Chapter 1: They're back!

Finally, I can have a peaceful walk without any interruptions. Read what happened before.

I was taking another stroll in Daisy's Garden. Suddenly, a blue portal appeared in front of me. I felt like I being sucked in, and I was! I ran away but the force was too strong and I got sucked into it.

I was taking yet another stroll in Daisy's garden. It's been one third of an year since I first joined a website I posted my days to. Today, I'm gonna take this easy. Maybe play some soccer, wall ball, foot ball, never mind about foot ball. Lately at school, people were getting injured. Just yesterday, my friend twisted his ankle. Ouch. Maybe baseball, dodge ball. Almost-everything ball. My favorite is wall ball. It improved my catching ever since I heard of it. I bounce it during recess and after I get dropped off the bus. My bus stop is a bit far away from my house. Sometimes I might bounce it up and down or throw it up in the air then back into my hand.

My smart phone rang and pulled it out of my pocket. Mike called. I pressed the "answer" button.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey Tas, wanna go meet at the brick wall in the park?" Mike asked.

"Sure, let me get my tennis ball." I replied. I hit the "end call" button and put the phone back in my pocket. I pulled out my tennis ball and went to the park.

I was taking a stroll until I heard from the HQ about a Cog Invasion.

Yeah, never got the chance, but nothing is happening so far, so I may be okay today. Wait, spoke too soon. I heard a big bang go throughout ToonTown. I looked around.

"The Cogs are back! The Cogs are back!" I heard the citizens of ToonTown yell. What! I swear, I defeated them, even the traitor CEO! I looked up and saw Cogs coming down with their propellers. I pulled out a whole cream pie and I threw it at one of the Cogs. It flew backwards, causing a chain reaction and destroying the other Cogs.

"- *cough.*"