The Rising of the Knight

Batman created by Bob Kane

The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Rises characters created by Christopher Nolan


"I knew Harvey Dent... He was my friend … There will never be a man like him that did the things he did… I believe in Harvey Dent..."

Those were Commissioner Jim Gordon's final words as he walked away from the podium and sat down next to the manor. Standing with his back again the wall and head pointing down was

Bruce Wayne taking it all in as he gazed at all the noble people he protected each night he donned the cape and cowl. He walked to the exit doors, gave a final glance at the painting of Harvey Dent and pushed the glass doors.

"I'm sorry Harvey," He said under his breath."


Bruce Wayne thought as he remembered her, the woman that he loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with if he hadn't chosen the address of the warehouse that held Harvey Dent.

Alfred Pennyworth slid the glass doors and stepped outside, his pale blue eyes looked at his worn out 33- year old master as he moved closer. "Master Wayne," He said, with a calm tone in his voice.

"What is it Alfred?" Bruce asked with coldness in his voice. He was showing his emotions

both physically and emotionally.

His eyes were blood shot from the lack of sleep that he had been tortured with, his flesh tone was like the color of vanilla pudding and his voice was hoarse. In Alfred's eyes the young billionaire's body seemed like it was beginning to give out.

There was no hope left within Bruce's soul, nothing, he looked empty and bitter.

"Sorry to disturb you sir, but I'm afraid it is time." Alfred said.

"Time," Bruce said in a despondent laugh. "That's all it's been about, hasn't Alfred, time, it's my curse. The fractions of time turned against me, I was late to save the woman I loved and not to mention given the wrong address." He huffed in frustration blaming is very self for Rachel's death." He paused searching. "Everything has turned against me, like I am some forsaken soul that is meant to live in this dark world without a glimmer of hope."

Bruce arose from his position and walked to the doors. "Time, it mocks the very lives I try to save." Alfred placed his hand on the young man's shoulder.

"Master Wayne, you know it wasn't your fault." Alfred said.

"Yes, it was Alfred, why can't you understand. I failed to save her. After I made the promise that I would never let anything happen to her. Is that all Batman is old friend, is he just a bringer of death to the good people of this city?"

Alfred watched his master entered the living room that was filled with tarps and dry wall.

"You're a symbol of hope Master Wayne; one day you will see the truth."

"Yeah, maybe when the dawn comes, right Alfred?" Bruce said in a sour tone. "Right, weren't those the words that the so called White Knight Two Face , Dent said to the people of this city. He was a fool to ever of thought that this city would be saved. We all our fools when believe in people. I am the biggest fool of them all."

"You're not a fool, Master Wayne," Alfred said turning to show empathy.

"Oh, will you just stop using those pitiful lectures on me, please." Bruce growled. "I'm not in the mood. In fact don't take pity onto me Alfred."

The next day in his uptown penthouse, Bruce Wayne picked up the cowl that was resting on the coffee table and threw it onto the floor; the face of failure hit the floor and cracked. He fell onto his knees, hands landing on floor and slammed his fists hard hoping to break every bone in his hands. "Why!" He screamed with despair. "Why did she have to die?"

Alfred entered the room at a steady pace. "Master Wayne, sir are you alright?"

Bruce lowered his head as he began to weep. "I lost everything this past week. I lost the woman I loved because of Dent." he rasped using his Batman voice tone. "I should have own that the Joker was using a mind trick on me." He clenched his jaw."When I got to the warehouse, I thought I was going to find Rachel, free her and tell her that everything is going to be alright, while Dent would be out of her life and we could move on with ours. But that's not what happened. No, I got to the warehouse kicked down the door and found Dent on the floor lying in oil screaming at me. My heart broke into pieces knowing that I failed Rachel." He placed his hands over his eyes.

Alfred walked over to his master and placed his hand on Bruce's shoulder. "You didn't fail, Master Wayne. You believe in what you thought was right."

"Right, I am an outcast, people think of me as a freak just like the demented clown. As I sit in this prison I created and rot with my own regrets Gotham will be at peace knowing that Dent was the hero and Batman was the villain that murdered because the clown drove him to madness."

Bruce wiped away the tears from his eyes.

"This is my reward for saving Gotham to be a outcast, a hunt down figure in the shadows that will be hanged for the crimes of Dent. I can see the gallows now, waiting for me." He looked at the cowl. "It's all because of senseless pride, I thought Batman could never be wrong but I let that power take over my will and I almost crossed my line. Now they are writing false inquires about me saying that the Joker drove me to madness and that is the reason why I murdered Harvey Dent."

