Theres a flash of light in the forest. Its there moments but it is able to draw the attention of demons nearby. In its wake lies a child by the name kaede. She awakens with a groan and sits up on her forearms to look around her. She gapes in wonder at her surroundings. The giant trees the, the long grass, the sky… kaede smiles eyes her mind still filled with sleep. The rustling of leaves shakes her from her daze and she finds herself surrounded by demons

"Oh no" she breathes. Panicking, she has difficulty remembering what she's supposed to do.

oh what is it cmon she pleades her brain.

Eyes welling with tears, she grabs for neck fingering the shape of the fangs hanging from her necklace. She always found comfort in their strength.

"Ah!" Her eyes light up. "That's right! My necklace!"

She reaches into her shirt and pulls out the necklace. As she does so the eyes of the demons widen, and they slowly start to retreat, growling as they do so. Kaede smirks and holds the necklace out in front of her for all to see. Soon after all, the demons have left and Kaede beams.

"Thanks daddy" she says kissing her necklace and runs down the path, more determined than ever.

"It feels so great to sit!" I exclaimed the others moaned in agreement. I can't help smiling watching them all. We've come such a long way on our quest to find Naraku. I've grown so attached to these guys and this era! It's going to be so hard to leave.

And of course there is Inuyasha. I shake those thoughts from my mind. Its better not to think about that yet.

"Alright so lets see what we've got" I say unpacking our bags.

"The villagers were so kind to give us so much" says Miroku.

"Yah" Sango says rolling her eyes "even though we didn't do anything."

Her eyes widen as his arm goes around her shoulder.

"Sango, Sango how could we possible be so rude and refuse!" He says, "if thinking that we got rid of evil spirits plaguing their village helps them sleep at night then why crush that?" his hand slides down to her waist and then butt.

"AHH! Hey monk!" She cries "get your hand off of me you pervert!"

She winds up. SMACK!

Miroku holds his palm to his face, its all worth it he says dreamily. I shake my head and dig into the rice. That monk is just too much sometimes. But I don't think Sango minds as much as you'd think.

After eating I lay back in the grass, close my eyes and breathe in the beautiful weather and soak in the sun rays. I wonder where Inuyasha is. After devouring his food he wandered off somewhere. He just doesn't know how to stay still that guy! …. Hmm he was acting a little strange though. I hope everything is alright, he's been gone for a while now.

Who knows maybe it was kikyos scent.

I sigh and roll onto my side. In that case I suppose there's no need for me to worry. Kikyo loves Inuyasha and Inuyasha lo-.

"What are yu doing?"

I snap from my thoughts at his voice, he's standing inches away from my face looking down at me with yellow eyes.

"Inuyasha" I breathed. I sit up and smile weakly. He's back, I think. Theres no point in asking him about what he was doing, he probably wouldn't tell me.

"Hey are you listening to me?" he says.

Ugh hes so frusturating sometimes. "Yah I heard you" I said "and for your information im relaxing, so would you quit bugging me?" I smile and lean back on my elbows.

"Not that, stupid."

I raise a brow "Huh?"

His face has grown serious and hes staring at the line of trees east of us.

"Something's not right" he says. My eyes search the trees, I see nothing. Damn dog senses.

Sigh. Guess break time is over.

I help myself to my feet and stand next to him. The wind has picked up and it plays with our hair. Inuyasha is still silent.

"What is it?" I ask.

"The demons of this region. Theyre behaving strangely" he says "let's go find the others."

"Right" I say. We find the others a short distance into the forest. Kirara has transformed and is in a stance listening to the sounds. They too are aware of the strange happenings.

"It seems like they all congregated somewhere nearby and then suddenly dispersed" says miroku.

Sango steps beside him. "But what attracted them? Could it be Naraku?.

"Only one way to find out" says Inuyasha. "C'mon kagome"

I climb on his back and he sets off at a run in the opposite direction of the fleeing demons. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo follow closely behind on Kirara.

"I can smell it" says Inuyasha. "Its too faint to be recognizable but its there."

He speedup and we get closer.

"Its coming towards us" he says. Inuyasha sniffs," no way" he says.

Now im really confused.

But before I get a chance to ask we stop at the bottom of a hill. Standing atop is a little girl.

"A human?" I exclaim climbing down from Inuyasha. Then I notice her clothes.

"Hey Kagome why is she wearing those strange clothes like you?" asks Shippo.

Sango and miroku sidle up to us.

Could she be from my world? But how could she have gotten here?

I look at Inuyasha. He stays silent and continues to stare. I turn to the others. They all look as dumbfounded as I feel! I hear footsteps heading towards me and look up in time to see the girl running down the hill arms reaching out eyes wide. Mama! Daddy! She smiles broadly latching onto the legs of Inuyasha and I.

"WHAT!" We yelled in unison.

Inuyasha jumps back "Whoa whoa whoa! What? No way." His eys are wide and he looks terrified.

Hmmmph he doesn't have to look like that.

The little girl still now has her arms around my waist and looks up at me. She has a cute face, with yellow eyes and dark hair.

"Sweetie" I say "we're not your parents."

She frowns in confusion, "Yes you are."

"No we are – " I start to yell.

Miroku interrupts, "maybe we should talk about this calmy." I nod. "yah I think that would be good."

We find a spot a little ways off the path beneath a tree and are sitting in a circle. The girl is seated at my side Miroku, Sango, and Shippo across from us and Inuyasha against the trunk of the tree. I'm still shocked by this girls words. Why did she call me momma?

I reach into my bag.

"Yu must be hungry" I say, handing her a bento. "I had made extra last time I was home, good thing too!" Her face glowed at the mention of food.

"Yes please!" She cried, "thank you mama!"

We all flinched at that word again, she didn't seem to notice however, just dug into her food. We sat quietly watching her eat.

Now that I think about it, it could be possible. She obviously came from my era. Who's to say you can't come here from the future? And she does look like me. We have almost identical features except for her yellow eyes. ….. LIKE INUYASHA! No no no this is crazy talk!

I come back to reality someone is holding the bento towards me. I look past it and the girl is bowing.

"Thank you for the meal" she says.

"Oh!" I say "your welcome!"

She smiles and sits down again.

"Great, now enough with the pleasantries. Would you mind explaining to me a few things to us now?"

"Hey! Inuyasha!" I glare at him. He doesn't have to be so rude!

"Sure! She says, my name is Kaede I am eight years old. I live in Tokyo, I am in elementary school and this is my mama" she says grabbing my arm "and yu" she points at Inuyasha "are my daddy." She lets go of my arm and smiles proud of herself.

"How did you get here" asks miroku.

"The well!" She says, "from our shrine! Mama said this would happen one day but she hoped that before it did we could come back together first! All of us!"

"Why did all the demons come find you and then suddenly back off."

"Oh!" She says "because of my necklace!" She grabs the string around her neck and pulls it off.

"See!" On the string is three fangs.

"Three fangs huh?" Inuyasha takes a closer look, then sniffs.

"Where did you get this?" he asks quietly.

"From yu!" she says, "Silly daddy! See this one is daddy's, and this one was uncle sheshy's and this one was grandpas! Daddy made It for me when I was born. It was to keep the demons side of me at bay in my world."

We all sit there dumbfounded, not one of us looking at the other.

Oh my goodness.