This time she woke up properly, eyes flicking open and up at the ceiling. The last thing Yuri remembered was something grabbing onto her legs, and falling into some sort of darkness. Now, it was almost light outside, although she wasn't sure if it was dawn or twilight. Yuri looked around the room, seeing two other patients with her. She wondered if she should press some buzzer to let the nurse know that she woke up. She wondered if she would be able to press anything.

The girl tried to sit up, but found herself still too weak. So she laid on the bed, an IV attached to her arm, under a white cover, staring at the ceiling, thinking. Was Himuro alright? Did he think that she ditched him? She wanted to see her family-it seemed like it's been forever since she's been with them. But that wasn't right, was it? She just saw them...she just...she...just...

She hitched her breath. When did she last see them? Was it before she went on a date with Himuro? She remembered the movie-she said that it had been fun- and- and- and-


Slowly the memories came floating back up in pieces, like parts of a ship wrecked in a sea storm. They bobbed in her mind, giving her snatches of information. A strange pair of hands had been reaching out to her lately- always around water. That was why she avoided it, not even wanting to go to school because it was raining. Then the had been fun, but then...

But then...

Yuri didn't know. All she knew was that she blacked out, and woke up in this hospital. Perhaps she was crazy. Maybe there was no strange pair of hands in the first place. Maybe her brain really was fried from all that studying, like what Eimi said. But until she feels well rested, Yuri didn't want to think so hard about this. It's just too, too, yaawwwn...she just wanted to slee-

"Patient Suzuki gained consciousness, Doctor Honda."

"I know, I can see that, Nurse Jones."

"Do we contact the-"

"Yes, we contact the family."

"Geez, you don't need to be so touchy."


"Really, Yuri? Are you sure you feel all right?" Her sister felt her forehead. "You were feverish for the past two and half weeks. We were so worried, what would have happened if Satoshi didn't find you when he did..."

"Marie, it's okay. I'm fine." Yuri smiled, taking her older sister's hand. "I'm so sorry that I made you worry."

"Don't say that, Yuri," Marie said, "You're my sister, of course I'll worry."

"Thanks, Marie, you're the best," said Yuri, touched. "Do you know where the others are?"

"They were all busy when the hospital called to tell us that you woke up. Eimi, Mother, and Father are probably still stuck in traffic," Marie answered. "Father was in an important phone conversation and Mother was working on the manuscript due tomorrow."

Marie froze. Wait, that sounded like she was accusing Yuri of interrupting everybody's lives- but that wasn't the intention.

"We all love you very much, that's why they dropped everything just to come," she added. "The three of them should arrive in twenty minutes."

"I missed you guys, and I don't even know why!" said Yuri longingly. "What really happened, though? You said something about Himuro finding me just on time earlier."

Marie gently pulled her hands out of Yuri's light grasp and caressed her face. "Let's not talk about what happened right now, alright? I think you're still tired."

"Is Himuro also coming?" Yuri thought for a moment, "What's the date anyway? Could he still be in school?"

"Monday, March 14," said Marie, "You were out for around 20 days."

It didn't feel like 20 days to Yuri. She knew it was silly to think that, since being unconscious tends to screw with one's perception of time. But it seemed just as if she blinked since the time Himuro had asked- and she could remember this clearly- "McDonald's or Burger King?", and suddenly she was in this hospital.

But the "blink" had also seemed as if it took a long time. As if it took a year for each day she was out.

Marie looked at her sister deep in concentration and resisted an attempt at a jibe. It wasn't the right time. The right time would be when Yuri fully recovered from whatever caused this coma, and when their family is sitting at a table together laughing. Marie didn't have time to dwell on it further, when Yuri gasped for breath suddenly, her eyes turning blank for a second.

"Yuri! Doctor!" Marie frantically looked around.

"Marie, it's okay! I'm fine!" said Yuri. "I don't know what came over me, but it's just like I had a revelation. Except I didn't, but I'm feeling fine."

Little did both of them know, the last remainders of reminders- those longing thoughts for a place she didn't rememner, those nostalgic feelings for the place she was in right now, that sense of strangeness- had been cleared, the last scrap of Anatolia stored safely in a locked box in Yuri's soul.