So here it is the last chapter on The Here and Now and with how Criminal Minds ended this season it kind of works in a way. So the usual line is I don't own the show because if I did Em and Gideon would have never left, Rossi would be on the show too and Will would be dead... (as you can see I don't like Will)

The moon shone down on the couple as they walked hand in hand through the Jardin du Luxembourg, it was a beautiful summer's night and words were not need between the two. The light had returned to his eyes and she knew this was the right thing to do, at first he was shocked and said they couldn't go at the drop of a hat but she said that they had nothing holding them there and that they need to get away.

"let's move here"

"what? But our friends and family are back in Quantico"

"ok then lets live here six months of the year, every time we leave Jason, it's like a part of you doesn't come back with us. At first your eyes they still glow from being here but after a month they grow dim, like your lost again" she whispered. She was right they had been here many times over the last ten years and each time it got harder and harder to go back home

"you know Em I think you're right on that, when we get back home we'll look at what's for sale but for now let's enjoy the sights and think about all this later"

Wrapping an arm around her and pulling her close he was glad that all those years ago that she found him lost in this city but found the happy ending that they were both looking for.

Well that's it! I hope you all enjoyed the story, with little feedback I got was delightful and wonderful

And the Jardin du Luxembourg is an outdoor garden in Paris; I went and looked it up to be somewhat close to Paris.

So and questions or comments are greatly welcome! I can always use it to help me grow as a writer!