Here's to us!

Set after season one episode 4.

Summary: Rachel tries to ignore the chemistry between her and Flynn and Flynn wonders, why her? Until an unexpected turn of events leads them to realise.

Rachel's pov

I like Arab! What the hell have I done! Arab's nice, he's caring and funny and good looking. Why am I destroying this? Yes, Flynn is charming, attractive and although he doesn't want people to see it, he's really sensitive too. And that kiss…wow! Everything he couldn't say to the world was in that kiss, his pain, his fear, his passion, it was beautiful.

But no! this one way train wreck of thought has to stop!...Right now!..."hey Rachel, can I come in?" god that accent, damn! "yeah, err…sure".

Flynn pov

That woman! She was infuriating and yet I loved it! All of her quirks and her smile and those eyes, I just had to kiss her when I saw those eyes looking up at me. I have to go and see her, I need to stop myself from being so…pathetic! I'm the cool one for god's sake, aren't i? I'm going to go and see her!

*5 minutes later*

"Rachel, can I come in?" heart beating, mind racing, is this what being Arab feels like? "yeah, err…sure".

Third person:

Flynn opened the door, he wanted to tell her that he regretted what had happened. That he would never hurt his friend like that and that he had no feelings for her. But apparently she was the one person in the world he couldn't lie to. "what do you want Flynn?" she said, standing up to face him. "err I don't know…" "well then why are you here?" she said, going to sit down again, "I like you ok! You're pretty, kind and caring and you're also really sexy! And you're the one person I feel guilty lying too! And that kiss we shared was mind blowing! And I think I'm in love with you." WTF? Verbal diarrhoea much?

He thought she'd run away after that ramble fest but he found that she got up and stared at him, it wasn't shock on her face though, or disgust, it was, well love. Her eyes were shining and she was grinning that beautiful smile at him. Their faces were inches away when she made an impulsive decision, this was it, her first time. Her lips crashed onto his and he returned it with so much passion that it made her hair stand on end. He pushed her up against the wall and started kissing her neck slowly, biting the sensitive areas so that she moaned against his ear. Her right leg was wrapped around his waist as he pushed up against her. Her tongue brushed his mouth, begging for entrance which he quickly granted her. This was amazing. She grabbed his shirt and lifted it over his head kissing his chest and then she pushed him onto her desk. Both of them removed each other's clothes. "I want you Flynn, don't hold back", this was a dream which he didn't want to wake up from.

15 minutes later (oh yeah ;))

"That was amazing!" she panted. "You know when I first told you about my illness and I said that waiting wasn't a luxury I had?" he asked, kissing her neck as they lay naked on her desk, "yeah" she smiled, "Thanks for not making me wait".

No one entered or left that office for 3 hours.