Caroline pulled up to the curb in front of her house, seeing that her mom wasn't home. She looked over to Elena, lying limp, staring at the window. When she noticed the other girl staring, Elena flashed a smile.

"Practice was brutal." She moaned wiping of the excess sweat from her forehead.

"We have to train hard if we want to make it to regional's." Caroline cheered. The two girls climbed out of the car, Elena grabbing her overnight bag.

"I know Care. But really, I feel like jello. My muscles are so sore." Elena complained as Caroline fiddled with the doorknob. Caroline just laughed at her friend, rolling her eyes playfully.

"Can I hope in the shower?"

Caroline smiled. "Totally. I wasn't going to say anything but you reek." She playfully fanned her face. Elena stuck her tongue out, otherwise laughing with her.

"Ok I'll be out in a minute." Elena adjusted the strap on her shoulder and turned for the bathroom.

Caroline headed to kitchen for a drink, as the water blasted in the bathroom; she turned to notice Elena hadn't shut the door all the way. She walked towards the bathroom to shut it, when her eyes caught a flash of movement. She could see Elena's reflection in the mirror, could see her undressing herself. She didn't know what possessed her to stand there, but she stayed rooted where she was, eyes glued to her friend's movements.

She watched at Elena peeled the tank top off slowly, the fabric sticking to her skin with sweat. As she pushed the shirt up higher, more of her smooth olive skin became exposed. Caroline bit her lip as she finally pulled the top over her head, letting her chocolate waves cascade down her back in the process.

Caroline! What is wrong with you? You're watching your best friend undress! Creeper much? Leave!

Though she thought it, she couldn't move from her spot outside the door. Looking at her skin, Caroline felt an overwhelming need to touch Elena, her fingers twitching at her sides. Just then, Elena hooked her fingers in the waistband of her shorts, pulling them down, shaking her hips a little. She slid the shorts down her long smooth legs, revealing a very skimpy red lace thong. Caroline smiled; she helped Elena pick that thong out. Elena now stood in the bathroom clad in only a bra and underwear, unknowingly taunting Caroline. Elena reached behind her back, unhooking her bra, and letting the article fall to the ground. Elena's breast were round and perky. A pooling heat began between Caroline's thighs, her teeth worrying into her lip. Then Elena smoothly slid off her thong, tossing it to the ground.

Not soon after the tiny room was filling with steam, fogging up the mirror, disrupting Caroline's view right as Elena was about to step into the shower. Well that wasn't acceptable. Caroline furrowed her eyebrow, frustrated. With a deep breath, she stepped into the bathroom, quietly closing the door behind her, careful not to alert Elena that she wasn't alone. Quickly, Caroline stripped her clothes off, trying to get bare as soon as possible. She peeled back the shower curtain, and stepped inside.

Elena was facing the opposite way, trying to get all her hair wet. Caroline stood there, catching mist as it sprayed off Elena. She watched, transfixed, as water began to glide down her back. It was a nice sight, but not what she really wanted to see. With a wave of courage, Caroline gripped her best friend's hips and slammed their bodies together. Elena let out a surprised gasp.

"Caroline?" She squeaked, turning around to face her. "What the hell are you doing?" She growled, outraged.

Caroline smiled saucily. "Shut up." She tangled her fingers in Elena's hair and pulled her closer, connecting their lips. Elena gripped Caroline's shoulders, prepared to push the girl off of her. But as Caroline's tongue invaded her mouth, Elena was suddenly pulling the blonde closer, a moan escaping her mouth. Caroline smiled as she released Elena's hair, letting her hands trail down over her breast, the smooth expanse of her stomach, and gripped her hips, hard. With a sudden movement, Caroline backed the two of them into the slick tiled wall, pressing their bodies closer. Elena shivered as Caroline's slick skin glided with her.

Elena brought her hands up, cupping Caroline's breast. She pinched her nipple delicately, causing her to hiss through her teeth. Care nipped at Elena's lip, pulling a bit. Caroline pressed her chest closer to Elena, enjoying the feel of her breast against hers. She pulled on hand away from Elena's hip, moving further down until she found the bud of her clit, flicking her finger over it teasingly. Elena moaned into the other girl's mouth. Caroline then traced her finger of Elena's wet folds, smirking at the moister that caught on her fingertip. Suddenly, Caroline thrusting a finger into Elena's waiting entrance, with a shudder Elena bit down on Caroline's shoulder, leaving a red crescent mark on the girl skin. Caroline expertly began pumping in and out of Elena's dripping core, her thumb tracing circles over the girl's clit. Elena let a loud moan as Caroline's hand moved faster inside of her; she gripped the other girls shoulder, trying to maintain her balance. Caroline inserted another finger, working harder to bring Elena to the edge.

The muscles in Elena's lower abdomen began to flutter, her vision blurring slightly and the walls around her seemed like they were moving. "Caroline!" Elena shouted as she came, digging her fingers into her friend's skin, her nails leaving marks all over. Caroline smirked devilishly as Elena slumped against the wall, panting. She pulled her fingers out of Elena's core, bringing them to her face, breathing in. Elena watched, fixated, as Caroline brought her sticky fingers to her mouth, her tongue darting out between her lips. She smiled viciously, her eyes dark with lust.

Suddenly, Elena felt the need to repay the favor, the need to please Caroline as she had pleased her. Elena took the girl's hands into hers, pinning them to her sides, and slamming Caroline against the opposite wall. The warm water was now splashing against her back, steam still filling the room. She began kissing Caroline's neck, gently biting down on the pulse point. Caroline's breath hitched, what on earth was Elena doing? She smiled to herself, liking this side of Elena. Her thoughts were cut short when Elena placed her mouth on Caroline's erect nipple, sucking on the pebble. She brought her hand up to pay attention to Caroline's other breast, not wanting to leave any part of her unattended. When Elena was bored with that, she let her kisses trail further south, licking up water as it slid down Caroline's abdomen, small moans escaping the blonde's lips.

Soon Elena found what she wanted, dropping to her knees for better access. Elena traced a finger across Caroline's wet lips, then grasping her legs and spreading them apart. Without any warning, Elena dipped her tongue into Caroline, who let out a loud moan of surprise. Elena went to work on her friend, though she had never done this before Elena knew exactly what to do. Caroline grew wetter and wetter, her fingers pulling harder on Elena's hair with every movement of her tongue. She then brought her attention to Caroline's swollen clit, sucking hard, and thrusting three fingers in her folds. At that moment, Elena glanced up to see Caroline's mouth open, her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Elena gave another suck, and with a violent shudder Caroline came in Elena's mouth. She let all the hot liquid flow down her throat, every last drop. Elena lazily kissed her way up Caroline's torso, until she reached her mouth.

Caroline could taste herself on Elena's tongue. She smiled, though she didn't like being bested, she sure loved when Elena did it. Elena reached over and shut off the shower.

She smiled at Caroline, a sexy predatory smile. "Shall we continue in the bedroom?" She asked, cocking an eyebrow. Caroline nodded her head weakly, though made no move to leave. "Do you need a moment?" She nodded again, just a small bob of her head. Elena laughed.

She was going to have a lot of fun at this sleep over.