China Beauty Pov

I was sitting with Chad in our gossip circle holding his hand.


Chad comes up to me and pulls me into an empty room.

"Do you want to go out with me" he asks shyly

"Sure" I squeal and walk back with him holding his hand. When we got back Dylan pulled Delta into an empty room, Max pulled Diana into one, Geo pulled Merina into an empty room and Thor pulled Madeline into one. They all came back holding hands smiling.

End Flashback

It is so fun having a boyfriend.

"Hey guys what's with that funny black limo that's driving up" Thor says his eye sight is much sharper than ours.

"Where" we all ask. Then the soft rumble of an engine stops us. We turn around as 3 girls and 3 boys step out of the car. Some of the boys at our school whistled. The boys had hand guns and so did the girls. Then they started singing sexy back by Justin Timberlake. I was gaping at them when the teachers came around standing in front of us. They transformed into monsters and started advancing towards the kids in black.

"They are ours" one hissed "you shall not have them" I looked at my friends with a weird expression. Are they talking about us I mouthed. Delta shrugged. One of the girls sighed as if expecting them to say this.

"We will give you a painless death if you hand them over" one of the boys suggested.

"But I was hoping for a fight" another complained.

"Guys" said one of the girls "shut up"

"We will not give up without a fight" one monster said. If you looked closely you could see the man had only one eye. Then one of the monsters that was half man half bull bellowed and lowered his head. One of the teachers turned human.

"Students return to your classes for free period and do not go outside" he barked. All the students shuffled inside with glazed eyes and confused expressions on their faces unaware of the monsters except one. James Hotwire. He grabbed a hammer and charged at the monsters until the lead boy held up a hand stopping him in his tracks.

"Hotwire" he said with authority "our fight. Just keep the kids safe"

"Were not kids" Chad huffed. One of the girls glared at him and he cringed away from her.

"Keep your pants on Thals" the lead girls said.

"We are not afraid off you Jackson, Chase, Grace, Gardner, Stoll, and Di Angelo" one of the ladies with wings said in a voice that made my skin crawl.

"How do you know their names" Sid asked.

"No talking all of you" said the teachers and we all immediately shut up. Then one of the monsters that was half man half bull bellowed and lowered his head making all the monsters to scream and charge. BANG BANG. The half man half bull denigrated under Jacksons bullets. BANG BANG BANG and three more monsters went down. One monster came towards us and James Hotwire swung his hammer at it. When the blade was an inch the monster it burst into dust.

"That was mine" he complained.

"Gona have to be faster next time" Di Angelo teased. After 5 minutes of fighting all the monsters were piles of yellow dust.

"Ummmm" Delta said lost for words.

"Hi "one of the girls said "I am Annabeth, this is Thalia, Katie, Percy, Nico, and Travis" we exchanged hi's then got down to business.

"So what was that all about" Jess asked the girls

"Well, we" Annabeth started gesturing to all her friends "are all demi god or half-bloods and so are you"

"Half human half what" Skyler asked all us girls rolled our eyes our expressions saying are you that stupid.

"Half Greek god. Didn't you do your homework" we said

"No" he retorted winking at Thalia. While most girls would have died on the spot from his gorgeous looks Thalia walked up to him and slapped him in the face leaving a red hand mark on his cheek. He stood still in shock until Nico started laughing. Thalia smiled at Nico and he winked causing her to blush and laugh. She punched him lightly on the shoulder.

"Ouch" he said although he was still laughing.

"I am son of Poseidon" Percy told us "my fiancé Annabeth is daughter of Athena, Thalia daughter of Zeus her boyfriend Nico, Travis son of Hermes his girlfriend Katie daughter of Demeter"

"Wait back up a sec" Diana said "your marrying Annabeth" he nodded

"How old are you?"

"17. Why?"

"And you're marrying her?"

"Yeah" he answered shrugging "demi-gods don't live long"

"Percy don't scare them" a boy said you looked exactly like Travis said as he came strolling down the street towards us.

"Sorry cuz" Percy told the boy

"That's Connor" someone whispered "Travis's brother." Connor looked at his brother and they both grinned.

"Dude are you thinking what I'm thinking" Travis asked Connor still grinning

"I think so" he answered

"If you're robbing the candy store I'm coming" Katie declared.

"Then welcome aboard" Travis said.

"Meet at camp later" Conner called over his shoulder. There was a whimper behind us and a small girl came out of the trees her eyes wide with shock.

"What are you" James demanded "show yourself" I had forgotten he was here. There was a bright flash and we all shielded our eyes until the light faded. I turned and there was a small girl about eight. All the demi-gods dropped to their knees bowing to the young girl.

"Lady Hestia" Percy murmured "what an honor for you to be here." She's a god I mouthed to the others and we all dropped silently to our knees too. Lady Hestia motioned for us to stand.

"She is my child" she told us then disappeared.

"Well comes one then" Thalia told the freighted girl. We all smushed ourselves into the limo and much to Sid's delight the girl whose name was Jessie was next to him. Thalia sat on Nico's lap and Annabeth on Percy's. Percy and Annabeth were asleep quickly. Percy had his arms around Annabeth holding her against him and his head dropped slightly so that there foreheads where touching. It took long to get to camp and when we were there Sid wouldn't get up no matter how much we tried.

"It's a spell" Max said "only true love will wake him" we all stared at him "Jessie has to kiss him"

"Why me" Jessie complained though to me she looked like she wanted to kiss him.

"Just do it" I snapped

"fine." She leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips. Sid's eyes immediately flew open. Sid pulled back and held her at arm's length smiling she was blushing but also smiling.

"Will you go out with me" Sid asked her shyly

"Yes" she breathed and hugged him. We all walked to the big house and chatted about nothing gossiping about stupid things.