"What about Gordon he knows the truth?" Alfred asked picking up the cowl and handing to his master.

Bruce sighed. "Yes. And it's just going to between him and I no one else will ever know."

The depressed billionaire looked out the window the sun set was settling in between the tall towers. "Now if you excuse me I have work, to do."

Alfred gently nodded.

Hours passed as Batman sat on the Batpod listening to sounds of the wailing sirens echoing in the distance , he entered the tunnel of Lower 5th .

He was being hunted down in all the streets of downtown Gotham, snipers were on the roof waiting for a clear shot, a patrol helicopter took to the sky shining it's light on the free way while the Dark Knight was zooming past the busy motorist, trying to look for an escape from being the prey of Gotham's' finest.

He escaped into an alley only to be surrounded by officers pointing their stun guns at him.

Batman backs his body up to the wall as they told him to his hands up and remove the belt. The dark crusader did what he was told, he removed the belt expect for a smoke bomb he had in his right hand.

"Freeze freak!" Gerald Stevens snarled pointing his gun directly at Batman. He sneered as his hand pulled the trigger and the gun sound off, within seconds Batman could feel a sharp piercing string enter his right leg, and he lost his balance and fell hard onto his back, smacking his cowl skull onto the hard pavement.

"Don't move, freak unless you want your gut full of lead." Stevens said looking at the wounded masked figure that was lifting himself up with his gloved hands. Blood was dripping from his mouth.

"Batman, you are under the arrest for the crimes against DA Harvey Dent. You have the right to remind silent." He said kicking Batman in the side. "Anything you say will be used against you." He kicked up him again listening to the Dark Knight howling in pain, "Alright remove this trash."

The SWAT team was about to pull the triggers ,Batman reached for a threw the bomb on the ground and fired his grappling gun to the roof , wrapped the grapple wire in the middle of his belt that he clipped on and ascended to the roof tops leaving the team blow coughing in the grey smoke.

As Batman's feet smack on the cement roof, he could feel the blood running down his leg. The bullet was imbedded into the flesh and bone of his midsection which made the pain feel like he was stabbed by a sharp blade each time he moved.

Finally he stood on the ledge ready to jump to the next roof his leg gave out making him lose his balance and sending his worn out body crashing into the alley way blow him.

With painful force he landed on a rusted dumpster hard and rolled off in a pile of forgotten trash bags. Blood was dripping out his mouth due to the internal bleeding his was suffering with. Inside he knew that without a doubt, if he didn't get the proper medical help he would die within the morning.

Bruce removed his cowl and touched the blood on his forehead from the impact of the dumpster. He looked at the soaked glove of his stained with his own blood. The sound of officers running down the alley way echoed in his ear drums as he lifted himself up and pulled the cowl back on. He limped staggering into the trash cans trying to push his body up to find somewhere to call for Alfred.

Then he landed face first on the wet pavement and black out.

Commissioner Jim Gordon entered the circle of his officers. "What in the blazing is going on here?"

"Stevens shot down the Batman, sir," SWAT commander David Jerkins stated looking at Gordon.

"Without my approval? Stevens?" Gordon growled as Stevens shrugged.. "Where is Batman?"

"Up there?" One of the officers pointed to the roof. "He's in bad shape."

Batman could feel someone tugging his arm. "Batman," The Dark Knight opened his sliver hazel green eyes and saw that he was staring into a face that he thought he would never see.
"Gordon," he rasped. "What are you doing here? You could lose your..." He coughed up blood. " You could lose your job."
"Let me worry about that. Right now I need to get you to a hospital."
"No!"Batman growled. "No hospitals. I will be arrested."

Batman slowly got off his back.

"Leave me alone Gordon. This is my fight."
"I can't leave you here to die."
"Death is all I see."
"At least let me help you pick yourself up. It's the least I can do."

Batman nodded.

"Call your men off again for five minutes. That will give me enough time to get on my bike."

Gordon nodded and pressed the button on his three way radio. He turned to look at Batman but the wounded knight had vanished.

Batman waited in the shadows for the clearing to reach his bike. One the pack of officers got the order from Gordon they left the alley, giving him enough time to hop on his bike and dial for Alfred.
"Alfred... Alfred..."
"Master Wayne,"
"I ..."
Batman tasted the blood dripping from his mouth. "I've been shot. I don't think I'll make it."
"Sir, please just come home."
"I'll try."
Batman turned switched on the engine on and held his gut.

