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Everybody's Fool

Chapter 57: Cat's Confusing Day

3 months later…

"No, Anthony." Cat gently took her son's wandering hand as he tried to open a cabinet with fine China plates inside it. "Let's not touch those." When she let go of his hand, he tried to do it again, so she took his hand again. "No, Anthony. I said no." He gave her a mean look. "I'm sorry, son, but you are too valuable to get hurt." She giggled as she picked him up. He tried getting away from her, still upset about the incident, and she struggled as she put him in his playpen. "Anthony, you can't kick me. Mama's pregnant. You don't want to hurt your brother or sister." Cat put a hand on her 4 month pregnant stomach and sighed as the 9 month old went to play with his toys. Cat went to do the dishes when the front door opened. "Hello?"

"It's me, Cat." Jade came into the kitchen and pat Anthony on the head. "So what's new?"

"Oh, nothing much." Cat sighed, leaning onto the counter a bit. "I'm exhausted, my son hates me, and my unborn child loves sitting directly on my bladder. Besides all that, we're perfect."

Jade chuckled. "Anthony's being a punk, huh? Shocker. He's just like his father. Speaking of…?"

"Yes, he called me this morning. The movie's fine." Cat said with a bit of sadness. "I miss him so much…although it's hard to miss him since he calls 10 times a day."

"Huh…again, I'm shocked." Jade said sarcastically as she grabbed herself a drink from the fridge. "So I'm having a swell day too."

Cat raised an eyebrow. "Sarcasm?"

"A little bit." Jade sat down at the table as Cat put away the dishes. "Andre and I fought again this morning. I asked him why he hasn't purposed again and he told me he'll ask me to marry him again whenever he feels like it. Damn him."

"Jade, you turned him down a dozen times already, so you can't blame him for being hesitant for asking again." Cat told her. "I cannot stress enough to you how many times Andre's told us how terrified he is of getting his heart broken AGAIN by you."

"BUT I told him that I was ready to marry him and all he said was "good to know" and walked away!" Jade slammed her hand on the table. "That jackass better ask me within the week or else he's going to enjoy being single again!"

Cat giggled. "You won't leave him."

Jade sighed. "Yeah, I know, but I'm so tempted."

"Just stay calm and don't do anything rash." Cat told her. "He loves you and he's trying to make sure you're really ready for a commitment. He's in this for the long run, Jade. Andre doesn't want to marry you and in a year, you guys divorce. No, he's trying to prepare you both for this."

"We live together!" Jade screamed with frustration. "We do everything together! We're practically already married! All he has to do is give me that damn ring, we go down to the courthouse, call it a day, and BOOM! We're married!"

Cat nodded dully. "That's so romantic, it almost beats my wedding."

Jade grimaced. "Shut up."

"Alright, Mrs. Oliver, are you ready to know the sex of your baby?" Dr. Rhonda Stone asked nicely as she put the medical goo on Cat's stomach as she lifted up her shirt for the ultrasound. "Today should be the day we find out."

"I hope so." Cat smiled sweetly. "I want to start buying clothes and painting their room."

"I'm sure you do." The doctor put the machine on and the device on Cat's stomach. "Andre, sir, have you seen this before?"

Andre, who was next to Cat's side the whole time, shook his head. "No, ma'am. I have not. First time in one of these rooms."

"Well on the screen, I'll point to the baby…right…there." She pointed to the middle of the screen, where the clear image of a baby was there. "Two feet, two hands, a head…that's a baby."

"Wow." Andre breathed out. "Beautiful."

"Can you tell the sex yet?" Cat asked in hope.

"Give me a second…" The doctor moved the device around, getting a look at the baby. "Alright. We're in the clear. You're having a girl."

"Aw! Yay!" Cat squealed, squeezing Andre's hand in excitement. "I'm so excited! A little princess!"

"Beck's going to be thrilled." Andre patted Cat's head with a grin.

The doctor smiled. "Well, I'm going to print out the photos. They'll be ready in a few. Make sure to clean yourself up with the tissues over there."

"Okay, thank you." Cat said nicely and the doctor left. "A little girl…I'm so excited! Anthony will have a little sister!"

"Yeah, if the kid stops kicking and hitting your stomach." Andre grumbled. "What's with him lately? It's like he hates your stomach. It's worrying me and Beck."

"Yeah, after he kicked your stomach really hard while you were on FaceTime with Beck the other day, it freaked him out."

"We're fine." Cat said after cleaning the goo off. "It's just a phase he's going through."

"If you say so…" Andre sighed. "Alright, let's get those pictures and get you home…so I can have another fight with Jade."

Cat just shook her head and giggled.

"We're home!" Cat called out as Andre opened the door for her and helped her inside. They walked into the living room and Jade was laying on the couch, watching TV. "Where's Anthony?"

"In his crib…asleep…" Jade groaned and glared to Andre. "What do you want?"

Andre raised an eyebrow. "Um…I'm here to take you home…since we live together…we have been for 2 months…any of that ring a bell?"

Jade growled as she jumped to her feet, gently pushing Cat out of the way. "I'm moving out! If you won't ask me to marry you, then I want to break up!"

"You want to get married?" Andre started yelling. "Is that what you really want? Come on! Tell me!"

"I want to get married!" Jade screamed.

"Then let's get married!" Andre yelled. "Jade, marry me?"

"Yes!" Jade snapped. "I'll marry you!"

"Fine! Then let's get home and go home and make love, then plan the wedding, and tie the stupid knot!" Andre growled out, sounding pissed.

"FINE!" Jade grabbed her purse. "I'm driving!"

"No, I'll drive!" Andre yelled after her, slamming the front door open and shut.

Cat scratched her head, standing in the middle of her living room. "Wha…I'm confused…what happened…I just…" She sighed. "I give up."