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Take It Back

"It's impossible, leave I say. My son should've never befriended you," Fredrick said then glared up at me, "You too, young lady."

I scoffed, crossing my arms. Be a bitch with an attitude, a lady with class, and a girl with a mind. "Excuse me, but I believe your son has the choice on who he wants as a friend. It's not yours."

"Ignorant child," He sneered in disgust. Freda set a hand on her epically rude husband.

"Darling, she does have a point. Though you are his father, you cannot control every aspect of your child's life," She pointed out in a euphoric tone. I swear, this momma can be fucking angry for all I care and still be as gentle as a tiny newborn.

"I adore how she speaks her mind! I am Anna by the way," The girl with flowing golden locks came up to me and curtsied.

"Thank you, I'm Rayla, but you can call me Ray."

"What a unique and unusual name, but...I like it!" She laughed and their father just became more irritated by the second. Not my fault if your kids like me. One being my new flirt target. I stole a peek at the teenage boy who gaurded me earlier, only to catch him locking his eyes on me too. The inside of my stomach had butterflies in them all of a sudden. Don't lose your cool Ray. Hm...I'll play hard to get with this guy first. I swiftly turned away from his observing gaze, knowing he was more focused on my face. I heard a slight growl which absolutely satisfied me.

"So wh-" I was cut off when the sound of heavy footsteps were heard from the main gate of the cemetery. The vampires hissed and started running somewhere in panick and rapidly.

"Rookery!" Fredrick snarled, Freda guiding the young ones into some sort of hole, or opening and Fredrick followed behind quickly. Great, the big-bad father vampire leaves me and-

"Tony!" I called after the blonde once he took off somewhere. I tried following him, but something wooden and long flew past my head that hit a tree. I held my heart and panted. "What the fuck!"

I turned to some weird man dressed in leather, piercing, and a bad shadow around his lips. This guy must do well with the ladies!


"Hmm a pretty little vampire aren't ya' now?" He crept up to me, the ridiculously enormous gun pointed at me.

I raised an eyebrow and stared at him blankly. "The hell dude! Open your damn eyes! I don't have fucking red orbs, I'm not pale, and I don't dress like someone that just came out of a princess story! You're such a retarded dumb-ass! Stupid bastardy clothing and weapons too! I hope you suck your momma's dick and rot down the pits of hell you cock-sucking-douche bag and go back to your freaking milfy mom and do videos on porn rather than hunt these damn bloodsuckers because they have never shitting hurt you! So cut all this crap out! You're bitching about all this for no reason ya' know? What an idiot asshole you are sir. Make something of your life, find a slut or whore for all I care! Just leave this family alone!"

I have never said so much curse words in one sentence. I'm so talented! I feel proud. Sort of.

The guy seemed baffled at my language. "Y-you sure do have a way to say your thoughts. What an odd v-vampire you are indeed."

I could've sworn the entire universe could've heard me. I turned red and my eye twitched, "I AM NOT A VAMPIRE YOU DUMB PRICK!"

Birds in the woods flew up in the air as animals started roaring or...making noisy shit. Rocks around me tumbled slightly and the guy cringed at my volume.

"For a small lassie, you sure do have a big voice," He muttered, rubbing his ear. Aiming the gun at me, I wanted to kick this guy so far up the ass that my heel would end up in his mouth. "Let's get this over with."

I growled and started marching up to him, the trigger being pulled. I gasped as a stake shot out. I waited for the impact, but felt arms wrap around my body and pull me out of the way. "Ugh! I had him you turd! Why'd you do tha-"

I all realized now that my savior was the gorgeous vampire I had treated as God a while ago and started a war with. Rookery (I guessed) was lumbering towards us. Gregory took my hand, getting up and dragging me over to a hole in the ground. He pulled me in and we lightly hit ground, turning at another direction far away from the opening. Once we stopped, he smirked, "You really have a way of your words, mi'lady."

"U-uh, er, um...it's...just me. You know, a talent," I scoffed. Yeah, I'm going to lose this battle.

"So, a talent for cursing? How highly unusual," He thought for a moment.

I flipped a hair over my shoulder and sneered playfully, "Well, I'm one of a kind, sweetheart."

His breath hitched slightly. That's when I noticed how fully exposed my neck was. "Your pulse..."

I laughed, a bit nervous of the fact he might bite me. "Yeah, it's what we humans have today."

"I know that, human, it's just very tempting knowing you're just standing there...defenseless, so vulnerable, so fragile..." He licked his lips hungrily.

