Chapter 9: Take a Risk

Harvey twirled the cover of the record in his hand, his gaze vacant. He stood before his office window searching for nothing out on the night sky. The stars sparkled like the city lights tonight, but he couldn't appreciate it. On a night like this Harvey would drive through the town with the top down on whatever posh new car he happened to owe for the week. This week he was suppose to get the Tesla. He ended up canceling his reservation.

It was well past normal business hours but Harvey couldn't make himself leave the office yet. Donna went home hours ago. The entire day was spent surrounded by people, yet never in his life had he felt so alone. Alone and for the first time in a long time, scared.

He had come to the conclusion late last night, after leaving Mike standing in the doorway, that he had made the biggest mistake of his entire life. His damned pride had swallowed him whole, refusing to turn around and into the arms of the man he loved. And who loved him…

Harvey then tried to rationalize the error in judgment the rest of his sleepless night. Maybe it was because the last person he loved was buried six-feet underground. Since then he never let his heart wonder too far off the path of his ambition. Maybe he was just tired of being disappointed and Mike—he was too much of a risk to chance his heart on. Mike had secrets and didn't know what he wanted. He never had to fight like Harvey. He never risked anything in his life to go after something he wanted as badly as he had. Mike never tasted defeat and utter sacrifice at the same time. Harvey had—one too many times to count.

Or maybe… he realized with a painful jolt that he was simply incapable of truly loving someone because deep down, Harvey felt unlovable.

Mike deserved someone who could love him back. But their last kiss lingered on his lips all day. And damn, if Harvey didn't burn by that memory and the thought of what he could have had with Mike.

Muddy Waters crooned slowly behind him from his vintage record player. It took him back to their first kiss. The first night that changed everything between them. He thumbed the edge of the hard record cover and set it down on his desk, telling himself he should turn it off, forget Mike and purge him from his soul. What's done was done. He couldn't change anything now. He knew Mike well enough that he wouldn't pursue this, not after last night.

But the record kept spinning. The song kept playing softly for him in the background. Mike's memory a constant ringing painfully in his mind.

"Knock, knock."

Harvey glanced up and saw Jessica standing at his office door.

"I thought I was the only one left." He said nonchalantly, hiding any emotion he might have been feeling in that moment with a stiff, unaffected smile.

"Long hours are something of a specialty for me." She said coyly and walked into his office. She glanced at the record player. "Interesting choice of music considering."

"Considering what?"

"Considering that I just got off the phone with Vanderstorm and he couldn't speak more highly of you." She beamed like a proud mother. "Because of you- we have secured a multimillion dollar client and plenty of more referrals where that came from."

Harvey arched a high eyebrow. "Don't thank me. It was Mike. He found the paper work that closed this deal, not me."

Jessica's dark eyes sparked with obvious surprise. "Really? You're actually giving credit to your associate right now?"

He smiled thinly, pretending to be humble as he tucked his hands into his pockets and shrugged. He wasn't going to tell her tonight that Mike was no longer with the firm. He couldn't. It felt too soon.

"Well," Jessica continued. "I'll just have to do something special for him."

"I'm sure he'd appreciate it."

A long pause was held in the air between them. He didn't mind it. His thoughts were already elsewhere. His heart listening only to the sounds of his blues, soothing the ache in his chest and ripping it open at the same time.

"Is everything all right, Harvey?"

"Everything's fine. I just won a victory, like you said." He replied coolly.

"You?" It was her turn to arch an eyebrow.

He smiled. "I mean—my team."

"I'm done looking at you're ridiculously smug face. Good night, Harvey."

"You too, Jessica."

He returned back to his window, listening to her heels click softly on the carpet as she opened her door and waited for the sound of the soft shutter of his door. He didn't hear it instead he heard something else that made his heart lurch.

"Hold the door."

"Aw," Jessica said. "Good evening, Mike."

Harvey instantly spun on his heel. Mike stood before Jessica, breathless and flustered. "Uh- hi."

She smiled serenely at him. "Come to my office tomorrow morning. I'd like to speak to you."

Mike's eyes widened in sudden fear.

"I'll leave you to ponder that." She said with a soft, knowing smile. "In the meantime, I have a very restful night ahead of me. Good-night, gentlemen."

