Everyone sat at the dinner table, pushing around their vegetables as they waited for somebody to say something.

Their eyes kept glancing over at Jackie to see if she was going to do or say anything to make the silence less uncomfortable than it already was; but emotions were high in the Crane household and nobody could deny that.

In the silence of the house everyone could hear the sound of a car pulling up to the driveway and turning off, Jackie's head immediately rose from her plate as she quickly got out of her chair and walked to the front door.

Bruce and Alfred stared at each other for a moment before Ben turned to his grandfather "Is daddy really dead?" he asked.

Alfred nodded "Yes. I'm afraid so." He muttered, patting Ben's hand.

Ben sighed "It's alright…Batman will save him, and then he'll be home in time for breakfast in the morning." He said optimistically.

Alfred turned to Bruce who closed his eyes shut to hide the forming tears from the two boys, who was hurt and confused about the events of the day; along with the news that had started the domino affect.

Jackie walked out of the house as Edward Nigma got out of his car, slowly walking to Jackie who looked as if she was in a daze.

"Jackie, I'm so sorry…" Ed spoke as he reached out for Jackie, who simply pushed his hands away.

Ed watched Jackie as she thought for a moment, she took in a deep breathe and held it for a moment before looking Ed in the eye.

"…what happened?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" Ed asked.

Jackie began to tear up "You were always close by…with Jon…what happened?" she asked sternly.

Ed opened his mouth to speak, then closed it again; trying to figure out a straight forward answer that might give Jackie some closure as to what happened.

"I turned away for a second…helping Dottie and Mose get something out of the van…I heard the shot, and then when I looked back…" Ed trailed off, trying not to make eye contact with Jackie.

Jackie covered her mouth "WHY!" she screamed, throwing her claws at Ed as she scratched at his face, trying to somehow hurt him; but The Riddler was much stronger than she was.

"JACKIE! Calm down…please!" Ed asked, trying to hold Jackie tightly as she sobbed.


Ed just held tightly as he looked around the neighborhood, he was surprised that nobody had come outside to see what all the screaming was about; but alas, it was a cul-de-sac, and he knew that everybody probably already knew everything by now.

He turned to the house where Bruce opened the door, with the entire household behind him watching as Jackie Crane had a complete melt-down in the middle of her drive way.

"WHY GOD, WHY!" she screamed as she fell to the floor, continuing to sob.

Ed turned to the Bruce and Alfred, who pushed the boys back inside the house and closed the door behind them as they began to follow after Jackie, who didn't look like the was going anywhere.

Jackie cried as she adjusted her seating on the grass while Bruce calmly picked Jackie up and carried her into the house while Alfred smiled upon Ed, who was rather awkward around Alfred.

"Would you like a cup of tea, Edward?" Alfred asked in his soft British accent.

Ed nodded "Yeah, a cup of tea actually sounds good right about now." He spoke, beginning to walk with Alfred back to the house.

Jackie glared at the ceiling in the near dark as she saw the light from the living room coming from the creaks of her door.

She could hear the mutters of Bruce, Alfred, and Ed talking amongst each other as the boys slept down the hall; or at least she thought they were.

It was the hundredth glance at her alarm clock, 2:33 A.M. and yet she was wide awake; she had fallen asleep without Jonathan before, but this was different.

She knew that he wouldn't be there when she woke up, no more kisses or hugs; no more arguments or joint-parent family decisions.

It was all her now.

Lost in her thoughts, her bedroom door opened and light entered the room that nearly blinded Jackie as she looked up to see Edward checking in on her.

"Can't sleep?" he asked.

"No. Not yet." Jackie whispered.

Ed nodded as he sighed "Well, if you need anything just let us know." He said, beginning to close the door.

Jackie shot up in the bed "Ed," she said.

Ed stopped and turned back to her "Yeah?" he asked.

"…this is going to sound weird, but will you sleep with me? Just until I fall asleep." she asked.

Ed looked out to the living room, then turned back to Jackie and nodded "Yeah, I'd be more than happy to." He said, shutting the bedroom door softly.

Ed held Jackie close as she tried to get comfortable, it was clear that she was trying to find familiarity in how Ed was holding her as she tried to sleep; and Edward Nigma felt wrong for being the man to do all of this.

He felt Jackie breathing against his shirt as her hand was placed gently on his chest while her head rested against his shoulder.

Edward felt dirty and couldn't help feeling like he was betraying an old friend, deep down inside he wanted to admit that it was his fault that Jonathan Crane was gone; but everyone around him had said otherwise.

While watching Jackie sleep, he said her finally peaceful for the first time in that 24-hour period, his heart sank as he thought about Jackie being alone without her husband of ten years nearby.

In fact, Ed couldn't help but realize what a fool Jonathan Crane was to have Jackie as his wife and to leave her with so much pain and agony that it could probably kill her.

But alas, Edward Nigma finally pulled away from the sleeping widow and escaped the bedroom; his heart feeling heavy from everything and his anger almost spilling out of his pores.