Hey every one! This is my CCC challenge piece with Jason Gideon/Emily Prentiss pairing, this is the first chapter of the story I felt it needed a bit of a back story to give the story a more full feeling to it I hope you all enjoy the beauty i hope to bring to this pair

Chapter 1: Looking back to when we met again

Looking back he was grateful for leaving, he was grateful for regaining his sanity but most of all he was grateful to her. There were times in the beginning when they first started working together that he found he to be annoying, a pain in his ass and a little high strung but that all wore away like the edges of a sharp piece of glass being tossed about the open sea, she grew on him but he wasn't going to admit it.

The problems that were Frank brought him to a boiling point he knew if he didn't leave he would hurt someone or kill himself, taking off to search for his happy ending would lead him home again but it was a long dark journey, full of self doubt, a longing for hope and a bright light at the end of the tunnel that he didn't even knew he'd gone down.

She knew from the moment she looked in to his deep brown eyes she was his, not in that I have a crush on you cause I'm a silly girl but a full blown I can't date another because you have my heart. After he had left for the great unknown she had become listless, sure it didn't show at work, but she was lost and when she faked her death and left for Paris with JJ and Hotch's help she had hope to start anew free of him but sitting in that little cafe one morning and him looking the lost tourist that he was she got up and paid her bill and when to him

"Gideon, you look lost" Emily said while tapping him on the shoulder

"Emily? You're dead. Well I guess news from home isn't a correct as I once hoped" he said with that lop sided grin he got when he had a secret that only he knew

"its the price one pays serving her country, a free trip to another country for life as someone else" looking around " come to have this talk we need to be somewhere a little more privet"

Over the next 6 months with the explanation on what was happening, the romance began. Flowers to her door quite dinners made by him, slow passion filled night with only the two of them and the full moon shining down on their bodies as they moved as one.

Then the call came she had to go back to D.C, taking her hand in his as they walked, they both agreed to go back with Jason staying at his cabin, and from there it only took a year for her to quit unhappy with how everything turned out. Yes looking back on the past was good and all but in the here and now in 2022, the future bright before them it was a sight to behold.