And with that, Jessica strode down the hallway without another word.

Harvey stared dumbfounded at the man before him. He wasn't expecting Mike to come back. But here he was. Dressed as though ready for work instead of a normal life, a life he chose over Harvey. A memory that still burned him.

"What are you doing here?" Harvey asked bitingly.

Mike's clear blue eyes landed on him. Sharp. Bright. Focused. "Isn't it obvious? I'm here to win you back."

Harvey opened his mouth to reply but nothing came out. He just stared at the young man before him, utterly shocked. Maybe Mike Ross wasn't such a disappointment after all? His heart began to beat a bit faster all of a sudden as the possibilities of them together began to fill his mind…

"Win me back? Interesting, I didn't know that you had ever won me."

Mike straightened, letting the door close behind him as he walked towards him, sure and confident. Harvey rarely saw him like this. What had changed? Why was he here? Did he really mean to get him back? Well, Harvey thought curiously, with an arrogant stride like that, it seemed his little associate already thought he won. Nice try.

"Yeah, I had you." Mike said. "But I lost too because I didn't fight hard enough to keep you."

Harvey laughed mirthlessly. He felt cynical and mean. He sighed, ready to turn him down again when all of a sudden Mike took a bold step forward and grabbed the back of his neck abruptly, catching him off guard completely. Harvey felt his muscles tense as his body was hurled roughly into Mike's lean build.

His brilliant blue eyes blazed with a fire that infected him. Harvey let out a breath, feeling his own body react suddenly. God he wanted to kiss him, he felt his stomach clench at the thought. Touch him, taste his delicious, supple mouth once more… Harvey had been tormented all day by the idea of never getting to see Mike, let alone kiss him.

Mike's soft lips hovered inches over his.

"I thought you had given up on me last night." Mike pushed him backwards until Harvey's back collided with the glass pane window of his office. He held him there, letting his legs open slightly and his cock brush against his body. The sudden friction and warmth of their connected bodies spread like a warm fire making him shiver in anticipation.

"Then I realized something…" Mike drawled out, arching his hips away from him. Harvey instinctively thrusted forward reaching for Mike's body. He smiled at this, obviously reading Harvey's desperation. Mike tauntingly brushed his lips him. "I realized that you had given up. Not me."

Mike drove his lips onto his. The kiss was hot. Hard. Primal. Harvey responded immediately, feeling his control slip with just a kiss. It was nothing like their first. There was nothing shy or timid about this passionate devour. He felt Mike's hard erection push into his. He groaned weakly, already knowing that he wouldn't be able to deny him so easily again—if ever.

"Tell me you want me." Mike breathed against his lips.

Harvey shivered, unable to meet his gaze.

"Admit it, Harvey…" Mike clasped the side of his face, forcing his eyes to meet his. It was fierce and raw. He had never felt so exposed in his entire life. It was as if he was looking straight through him and into his soul.

"Say you want me."

Harvey swallowed the lump in his throat. "Fine, you shit- I want you."

Mike rotated his hips forward, pumping his glorious cock into his. Harvey, unable to help himself, grabbed Mike's firm ass with both hands, pushing him forward, straining for every friction infused touch.

Mike's eyes flashed a brilliant blue as he whispered, "Admit that you love me…"

Harvey pulled back suddenly realizing why Mike was here. He wanted love. He wanted him to love him. To say it.

Mike stared at him. His eyes so vulnerable and yet, so full of undeniable love. "Say you love me, Harvey. Because God knows, I do."

His heart twisted painfully, but slowly it began to uncoil and loosen. Hearing the truth in his voice, the sincerity in his tone… Mike loved him. Harvey couldn't deny it any longer.

"Harvey, I swear to God if you don't tell me the truth…"

"Alright! Enough." Harvey interrupted with a sudden snap. He couldn't help his mild anger. He blamed it on the idea of being vulnerable. He hated being vulnerable. Taking a deep, calming breath and swallowing his pride, he sighed. "I love you… You made me admit it. Happy now?"

"Almost," Mike breathed out, smiling like a fool as he leaned in once more and captured his lips.

Harvey and Mike left the office minutes later, both euphoric and… hungry. Hungry to finish their passionate kisses in a more private setting.

Ten minutes later they were in Harvey's apartment and in mere seconds, his bedroom.

