"Nervous, Thor?" Loki questioned as he did his best to help the God of Thunder's cape lay smoothly. Thor gripped the feathered helmet in his hands so tightly, the God of Mischief was concerned it would bend. "You were nervous your last coronation, and it did not shed very much luck on the situation." Thor eyed the trickster, who outwardly betrayed no amusement other than the twinkling in this green eyes.

"Yes, well, let us hope nothing unseemly will happen," Thor said, barely avoiding rolling his eyes at his brother. "Especially since my wedding is attached to this one."

"Speaking of which, your lovely bride was more collected for her testing than you are now. She faced the Unknown with more bravery than this. For shame." Thor indignantly put on his helmet staring at his brother with narrowed eyes.

"And I suppose you were completely at ease when you married Darcy?" Thor said curtly, staring out over the balcony, surveying his city as they waited for the ceremony to begin.

"'Twas so long ago, brother, I can hardly remember," Loki replied, slipping on his own helmet.

"It was two years ago," Thor said, amusement finally distracting him from his nervousness. "And I remember no small amount of pacing from you. And you two only had thirteen people and a few elves present. I have the whole of Asgard watching this."

"'Tis the burden of the throne, my soon-to-be liege," Loki said, no small amount of humor in his voice. "Us lowly princes and princesses have the luxury of eloping on Alfheim. If you wish to abdicate, I understand. We can cancel this public affair at once. Or perhaps we can save some time and I can simply take your place, and Darcy and I may renew our vows instead. You will then be free to elope away."

"Okay, children, break it up," they heard from the entrance, interrupting Thor's chuckle at Loki's comment. They both turned to see Darcy walking into their room, a serene smile on her face. Loki grinned as he watched his wife's deep blue gossamer gown flow behind her as she walked toward them, the soft material hanging gently from her incredibly round stomach. "Jane is already trying to wring the neck of her flowers. We have to have someone with a level head here." She automatically leaned up to give Loki a kiss on his cheek who received it naturally, taking the chance, as he often did for the fast few months, to place his hand on Darcy's stomach, which was quite swollen with their first child.

"That is what we have you for, darling," Loki said, placing a kiss to her forehead as she wrapped a thin arm around his waist.

"Honestly, I don't know what you all have to be worried about. I'm the one who has to help her carry that monster of a dress down that aisle toting this dude or dudette," she said pointing at her stomach. "One thing that's universal in Midgard and Asgard is the love for big wedding dresses."

"Jane is going to be named the Queen of Asgard today, she cannot do anything subtle," Loki said. "I told you becoming the Princess of Asgard could have given you just as much of reason to be ostentatious." Darcy wrinkled her nose.

"Nah. Private wedding in a glade next to a waterfall in and Elven realm was much more out style, I think," she said, smiling up at Loki. "Plus, seeing Tony trying to get a couple of light elves to do shots with him at the banquet after walking me down the aisle was borderline, if not completely, priceless."

"In his metal contraption, no less," Loki added.

"You did tell him to leave the suit at home this time?" Thor questioned anxiously. Darcy smiled.

"He promised to be on his best behavior," she said. "But I did have to keep him from barging in to attempt to give you wedding night advice. By the way, if you are at all bashful, I wouldn't suggest opening the book he got you." Thor cast his sparkling blue eyes to the heavens, though he was considerably more at ease than moments before. The easy company of Darcy tended to do that, even when his brother was deliberately trying to provoke him. Darcy held up a hand, all fingers outstretched. "Five minutes, gentlemen. We'll see you out there." Thor and Loki stood straight, side by side, as she left, an amused grin on Darcy's face as she left the room, headed for the bride's chamber.

She heard her own footsteps echoing down the golden corridor, the hall almost strangely silent, considering a huge portion of the kingdom was in the Great Hall in that very palace. As she approached Jane's room, she heard another set of footsteps matching her own behind her. She turned to see Tony approaching, dressed in a finely cut suit, sunglasses indoors and all. She sighed, and placed her hands on her hip.

"Aren't you supposed to be with the guests," she asked.

"Whatever, I was getting bored," he said. "I forgot to show you something yesterday."

"Tony, we are seriously in the middle of a wedding here," Darcy huffed.

"You've got minute. It's a good luck present. You need luck today, too," he said, holding up a small red gift bag. Darcy perked up, eyes lit up with interests. She thought a moment, pursing her lips in mock contemplation.

"Well, okay," she said, slowing time around her as she snatched the bag from his hand before he tried to holding it out of her reach, as he tended to do. "Gimme."

"My life is unfair," he said, rolling his eyes. She smiled as she dug out the small garment. She held it out in front of her, examining the small onesie with the design of an Iron Man Suit on the front. She looked back at Tony, and amused smirk playing on her lips.

"What if it's a girl though?" she said, turning it around to lay it flat on her stomach.

"Then that's what this is for," he said pulling another onesie out of his coat. It was identical, except the gold and red was replace with pink and purple. Darcy let out a hearty laugh, folding them both up and putting them in the gift bag.

"Thanks, boss," she said. "I've gotta get going. We're ready, so you shouldn't be too bored for too long, okay."

"We'll see. I'm not sure if these Asgardians know how to party," he said, leaning forward to kiss her cheek and she in return. "Where's that Vostagg guy? He seemed like a good time." She smiled as Tony walked away, toward the Great Hall, she hoped.

Jane's private room was not too far from Thor's. Darcy smiled as she opened the door, finding Jane sitting at the vanity. Her friends eyes lit up as she turned to face her as she came in.

"The big guy is fine," Darcy said, coming to her side. "He's headed out now." Darcy took the opportunity to straighten out the soft, blonde curls and elegant veil covering them atop her friends head. Jane smiled, a strange quiet over here. "You okay?" Darcy asked. Jane smiled, her brown eyes sparkling over a wide smile.

"It's just... kind of surreal," she said. "I'm sure you know. Being a queen was just never in the picture. Now I'm," she paused. "Now I'm, fighting big monsters and getting married to a demi-god. How did you do it? You weren't this nervous." Darcy smiled, shrugging gently.

"Loki was unwound enough for the both of us," she laughed. " I don't know. We love each other and we match. There's not much more to it than that. The rest will just kind of deal with itself. You're going to be a queen today. Someone has to fill that role. You're ridiculously smart, O Goddess of Science," Darcy said as Jane blushed at her Asgardian title. In all her finery, she reached out to hug Darcy, careful of her growing abdomen.

"And you are already having kids?" Jane said, trying to keep the emotion from bubbling up. "It's been six months, and I'm still having trouble you and Loki are having a baby."

"Yup," Darcy said, patting her stomach. "A tiny frost giant or frost giantess, coming soon to a vagina near you." Jane laughed, the tension leaving her. "Well, hopefully not too giant. I'm still banking on Loki's weird genes to come through for me there. If I have to squeeze something the size of Mammoth out of here, I will be so not happy. Speaking of, you and Thor get to give Mammoth the Casket permanently and sign a peace with Jotunheim as your first act as King and Queen Bee, and then you'll get to see all the sciencey stuff on one more world. That's exciting, right?" Jane nodded, smiling.

"First things first though," Jane said. "I have a wedding to get to."

"They're waiting for you," Darcy said. "Wedding first. Science stuff later."

The End!

Wow. There you go guys. Thanks for sticking with me through the typos, I know that's the biggest problem with this story. Maybe when I have more time, I can try to make it better, but I'm ready to be done so I can move forward to original writing. Thank you so much for all of your kind words, reviews and support. I'm glad you enjoyed it, for those who did.