I swallowed down my cowardness of running away like a crazy person. "Well buddy, I'm a fighter, so don't think I am that easy."

He scoffed, "I doubt you stand a chance against me."

"You wanna bet!" I laughed in high squeaky thirds. Like a lightning bolt, his hands locked my wrists together above my head. He shoved me against the wall and had his mouth right where my beating organ was. I took in a shaky breath as his lips traced around the area.

I whimpered once something sharp brushed against my skin. Growling, he let me go and started howling in laughter. "Haha! You should've seen your face, mortal!"

I stomped my foot and frowned at him. "Not funny, Sir Bites-Alot!"

His joking expression stopped when he heard the nickname. Oh freak. "What did you just call me?"

I sneered, obviously not scared at all...I hope. "Sir. Bites. Alot."

"You really want to challenge me, don't you?"

I giggled evily, "I'm always up for a little competition."

"Hmm...and what competition may you be...thinking of, fair maiden?" He flirted and wagged his perfectly arched eyebrows.

Oh he knows exactly what competition I am up for! "Stop smirking, my fangy fellow, you know what competition I'd love to compete in."

"You do too, so stop with the bluffing and get on with it," He got into my face.

"Why don't you!" I got into his face back.

"Are you sure about that? Because I think I have a pretty good chance at winning it," He stared deep into my eyes.

I became flustered and the heat started forming in my cheeks again. Bastard fool! I felt his hand rub my arm that left trails of goosebumps when his icy hand passed.

"Ahaha, don't act so confident," I brought my hand up to his chistled abdomen. I could feel some of his abs through the thin layer of clothes. I smirked when I felt him shudder beneath my touch. I pulled away, leaving him helplessly unsatisfied.

"Tease!" He said as I walked away from the crypt we were in, swaying my hips a little.

I entered another one where all the other vampires were at, along with Tony. Thank god. Once I got in, I saw all the vampires awestruck.

"We shared a vision!" Fredrick announced to the 'clan' I'll refer. I mean, that's what Twilight says. Cullen Clan and shit. I heard Gregory walk behind me and I bet he purposely meant to brush his hand across my lower back. I yelped from the sudden temperature and cringed foward. He snickered and stood at the side and started playing with something in his hands.

"He has a sympathy for our kind," Freda said in adoration.

Tony shrugged at me where I exchanged the gesture back. Anna sighed lovingly, "Oh, how lovely!"

"Young Vaughn lost the stone, found his way into Scotland then plucked from the ocean by a merchant ship just as rumor has it!" Fredrick explained.

Okay, how long was I gone?

"Then he could still be roaming free," Freda said from behind him, hope filling her eyes. I walked over to Tony and placed a reassuring arm over his shoulder. We smiled at eachother.

"There was woman, I have never seen before. She wore strange coat of arms, we must find what family she belongs to. Trace her crest," Fredrick paced around the room like someone from 16 and Pregnant who was about to tell their parents the news.

"We can help!" Tony suggested all of a sudden.

"Hey, hey! When did I say you can do this?" I glared at him menacingly. Honestly, I didn't want to this because I'm scared- holy fuck, I'm scared? Damn this problem is changing me a lot!

"Shut up, mortal," Gregory said from the other side rudely.

I gave him a blank stare, "Leave me alone."

"Besides, it's risky to involve mortals," Fredrick added and Rudolph comes in to save the day yip-dee-doo-da day again!

"What've got to lose, we've been searching for 3 centuries-"

"This is what comes from contact with mortals! Disrespect! Insolence!" He snapped at the poor kid.

"Well that really brings up our confidence," I sarcastically side-commented.

Gregory stared at me and shook his head. Freda's superior womanly skills stepped up a plate. Yes! "Fredrick he does have a point."

That sent Fredrick in an internal conflict with himself, but reluctantly agreed.

"Alright, help if you can. But do not think to change your mind and betray us to our most hatful enemy," Fredrick crept up to us quite close, me tilting my back and Tony falling on his butt on a stair step. My eyes wide, Fredrick glowered over us. Talk about an aura of malice! "Or my wrath will be revealed. Am I clear!"

Me and Tony nodded our heads as calmly as we could. Fredrick raised his eyebrows at us, indicating to be more precise with our vows. Unfortunately, all we could to is repeat the nod more hurriedly with a sheepish smiles on our faces.

"Well...ain't that a charming way to meet your best friend's parents," I grumbled as me, Rudolph, and Tony climbed out of the crypt.

"I personally think my father rather likes you two," Rudolph shrugged with no problem.

