christian/kat, for a tumblr anon


Kat stands at the ocean, the salty water brushing at her bare toes after she finds out she failed first year. She didn't cry, didn't scream, didn't even speak. Instead she walked silently to the ocean.

Now, she feels as if she can't breathe. She wants to scream, but it's like there's a paper bag covering her head, preventing her from opening her mouth. She feels as if she's being asphyxiated.

Kat has this urge to scratch SOS into the sand below her and for a second she goes to do just that, but then she pauses.

Laughter bubbles up behind her closed mouth after a few more moments pass, and she's sobbing and laughing and, Mum would be so damn proud, wouldn't she?

She's on her butt, her shorts soaked, her skin soaked, with ocean water splashing onto her when he comes up behind her. He just stands, as if waiting for her to speak. She doesn't, so finally he does.

"Are you okay?"

Kat glances back at him and shrugs. "I'm not sure." She says after a moment, and it's as close to the truth as she'll ever get.

Christian doesn't speak, not for a long while. Instead he sits down beside her; lets the water soak him, and stares out at the skyline.

Kat watches him silently, sparing one or two glances around the empty beach, before speaking. "The ocean can make a person feel so small," she muses quietly. "And yet, I don't know, there's also a freeing sense about being by the ocean, with the salt in the air and the wind in your face. There's this whole blue world out there, and it's wide open, and there are no small spaces."

She thinks maybe now she's just rambling on, and maybe Christian agrees because he turns to look at her, watching her talk for only a moment, before he presses his lips to hers.

It's not a special kiss, necessarily, but she decides she'll remember it forever. His fingers tangle up in her blonde hair and she finds herself wondering why they haven't done this before.

Tara, is her mind's whispered answer.

She doesn't allow guilt to fill her. Not now. Maybe later, she compromises. Maybe later.

When he pulls away, he whispers one last thing before he turns and leaves, "you'll be okay."

And she finds as she turns back to look at the ocean she believes him.


a/n: it's just a small drabble, and since i'm waaay behind on DA it's probably not even really canon (lol only know kat flunks first year because of wikipedia) but I hope you enjoyed it none the less. :')