The sun shined in Hattusa, blue skies contrasting with the dark mood that hung over the city. A sleek black horse neighed pitifully while the people mourned.

Yuri Ishtar was dead.


She woke up to a white ceiling, feeling blank and just a hint of nostalgia-but for what, she didn't know.

"The patient-the patient is awake!" A woman's voice sounded out near her head. Foot steps came closer to her, and suddenly she saw patches of human shaped blobs.

She tried to speak, but found that her throat seemed to be stuck together, and there was no use trying to lift an arm either. It was like there were tethers binding her to the bed...the bed?

Where am I?

"-ri, Yuri, are you okay?"

Yuri? Is

The voices faded again as she felt darkness overtake her sight and she slipped into a dreamless wonderland.

The second time she woke up she felt that she could think clearly once again, but it was dark, and there was no one beside her. Lifting an arm up, she found that a needle was stuck in it, attached to a hanging bag. She looked around once more, and through the darkness could see the shapes of a curtain, a door, a...television...a remote control...buttons...the bed was partly metal...

Strange, everything seemed so normal, so why the sense of nostalgia? And there was a thought tugging at the back of her head, of something-


She almost bolted up with the thought.

Kail. Kail. K-

W-what was it again?

But try as hard as she might, the name that had been resounding inside her head disappeared and she was only left with a warm, fuzzy feeling when she tried to recall it. Then that disappeared too.

What was I trying to think about again?

Giving up, Yuri Suzuki went to sleep.

Right. I'm Yuri. Yuri Suzuki.