Chapter 4 ~ "A Revelation"


He woke to the most amazing sensation. Every nerve upon his arm was on end as the woman beside him gently rubbed the length of his arm.


Data smiled at the sound of her voice and suddenly all the events that had just taken place within his dream dissipated. The tests conducted with Geordi, the argument with Picard and...Well, he couldn't quite remember what happened after that but as of now, it was of no concern to him.

"Good Morning Tasha."

"Did you sleep well?" Tasha asked as she continued sliding her fingers lightly up and down his arm. "No more nightmares I hope..."

He lightly shook his head, refusing to disclose the truth out of fear that she would continue to worry about him.

Tasha immediately stopped stroking his arm."Why do I feel like your not telling me the truth, Data?"

"I am fine, Tasha." He lightly shook his arm, as if a child beckoning his mother to resume petting him. The gesture was successful.

"You do know that you can talk to me about anything, right?"

Again, he nodded his head.

Tasha took in a deep breath, as she exhaled all too quickly. The agitation in her demeanor didn't go unnoticed by the android but he still refused to talk.

"Will you at least tell me what your thinking?" She asked a little annoyed.

"My thoughts simply consist of the sensations you are arousing within my arm. I find it fascinating and very relaxing."

Tasha smiled. "So you like it?"


She briefly paused only to resume her touch upon the side of his face, lightly stroking his cheek as she leaned in for a brief kiss.

Data was astonished by how sensitive his face was to her touch. He softly reached up to lay his hand over hers. Their fingers intertwined and Tasha slowly brought his hand up to her lips and just as quickly backed away as fear set in to Data's face.

"Data, what's wrong?"

"My skin..." He stared at his arms, mesmerized by the color. Quickly, he jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom with Tasha following close behind. Immediately, his hurried pace slowed to an abrupt stop as he saw his features in the mirror. "My face...it is not right!" The panic evident in his voice.

Tasha cautiously wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, trying desperately not to show her confusion. "Data, hun, your skin is as it should be and your face is just as handsome as ever!" She assured him.

The android was completely distraught. "No, it is not! My skin is made of Berrilium-Trioxide Composite materials, leaving my skin an alabaster color. I was in no way created to appear human. And yet, my systems have assimulated some type of change in my body. I must admit, I am perplexed by the timing of this design."

Tasha quickly turned him around to face her. Sternly, she voiced her thoughts. "Data, you have always appeared this way. There is nothing wrong with you. Your skin has always been lightly tanned, your eyes have always been blue, your hair has always been brown. You are you! This is the Data I have come to know and love. You may be an android but your father created you to appear human."

Confused, Data inquired. "But why?"

"You told me once that it was because he wanted you to fit in, to be accepted by society and the only way to accomplish that was to make you look human."

"That is not correct." Data argued. "Dr. Soong created me to appear different based solely on the purpose that I was different...I am an android! I was a living, breathing testiment to his success and my appearance proved my individuality. You were misinformed!" He added matter-of -factly.

And just as quickly he brushed past her, again Tasha turned to follow him back into the bedroom.

Abruptly he turned on his heels, facing her with an accusatory tone. "Who are you?" He demanded.

The Chief of Security was taken back by the authority in his voice. It was brusque and straight to the point.

"Data why are acting this way?" She lightly reached out to touch his arm but he recoiled away.

"I require an explaination, Lieutenant?'

Tasha placed her hands on her hips. "Data we have been together for seven years, you know who I am!"

Angrily, he pointed his finger at her as he screamed his next statement. "You have been dead for seven years!"

"Well, if that's the case then how am I standing here talking to you, Data? How is it that we were able to make love no more than an hour ago if I am supposedly not living? Tell me, Data, how is it that I am right here and you still can't see me for who I am?" She shouted back.

Suddenly, a bright flash entered his consciousness as he found himself lying on the floor in a fetal position. His hair was in complete disarray, covering the side of his face. His state was a far cry from the meticulous android the crew had come to encounter on a day to day basis.

His body slightly lurched forward at the sound of the hard, masculine voice behind him.

"Commander Data?" The Klingon called.

Data still failed to react, his eyes silently taking in his surroundings and his positronic brain was trying to conclude why he was on the floor of the brig.

Again, Worf demanded the android's attention. "Commander Data rise to your feet!"

Slowly the android rolled around to face the stern, fierce tone, as he lightly brushed his hair back in place with his fingers.

Worf immediately took a step back the shock evident in his normally stoic face.

Quickly the Chief of Security hit his comm's badge. "Worf to Captain Picard!"

"Picard here..."

"Sir, I think there is something you need to see!"


Author's Notes: Sorry it's taken so long for me to update...I've been pretty sick here lately but I'm hoping to keep the stories updated a little more quickly now. Hope you guys liked it... :) I wanted to apologize ahead of time, if you find any mistakes you will have to overlook them. I tried to correct all that I could but it's hard to find them all when your a single mother of two. And I'm sure all you mothers out there know exactly what I'm talking about!