Hey! Dinosarah here! And for this new story I wanted to explore more anime/manga endings that didn't quite sit with me well. Here I'll be exploring the ending of Eureka Sevens's manga.

For those of you who have read it, you know that in the manga the last page is Renton reaching his hand up in the air hoping to reach Eureka somehow, because she disappeared with the Coral. And yes, while AO does address this, I'm building up. I may follow it, I may not...

I make no promises on where this goes or even if it works out.

So here we go.

I held my blue haired goddess in my arms, she looked banged up, but her reddish pink eyes shone. I had nearly forgotten how her pale skin shone on her face, she was scarred from our incident with the scab before, but those battle wounds just reminded me of how much she loved me. How much pain she had been through just trying to be with me. Eureka shifted her weight, smiled and held my hand as she said, "I love you, Renton." She was silent again. I pulled her tightly to me, yet as my arms came in closer the weight was gone. There was no one there. The heat I felt from her remained, yet there was no visible body, no weight. No one to show my love to. The toy I made her was laying on the ground, disregarded. Rust took over it and her warmth began to disappear, everything around me felt cold. Everything felt dead. A voice in my head said, "How could you let her go?"

I awoke with a start on my bed in my Grandpa, Axel's, house. The old man had let me move back in after the ...incident. It had been two years since then and at this point the only people who still held onto the hope that Eureka would come back were me and the kids. The kids slept in my sister's old room, I stayed in my old attic room. It was decorated the same way it was when I left to join the Gekko state originally, but now there was a photo of Eureka in a frame next to my bed. I reached out and stroked her face through the frame and I said what my dream self never had the chance to say, "I love you too."

In my real life... I had heard her say that phrase so many times. It resonated in my head, as I worked I heard her tell me that she loved me. As I turned ref boards into surf boards I felt her embrace. Whenever I was near machines I felt like she was near, whenever I was anywhere she was near, but right now, my heart told me she was far away. I hadn't cried since she left in the first place, but right now I really felt like she was no longer here. I pulled myself back under the sheets, although I could see that the sun was fully up, and tried to sleep more. Loud banging on the floorboards told me that I was needed though. I sighed, slipped on the necklace I made from the toy duck I made her, and put on some pants.

I walked down the stairs and looked around. The floors were the same as before, but the kids were gone. Probably at school, the old man wanted them to have the education I skipped out on. When I returned home I acted as a graduate would have, despite my young age, I could never go back to how I was before Eureka. Looking back I was so apathetic, so lonely, but maybe it was just fate telling me to wait for her... Like I should be now. I sighed and went to the shop, by the fierceness of the knocks I could tell that I was not getting a full breakfast today. I walked out the door and looked around me. All of the area that had been trappar had turned into a full ocean when she left us, and it shined with the light from the late summer sun. I looked up at the tree which had been growing all year and plucked an apple down from a low branch and ate it on my way down.

So much had changed since the corals left. Some believed they were still here, under the water. I know that's what the ship Ken-Goh did after their deliveries were done. They had hoped to maybe return things to how they were, but sometimes I didn't understand it. I looked at the shop, the metal building looked as it always did. Cold. I entered it to see no one, just broken boards and a note from the old man saying, "Get these done before I return, the military wants me to help them develop something." So he was working with them again. I sighed, we needed more money, but I hated working with those people. It was partially their fault that all of this had happened and it was their fault for letting so much corruption in. But, I really had no say, I was just labeled a hero from that, just like my father was... The old man really hadn't left me with that much work... I could afford to do it all later. At some point.

I walked to the windmill, my favorite place. Everytime I'm there I'm filled with various memories, I like to believe she is there with me. Her smell is in the air, I can picture every detail of her smile again; I like to believe she never left... yet it was becoming doubtful as the third year approached. I sighed and went inside of the windmill to grab my surf board leaving the ref board behind, I knew I probably would never be able to use it again. I sighed, life... life just sucked again. I picked up my surf board and walked down to the ocean that had appeared where the trapar was before. The grass was greener and there were flowers everywhere, as they had come every year. They were the colors of Eureka's eyes...

I held back tears as I made my way down to the shore, I stuck my board in the sand and sat next to it staring at the water. If only I could do what everyone else did... I wished I could get drunk and forget she existed. If I could I would, I saw the shine off the water and it reminded me of the shine in her eyes. I wished I could die so I could forget how the sand was the same pale tone as her skin and that the water was the same color as her hair. I just wanted to die... Maybe... Maybe that was the only solution without her near. Everything was too much like her... everything reminded me of her!

I looked to the water again, trying to look into the bright areas to prevent myself from crying. I would not cry... She wouldn't like that. In the distance, in the water, I felt like I could see something bobbing. It drew my attention and my tears fell anyway. The thing in the water... it looked like a person. I stood up to get a closer look as it drifted closer to shore. The closer it came the more... I don't know how to describe it. It felt like my heart was lifting, but there was a hole being drilled in it. The figure looked like Eureka as I remembered her... but the person looked dead. But... it could be her. If she was dead, I was dead, and I already felt dead...

I don't know when I jumped in, but I found myself swimming toward the body, tossing aside the hopes that it was her. Worst case, I saved a life. I guess I could find some life meaning in that. I kept swimming until I reached the girl, as I got closer I realized that it was not just my imagination. This girl was naked, but she had that hair, that face that I remembered, all of the details were there, but what was wrong with her right now? How did she get in the water. I put my arms around the Eureka look-alike and dragged her unbreathing figure to shore. I put her face up, ignoring the nudity as tears started flowing.

This, without a doubt, was the girl I loved.

I softly pulled her in close to me as tears fell down my face and I whispered softly, "Eureka..." The figure responded with a sharp inhale that died away again. I said her name again, and the body reacted again, stronger. I said her name over and over again, in a few minutes I was shouting, "EUREKA!". Her eyes fluttered open suddenly and I found the pink eyes I had been seeing in all the flowers, in all of the sunsets, in everything as she looked straight at me.

Eureka looked up at me and smiled, she lifted her hand weakly to my face and said, "Renton? Where are we?"