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Percy's POV

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Annabeth lost her memory because of the earthquake. I wished this was a dream so I could wake up and evverything would be normal. But OF COURSE, I couldn't have that. I took out my phone (I know they're not suppose to have phones but in this story they do) and called Thalia.

"T-Thals, come to the hospital quick." I studdered.

"What happened?" she asked.

"A-Annabeth lost her memory because of the earthquake." There was a moment of silence before Thalia hung up. In about a half an hour Thalia came running through Annabeth's room door. Annabeth looked puzzled.

"Who's this?" Annabeth asked.

"This is Thalia, my cousin and one of your best friends." Annabeth nodded.

"Wait, who are you?" Annabeth asked me.

"I'm your boyfriend," I said, my voice cracking. Annabeth looked at me, as if she didn't approve of me.

"Are you sure? I could probably do so much better." she said. I was broken when she said that. I know that she lost her memory and all, but replacing me? I shivered at the thought.


We were driving to camp. Well, it took awhile to get Annabeth to trust us, but hey, she got in my car and that's all that matters. We pulled up beside camp.

"Where are we?" Annabeth asked.

"A place for kids like us. See, we're demigods. That means we're related to the Greek Gods. My dad is Poseidon, Thalia's dad is Zeus, and you mom is Athena." At first Annabeth didn't believe us, but eventually she did.

"Whoa," Annabeth said as we entered camp. She looked around as if this was a floating island that she made. She seemed to be looking at something then I saw who she was looking at. It was Henry, a son of Apollo. I wanted to step in and remind her I was her boyfriend but I didn't. As long as any of then don't make a move, I'm safe. Eventually, Annabeth got bored and started to wander around camp. Hopefully today will get better.


After dinner I got bored and went to the forest. Riptide in hand, I ran through the forest. I came across a clearing where I saw something that made tears come to my eyes.