A/N: Forgive me if I'm blind and didn't see the category for The Roar, but can you believe there isn't one for it? That's ridiculous! Anyway, this is a poem I wrote for a school project- I thought it was pretty good, so I decided to post it. It's basically a poetic and short form of The Roar (a book by Emma Clayton, in case you didn't know- it's the best book I've read since The Son of Neptune, by the way.) and it has major spoilers for the ending. Just to let you know...

Disclaimer: I don't own the fabulous book called The Roar, nor the plot of this poem, just the writing.

With bloodshot eyes and snarling fangs

the beasts spread their plague, spread it all over.

They killed them off, one by one, 'till the victims returned the favor

and secluded their world from the barren wasteland they'd called


But as living in harmony for long is unknown to their kind,

they built a paradise and left millions to live

and to perish in a abyss of shadows and mold.

One man wanted something.

He wanted the powers of the young, wanted to destroy something.

The Secret.

A girl and a boy, born in the same instant, separated

thanks to the man who wanted it all.

The boy pledged to find his lost half of his heart

and was called mad for it,

but they didn't feel what he felt, see what he saw,

hear what he heard.

He knew to find her he'd play a game,

though he knew naught of the opportunity to

awaken what he hadn't a clue existed.

Advancing farther, he felt her closer, 'till naught but a wall

divided the halves.

The forgotten attacked, all was nearly lost, and

finally he learned

that it was all a lie.

Everything they told him was a lie,

for the true monsters were not his extinct friends

but instead

Our very own kind.

A/N: I haven't posted a poem online in forever, so I hope it doesn't suck. XD Well, what do you think?