"That was 'liking' us?" Tony unbelievably scoffed in doubt.

Weird way to show affection dad! God, I got to stop these sarcastic thoughts. My aching feet slowed down for some reason and a hand grasped my shoulder. An instinctive karate technique I learned when I was 8 occured to me when I took the hand quickly and punched the victim right in the guts.

"Oh-ho-ho..." The person whimpered breathless.

"Oh my god!" I gasped when the person I injured was sire glorious.

He clutched his stomach and fell to the floor onto his knees. "What was that for?"

"Oh...uh..oopsies," I bit my lip to stop myseld from laughing like a mad woman.

"Goodness!" He sighed, regaining his posture and standing back up. "Mind explaining to me what may be the cause for you to do that to me?"

"Self-defense," I shrugged and pursed my lips. "Anywho, what do you want?"

"My mother said I should..." He muttered something after that, that I couldn't correctly hear right.

"Wuh?" I leaned my ear closer to him.

"...fly you home," He muttered unwillingly.

I stood there for a second, calculating what he just offered. "I'm sorry, I thought I just heard you say you wanted to fly me home..."

He rolled his eyes impatiently, "I did, now the response is just yes or no."


He forced a smile sarcastically, "Haha, very funny."

"Ugh, why can't Rudolph fly home?" I whined and he put his hands up in surrender.

"Okay then, goodbye-"

"No wait!" I abruptly stopped, he froze and turned back to me, "I guess...you can fly home."

"No, say it like you want me to," He waited for my probably amusing and terrible act.

I reluctantly got onto my knees and outstretched my arms. "Oh great vampire prince, I would truly love it if you offered me a flight home. I am ever so fearful of the obstacles I must face on my way there, and I need a strong, handsome, brave and wonderful man to escort me there safely."

He looked satisfied and waved his hand for me to stand up. I got onto my feet and did a 'there!' expression at him. "So...strong, handsome, brave and wonderful man huh?"

"Don't get your hopes up, you cranky vampie. Now, get a move on with your promise to me," I commanded.

He bowed so gentlemanly-like I almost melted. He slipped a frosty arm around my waist then took off into air. The chilly night wavered around me, the ass-wipe guy behind me not making it any better.

All was...actually nice and soothing until he decides to do some tricks.

"Oh my Jesus!" I shrieked when he threw me up into the air before allowing me to fall back into his arms. I panted hysterically and hyperventilated, "Don't ever fucking do that AGAIN!"

"What, don't like a little fun?"

"Fun? Fun? You call flinging me up in the air maybe 200 ft. off of the ground? Gee, some prince you are," I retorted which made him irritated. He let go of his locking hold on me and just held onto a hand. I dangled from him as his fingers started retracting back. One each time.

"Take that back," He said and an evil grin played on his lips.


He slipped his pinky finger out, "Take it back."

"No!" I am not liking this way he was treating me! Why in bloody hell would I say he was a prince when this is the situation right now? I won't regret what I said.

His ring finger pulled out, "Now or never."

"NEVER!" I struggled holding onto his hand considering the support was only his last three fingers.

Middle finger is gone. I screamed when my hand started sliding off and the vampire strength kicked in. "C'mon, Thompson."

"No!" I was now only being hooked up from my pumbling death by his index finger and thumb.

"Laaaasssttt chhhaannccee," He sang in his thick Scottish voice. "3...2...1-"

"Okay! You're the prince! The charming, awesome prince full of rightousness and glory! Okay! I'm sorry! Don't let me fall," I cried when tears started to form in my lids. With a swift pull, I was back into his arms.

"Much better," He breathed into my ear. I wailed out tears in relief when we hit my balcony. Oh Jesus, thank you for letting me live another day, another second, another minute of this life I'm grateful for!

"Floor! Sweet flooring! I wish to marry you!" I collapsed onto the hard concrete and began pecking it.

"You alright there?" Gregory asked as if I was some loony person.

Well, dandy-oh you bastard! Why would I be if you were personally about to murder me by a simple insult! I wonder what my gravestone would've said: 'Here lies Rayla Thompson. Death by a buzz-killing, irrogant vampire who dangled her from his hand and painfully tortured and toyed with her until she proved him his undenying beauty and highness. Such a tragic loss indeed.' At least it'll be unique. All them tombstones will be jealous by my death cause! Heck yes! I need a glass of Tazo Green Tea after this. I swear vertigo is hitting me over and over again.

"Uh...night," I stated, getting up and heading into my room.

"Goodnight, mi'lady."

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