Harvey stood at his side of the bed, slowly unbuttoning his shirt and loosening his tie, his gaze locked onto Mike's who was mimicking his movements of undress. Soft, beautiful blues crooned from the living room for them. It fit perfectly to this moment. To Mike. To them. Harvey let it fill him up and give him confidence.

Never before had the words 'I love you' ever spilled from his lips to another. Yet they did tonight. And to the least likeliest person—Mike Ross. His stubborn, moralistic, devilishly-sexy associate. Who, since Harvey admitted to loving, hasn't stop grinning since they got here.

"Stop looking at me like that." Harvey bit out, but somehow unable to keep the playfulness from his voice.

"Like what?" Mike asked innocently.

"Like you where dropped on the head and all you can do is make goo-goo eyes."

Mike chuckled. "Seriously? You're getting upset because you told me you loved me?"

"Yeah, and acting like an idiot about it."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"This is a pointless argument."

Harvey nodded. "I agree. Why aren't we in bed right now?"

"Because you like to smoother all happiness in the world and make fun of the handicapped."

"Stop talking. Clothes off—now. And get into bed."

"No problem."

Both unable to hold back the smiles any longer they finished undressing and slipped into Harvey's bed. Harvey felt like pinning the handsomely cheeky bastard as he slid on top of him and held him down.

"I like it when we fight…" He mumbled and brushed a kiss on his cheek. It was warm, soft, and so damn inviting.

"Yeah." Mike sighed, already parting his legs to accommodate Harvey's body. "Strangely enough, me too. Maybe it's our way of foreplay."

"You know what… I think you're right. Every time we do that I get a little… excited."

He cocked back and rocked his hips forward, causing Mike to let out a surprised and thoroughly aroused gasp. Their cocks hardened instantly into one another.

"Oh God yes," Mike breathed out. "Me too. I love it when you're hard on me."

Harvey smiled against his lips, "me too." He kissed him.

Mike pulled back. "Not that kind of- hard. I meant like firm and…"

"Stop talking."

"Okay…" he rushed out and their lips met again, this time feverishly. Both men ready to lose themselves in the thralls of hot sex. Harvey opened Mike's mouth roughly, tonguing him, listening to the sexy whimpers of the man he kept pinned beneath him.

They were not up for foreplay. Both had waited far too long for this moment. Harvey especially only because he feared he would never get a chance to do this again. Now, he planned on plundering and ravishing the man he thought he'd so recklessly lost. Never again, he heard his heart scream out from his chest as Mike wrapped his hands over his body. Never again would he give this up.

Mike's warm, soft hands caressed his back, his neck, his arms. He touched everywhere. Harvey savored every whimpering groan and breathless gasp. Damn—he loved him. And he was his, body and soul, forever.

Harvey clutched the side of Mike's face, forcing his mouth to open wider as he slipped his tongue in to conquer. Mike reciprocated. His tongue just as eager to meet and tangle with his. The kiss was incredibly arousing, sending Harvey into a need that burned. He clamped his fingers around his neck, pumping his hips forward and grinding himself into Mike, who pulled back from their kiss to groan against his lips. He felt his hips jerk upwards, Mike's hard erection pushing into his.

"I can't wait…" Harvey breathed out into his parted lips. "I need to…"

"Me too." Mike whispered back and captured his lips again. Without waiting another second, Harvey blindly reached for his condoms in the nightstand. Mike finally released him enough to give him room to slip on the condom. But he didn't get too far since Mike had latched himself to his neck and began sucking on his flesh below his ear, sending shivers down Harvey's spine. His cock nearly shuddered in his hand while putting on the condom when Mike's hungry teeth nipped him.

"Fuck…" Harvey hissed out. His eyes closed, feeling every sensation of Mike's incredible mouth go to work on his skin. He would've loved a blow job but he knew he wouldn't last. He wanted him right now.

He pushed Mike down onto the bed roughly, loving the heat shining up at him in those blue eyes. Slipping a hand beneath his thigh, lifting Mike slightly, he positioned himself until they were comfortable. Mike let his head fall back onto the pillow, his breathing choppy, his skin sizzling with desire. In was in this vulnerable, wonderful moment that Harvey's heart began to hammer. Mike was everything he wanted. Everything he needed.

