her parents let me stay for dinner." Jojo said rubbing the back of his head.

"Hmmm… okay, do you think they like you?" James asked.

"I think so…." Jojo answered softly. His cousin sat down next to him.

"Well dude all I have to say is I'm pretty sure she likes you back so all you need to do is just tell her how you feel."

"But how do I do that!" James stood up.

"Well… have you ever considered showing her the observatory?"

"Sort of…" Jojo said. I know she would like it; I'm just not sure if I'm ready to take someone there.

James spat out several more ideas. Jojo just sat and listened forming his plan in his head.

After a while James left and Jojo was left to think alone. He flopped onto his bed and felt the folded pieces of paper in his pocket. He pulled them out carefully.

These are her thoughts, things she is letting me know about her. A shiver ran down his spine. He set them down on his bed and picked up the top one. It felt like led and feathers in his hands at the same time. After a deep breath he unfolded the paper. His eyes widened as he read, drinking in every word. They were beautiful and dark, pure feeling.

You're perfect

Your labels mean everything

To everyone else, but me

Because I already know it's true,

I admit it!

I'm crazy!


We get into arguments

I can't say I'm sorry to your face

Can't talk to you out loud

My words don't do my heart justice

I can't carefully place them in the order I want them

To get my point across without

You interrupting me to tell me I'm wrong

So instead I'll write it out for you

I'll talk through paper

You can take your time to read it

Digest every word

You'll understand then

You remember!

Remember every one and

Their faces are reprinted in the back of your eyelids

You remember the way he use to look at you

The way his hand felt on your cheeks

The phantom of his heart sits in front of you

Just like it did when he wrote that

Coded message of love in your yearbook

The simple keepsake

That haunts more often than comforts

You asked me to come back

Said you never meant to leave

It would be different you just wanted to love me

To forge new strings we would dance together

But I no longer fit your mold

My body didn't match yours

I had forgotten the steps that had been

Imprinted in my old skin

Help me!

I didn't want to be this way,

I don't belong,

I'm not trusted.

I just need to hear the truth.

Don't coddle my faults,

Black out my bad words,

You can't erase the past

So you might as well embrace the future!

The sound of the bass and drums fill my sole

So that it over flows.

It's as if I'm inside a bolt of lightning!

So existing, so full of energy!

Jojo read through them all. He wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. He set down the last one and just sat there staring off into space for a moment.

"Wow." He whispered.

Carey was laying on her bed listening to music when her phone chimed the ring tone she had set for Jojo.

'I will not bow; I will not beak, I will shut the world away…..'

She picked it up and opened the text.


Hello whats up?

Not much just read ur poems…..

Oh…. What do u think?

Ur amazing…. I had no idea…. Um is all of that true?

Sort of….

Well I think its beautiful

U still don't think im crazy or that something is wrong with me?

No I don't think so…. Ur great the way u r.

Awww thanks… im glade u like my poems…. My dad's not a big fan of it :\

Im sorry that sucks

*shrug* its ok…. So u all ready for tomorrows superhero day haha

Bleh dads making me wear this stupid costume…. Ill probably try to change it before school though…

Ew sorry… I think ive got mine all planed out

What are you being?

Ull see…. Well I have to go sorry….. good night Jojo

Night Carey.

Carey closed her phone and sighed.

"He's so…. Wonderful." she whispered falling asleep.

AN- yeah I know short chapter sorry. Anywho the poem thing in here are actual parts from my real poems… don't steal them please. Thanks. Also if you like them and wanna read the rest of any of them just ask and I'll send the rest of it to you. Well Superhero day is about to come, what craziness will happen?