This one-shot just appeared in my head and I decided to write it down quickly ^_^! Don't worry, I'm not abandoning my other story. Hope you enjoy this little one :D

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My sweet Annie.

She's all grown up into a beautiful woman for the world to see. She has her own children and grandchildren.

That word: grandchildren.

It sends different emotions inside me.

Her children are my grandchildren.

Her grandchildren are my great-grandchildren.

I just can't seem to wrap that around my head. How I'm a father, husband, grandfather and great-grandfather. I'm all four in one and it just seems…odd.

Strange, but wonderful as well.

I know that I left behind my wife and daughter, but she seems to handle life quite well. I just couldn't believe my little girl is a mother. Oh how Annie reminds me of Betty so much.

Speaking of Betty, I wonder how she felt on becoming a grandmother. I wonder what Betty did without me.

How she tackled life without me.

How she raised our little princess without me.

But I'll never know because she is gone from this world and I'm still here.

And I feel horrible how I'm still young and she grew old without me by my side.

I wonder who Annie's lucky husband was and I wanted to know who he is. I wanted to see how he looked like, but I didn't. I wanted to know if he treated my little girl right and not horrible. I wanted to dance with her at her wedding night. I wanted to know how Annie felt when she married him. I wanted to walk her down the aisle and be part of her special day.

I wanted to see my grandchildren grow into the young adults they are today. I wanted to see their smiles plastered on their innocent faces. I wanted to hear them call me 'grandpa' from that sweet voice coming from their own mouths. I wanted to part of their lives as well.

I wonder if Annie told stories about me to her own children. I wonder what they thought of me. I wonder how Annie coped of not having me in her life. I wonder if she broke down crying the day I disappeared. I wonder if she stayed up all night to see if I'd ever come home.

I wonder how much pain I caused her.

I wonder if she became the person she dreamt of being.

I wonder of many things, but I'll never know the answer to them at all.

All I'll ever know is that my little girl, Annie, is grown up. I know she has a family of her own and that she's happy.

To me, that is what all matters: her happiness.

Everyone sees her as an old woman, but I still see her as my little girl. That same little girl when she was eight years old. That's what I saw her in my own eyes.

I miss you, Annie.

Well that's the one-shot. Thought that Guy deserved at least a story on this fandom and here it is :D! Please let me know what you all thought about it. Until next time…