"You're incredible…" Harvey whispered to him.

Mike smiled. "You just saying that cause we're in bed."

Harvey slid his throbbing cock upwards, inches away from entering him. "No… I said that because I wouldn't have fallen in love with anyone less than that."

Mike's eyes blazed and suddenly, uncontrollably, Harvey pushed forward. Mike let out a startled groan but as Harvey began to rock, his groans turned into inaudible gasps of pleasure. Being inside of him felt like touching heaven. His cock nearly burst, feeling the tingling rush from the base of his cock which drove him higher and harder. He had to last, he repeated over and over, until nothing filled his head but Mike's precious sighs and the feel of his body. Mike pulled him close, causing his cock to push deeper. Harvey groaned, burying his face into Mike's shoulder, thrusting mindlessly.

He could feel Mike's finger nails bit into his butt cheeks, urging him on and on. The sudden wave of excitement rushed him and Harvey knew that in seconds he would burst. Mike seemed to know as he too arched into him, letting him in so deep Harvey felt like he could touch his soul.

It was then his cock shuddered. Harvey came magnificently. Mike suddenly clutched his sides and arched even higher as he too came, his body writhing against him. Harvey's entire body trembled in the release. He jerked and pumped his hips until every last wave of orgasm subsided. He pulled out and fell limp and deflated on top of Mike's warm, receptive body.

Before Harvey realized it, he was sound asleep. It was a blissful, relaxing sleep.

He awoke to Mike pressing kisses to his lower back. He hummed in delight and then spent the next hour in bed with Mike at the helm. And damn, could this boy bring a smile to Harvey's face. They sucked, kissed, fucked, and made love for hours. Night fell into day, which then fell into night. They resurfaced for a brief break and shower. Except they both decided that taking a shower together would be more enjoyable. Harvey had to admit—he'd never shower the same again after that experience.

They had breakfast and dinner in bed, not stopping for lunch. By the end of the day, Harvey was exhausted. It felt like he'd just been to the gym the whole day and his entire body ached deliciously.

Mike rolled onto his side and plopped his head up against a mountain of pillows.

Harvey laid at the foot of the bed, utterly spent and still sweating from his last mind-blowing orgasm.

"You know—I don't think I've ever seen your hair messy."

Harvey laughed into the bed. It never felt so easy to smile before. He turned on his side and ran a careless hand through his crazy sex hair.

"It looks good. Suits you." Mike said with a devilish glint in his eyes.

Harvey arched his eyebrow. "Really? You think I should sport this at work?"

"I think you can pull it off. Before you know it, the whole office will be going it. Even Louis."

Harvey grinned. "Can you imagine him trying to get his hair to do anything but—wait, what am I saying? Louis doesn't have any hair."

Mike chuckled. He rolled to the side of the bed and got up. Walking utterly and beautifully naked, he strolled over to Harvey's spacious walk-in closet. He emerged minutes later wearing one of Harvey's shorts and dark v-neck t-shirts.

"Do you mind?" He asked, referring to his new wardrobe.

"By all means," Harvey replied, letting the sarcasm fill his tone.

Mike shot him a look and shrugged. "I really don't want to put my tie back on."

"Well, I think you would look good in just a tie."

Mike saw the mischievous glimmer in his eyes and laughed. "Even a skinny tie?"

"I thought I told Donna to burn all those."

"I was wondering where they went."

Mike strolled back to the closet and opened the door wide to reveal the tux hanging on the inside door hook. It was still pristinely wrapped after its visit to the cleaners.

"Can I just admit right now that you looked really hot in this tux." Mike said, smiling enviously at the tuxedo. "But what we did later while you were in it was even hotter."

Harvey felt a boyish grin pull at his lips. Mike had a way of making him feel younger, happier and… free. Free to be himself and not be anything but. He didn't have to impress him or lavish him with compliments or attention. He was content with how they were already. If anything, their relationship as friends to lovers felt seamless and damned perfect to him.

Harvey sat up, hanging his feet over the bed, watching Mike with a predatory gaze. He wanted him—again. He couldn't believe it. But here they were just talking and Harvey couldn't go five damn minutes without his hands on him.

