"You'll want to take the girl," Erik Selvig said.

Darcy's rather speedy assessment indicated that there were approximately two women in the facility currently under attack by a strange, bedraggled, bulletproof, psycho-beast of a man shooting lasers or something at them with a wicked looking spear. That gave her a fifty-fifty chance Erik was not talking about her. Considering Agent Hill, other mentioned woman at said facility, was outside and nowhere in sight, she would say that narrowed her odds a tiny bit. When said psycho-beast of a man turned to look at her, she froze in place as his eyes narrowed slightly, sizing her up. As if she was not already having trouble getting enough oxygen as she watched a half a dozen SHIELD agents being killed or injured within moments, what little air she was taking in caught in her throat at his gaze. Loki, he had said. Thor's brother. Giant-metal-robot-of-death-sendy guy. She had a feeling her week was about to go downhill. Still, she gave a hopeful look over both her shoulders for some other possible target he had in mind. No dice.

She knew she should have seen this coming. She was the one who switched her major to computer programming. She was the one who decided to come work for SHIELD. She had accepted a while ago that she may or may not die as a casualty of some global security threat. It just came with the job. When a deity, let alone two, comes barreling into your life, it kind of changes most life plans of the whole get a job, get married, and settle down and have kids and die of old age thing. At least it only appeared that he wanted to brainwash her like he had just done to Selvig and Barton with what she could only imagine was the world's most epic glowstick. That had to be a step up, right?

"Worry not, child," Loki said to the short brunette with two braids running down over her shoulders as he closed in on her. His voice was surprisingly gentle, which somehow made him more terrifying. Her wide blue eyes watched him carefully, every muscle taught in anticipation of what he would do. "Freedom is life's great lie. Once you all accept that, in your heart, you will know peace." He slowly lifted his scepter to her chest.

"Okay! Well, while I'm working on all that accepting, could you try not to rip the shirt? It's kind of my favorite," she said nervously. Typical Lewis style. Scared to death and out come the words. Darcy could feel every bone in her body trembling as the man tilted his head to the side, staring at her wide-eyed and terrified expression moments before he gently pressed the scepter to her breastbone, causing her gasp. "Oof! That's a little cold," she said, trailing off as her eyes, and world, glazed over for a moment. She could have sworn just before her mind officially left her that he looked amused. When she came back, she could hear Director Fury exchanging words with her new captor.

"The portal is collapsing in on itself. We've got two minutes before this goes critical," she heard Selvig say. Without thought, Darcy pulled the taser from her side, firing it at Director Fury. The guilt at such an action that would have occurred was completely absent as her boss collapsed to the floor. She did not see the rather surprised look from her new boss as she went to pick up the silver suitcase, handing it to Dr. Selvig. Quickly, the four of them made their way out of the building to the back exit, Barton leading and Darcy trailing behind.

"We need these vehicles," Barton said easily as they entered the facilities' garage. Agent Hill met them on the ramp, a confused look on her face.

"Who's that?" Agent Hill asked.

"Our fairy godmother," Darcy responded curtly, hopping into the bed of the vehicle next to Loki as Barton and Selvig sat in the front. Agent Hill rolled her eyes, still unaccustomed to the girl's sarcasm in her normally stoic work environment. "There are no seat belts back here!" Darcy said. She was about to get out and try to squeeze into the cab when Barton took off, throwing her forward. She felt a hand grasp her shirt, pulling her back to land on her back in the bed rather than having her fly out of the vehicle. Well, at least Loki kept his investments in order.

Of course, the sound of gunshots was never a good thing as they sped further away from the facility. She didn't need anyone telling her to drop into the fetal position until it was all over. From her place lying down, she tried to remain stable as Barton jerked the vehicle from one side to the other. She wasn't afraid. The constant lull now in her mind told her not to be afraid, and she was to obey. There was only the will to obey her new master. The only thing she could see was Loki, screaming with rage as he shot down their pursuers like the dark angel of chaos that he was.