He knew he had to make it for Alfred. With a few deep breaths and a griming groan, he glided the bike out of the back of the alley way, from the sights of Lower 5th street. Everything was twirling around him as he reached the entrance of the underground bunker underneath his penthouse. He pressed the button on his belt to open the wall, the wall flipped opened and he glided the bike into the tunnel.

He knew he had to make it for Alfred.

With a few deep breaths and a griming groan, he glided the bike out of the back of the alley way, from the sights of Lower 5th street. Everything was twirling around him as he reached the entrance of the underground bunker underneath his penthouse. He pressed the button on his belt to open the wall, the wall flipped opened and he glided the bike into the tunnel.

With the coursing sharp pain running through his body, he fell off and landed hard on the cement. "Alfred!" he screamed as everything around him began to grow dark. His heart was beating slowly and his pulse was faint. "Alfred, help me,"

Alfred abandoning the chair, rushed over to his master who was bleeding all over the floor.

"Master Wayne,"

Batman slowly opened his eyes, he felt weak, as if life was draining out of him. "Alfred," he rasped coughing up blood as small puddles formed on the floor. "Alfred." The old butler knelt down and placed his hand on the drench armored chest of the Dark Knight.

"I'm here, Master Wayne."

Batman lifted up his arm and trying to grasp his butlers shoulder, "I…." He tried to speak but the bullet wound was making him choke up as it burned in his flesh.

"Hold on, Master Wayne, just hold on."

Alfred ripped off the damaged armor; he ripped his shirt and started to remove the lines of seeping blood that trickled down the sides of his master's body. He looked at the deep hole that the bullet cause, his first priority was to remove the bullet. But he needed assistance.

Batman lifted his head gasping for air.

"I've failed." He said in heartbreaking tone, his throat burned, his eyes filled with tears. "I've failed my city."

Chapter 1

Eight Years Later

"How long are you going to let pain control your life?"

That was a question 38 year old Bruce Wayne asked himself as he looked into the mirror, he had aged, silver grey hair around the sides of his ears, worn out, pale and deeply depressed within. It was not his greatest state but he allowed himself to endure it because he was unhappy. He used cane that he had firmly been using since he was shot, it was becoming a part of his daily life style, that and dark despair that surround him as he looked at the window.

He entered the dining room of Wayne Manor limping while his right hand held the cane for support. Deep within his silver hazel green eyes was sorrow, guilt and a burning desire to bring Batman back. It had been eight long years since he hung up the cowl and long black cape, eight long years of being a depressed recluse with no hope left in his grieving soul. He had so much pain welled inside his heart that it consumed him.

As he limped towards the dining room table he a covered silver tray and a glass of water waiting for him. Bruce looked around for his loyal butler but there was no sign, only the emptiness of the room. He exited through the doorway of the room and called out.

"Alfred?" He called out.

Alfred Pennyworth was in the kitchen watching the news when Bruce entered. "Master Wayne, sir what are you doing here, you should be eating the meal I prepared for you."
"I'm not hungry."
"But sir, you haven't eaten in two days."
"It's my choice."

Bruce gave his butler a scowled look and then left.

Alfred found his master heading to the stair well. "Master Wayne,"

Bruce turned around. "What?"

"I know I haven't been there for you. I promised your parents that I would always protect you sir, but I can't stop you from making the right or wrong choices." the old man looked at his master's cane. It broke his heart to see what was once a youthful, respected man becomes a lonely soul that walked the halls of his past. "I promised them that I would never let anything happen to you. But I failed you sir."

Bruce lowered his head.

"Now I see you reduced to this bitter and depressed soul that doesn't want to live his life anymore."

"My life was taken from me when Rachel died. Batman was taken from me when Dent died. I have nothing left to live for. This bullet wound will never heal; my hand will never be free from this cane."

Alfred was starting to get teary eyed. "Sir,"

The billionaire looked at his butler with teary eyes."No Alfred. I am nothing. I'm not Bruce Wayne the son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. I'm not Batman. All I am now is a forgotten man that is haunted by the sins of his past. No if you don't mind, I'm tired and would like to lie down for a while."

Alfred nodded as he watched his 38 year old master slowly made his way up the stairs.

"One day Master Wayne you will have your faith rewarded."

"One day."