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They are my new favorite couple to ship

April couldn't believe that Jackson had convinced her to come back to Meredith's. Seeing everyone's excited faces made her stomach turn over and she swallowed hard to keep from getting sick right there on the hardwood floor.

She'd failed …actually failed. It still didn't feel real. Maybe if she pinched herself really hard she'd simply wake up and realize it was all just a bad dream. She glanced down at her arm, momentarily thinking about it.

"You okay?"

Jackson's voice broke through her thoughts, and startled she nodded her head and quickly averted her gaze to Meredith and Christina who were having a dance party across the room, a beer in their hands. "I'm fine." She whispered, forcing a smile before she lifted her drink to her lips, taking a slow sip.

She could tell from his face that Jackson wasn't convinced but she couldn't stand his pity right now. She had seen it in all their faces when she'd finally been able to speak. Not only had she broken her promise to Jesus but she'd failed the very test that would make the last ten years worth every ounce of blood and sweat spilled. She, April Kepner was a failure.

"I actually think I'm gonna get going." She finally said, glancing up at Jackson who was watching her with concern. He touched her wrist as she turned and his expression softened. "I'll come with you." The tenderness in his voice made the tears want to come bursting out and she quickly shook her head and pulled away from his touch. "Please stay. Celebrate. You did it…" He frowned but before he could say anything else she grabbed her coat and headed out the door.

April dumped her key's on the kitchen counter and shrugged off her coat which she dumped on the floor right next to the couch. She proceeded to kick off her shoes and her sweater followed with it before she collapsed on the couch in just a tank and her jeans, letting the feeling of complete despair come over her.

She pulled a blanket around chest and tucked her legs under herself. It was then that she finally let herself fall apart, her sobs becoming uncontrollable as she clutched the homemade quilt her mom had sent her. She'd said it was so April would have something to hold onto whenever she was homesick. She clutched at it now and wished with all her might that it would hold her together.

It must have been nearly a half hour before April felt a set of strong arms wrap around her. Sniffles still came out of her but she'd seemed to have cried out nearly everything she had at this point, her body worn from the effort. "It's okay…" Jackson whispered, pulling her into his lap where she quickly collapsed in tears all over again. He stroked her hair and kissed her brow, not saying a word as he let her fall apart against him.

After a while April lifted her face, tears sliding down her cheeks. Jackson lifted his hand and softly brushed them away, giving her a reassuring smile as her breathing began to return to normal. She glanced down at the blanket that was rumpled between them and she choked out a laugh. "You never listen to me." She whispered, cracking the smallest of smiles. But secretly she was grateful he'd come to find her. He was the only person she could stand to be around right now.

"Of course I came." Her murmured, touching her hand as she collapsed back against the couch, away from his warm body. They sat there for a few minutes, neither one speaking until April finally pulled herself up from the comfort of the cushions. "I should get some sleep." She stated, biting her lip as he stood also, nodding his head in agreement before he turned to head to his room. April cleared her throat and nodded in the direction of her bedroom.

"Could you…could you stay with me tonight?" She asked softly, her voice soft and childlike. Jackson stilled, hesitating for a moment as he looked into her eyes. Less than twenty four hours ago she'd given him her virginity and they still hadn't exactly talked about it. She could only imagine what he was thinking right now. But he only hesitated for a moment before he nodded and followed after her.

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