"Come here." He ordered. His voice sounded harsh and needy. Mike glanced curiously over his shoulder and must have recognized the hunger in his eyes because he immediately did.

Harvey reached out and grasped his hips, drawing him between his opened legs. He felt his body let out a sigh. God, he thought horrified, was he turning into one of those needy lovers?

"I think I like you in my clothes." He murmured.

"Really?" Mike smiled. "Knowing you and your clothes—I thought you were going to make me sign something before putting anything of yours on."

"You're point?"

"My point is—is that your sense of taste is ridiculous and, perfect. Too perfect. Some days I thought your tie was glued to your neck."

"It took me a long time to make this wardrobe." He remarked defensively.

"Yeah, I can tell."

Harvey saw the playfulness in Mike's eyes and pulled him even closer, feeling the arousal growing in his belly. He wanted to devour him whole. He kissed his hipbone over the clothes, smelling his own scent on Mike. He hummed. Yup, he realized, he was a possessive lover.

He felt Mike run his hands through his hair, over his scalp and drawing him near his cock. Guess he wasn't the only randy hard-on in the room, Harvey thought with a smirk.

Mike's cock was already erected and waiting for him. Harvey glanced up at him suspiciously.

Mike sighed, his breath coming out fast. "I can't help it. I got hard the second I saw your tux in the closet, then I came out and saw you on the bed… Oh God!"

Harvey didn't wait to listen to him finish. He pulled down the shorts and with determined, smooth movements, grabbed Mike's full, delicious cock and kissed him. Mike trembled weakly against him, chanting his name. Harvey slipped the tip of him in his mouth and slowly sucked him off. Mike's soft hands grasped the sides of his head and kept him locked between his thighs, forcing to stay, kissing and sucking. Harvey felt his own cock begin to ache, loving the idea of Mike controlling him.

"Harder…" he grunted. Harvey did. He sucked him all the way up to the tip and rimming him gently with his teeth.

"Holy shit…" Mike's voice cracked as he jerked his hips, deepening himself inside Harvey's mouth.

Harvey felt the building pressure in his cock, his erection pulsating against his body, demanding attention.

All of a sudden Mike pulled himself away and roughly pushed Harvey back onto the bed. He went eagerly. Heart pounding, blood thundering in his ears, Harvey got to all fours and without hesitation, Mike straddle up behind him. Gripping the bed-sheets beneath him, Harvey damned near went off the second Mike entered him. Mike rode him hard and fast. No foreplay. No tantalizing touches as before. Nothing but pure heat and fire.

Harvey's muscles tightened, his body fought against the orgasm pounding at the tip of release. Mike sensed it, feeling the tautness of his lover, which spurred his movements even more. He thrust deeper, pushed harder, and pounded with wild abandon. Both men stood at the edge and before either realized it, they jumped and came crashing down on the waves of an annihilating orgasm.

Falling back, yet again into bed, Harvey inhaled deeply, bringing Mike to him. Mike laid his head on top of his chest and attempted to catch his breath.

"Move in with me." Harvey said all of a sudden.

Mike's surprise mirrored Harvey's. But he said it. And he meant it.

"Yeah," Harvey said with a firm nod. "Move in with me."

"Are you seriously asking me to move in with you?"

Harvey suddenly felt his heart warm and he caressed Mike's soft brown hair. "I'm as serious as it gets." He thumbed his lower lip. "I want to come home knowing you'll be with me every single night. And that's a certainty I can't get unless I know you stay here."

"Yes…" Mike said, still stunned but smiling. "Okay yes—I'll move in." Suddenly he laughed, his arm wrapping tighter around Harvey's waist. "Won't you be sick and tired of seeing me 24/7?"

Harvey smiled coolly and licked his lips. "I see you as an associate at work. But when we're here, on this bed, you're mine."

"Wow, Harvey. I had no idea how sentimental you were." Mike teased lightly.

"I know. I'm starting to scare myself."

"This love thing is really making you a nicer person. I'm not sure if I like it yet."

"Me either." He grumbled.

Smiling softly, Mike and Harvey relaxed into the bed and felt their exhausted limbs loosen and their eyes close. They easily fell into a deep and peaceful sleep. Harvey, who hadn't felt this happy in a long time, knew that he had fallen in love with trouble, but that's what made it so damned exciting.